One Single Day

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Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

To say that the Daeodon never realized where Patrick and Julie were would be untrue. It might have had a brain no bigger than an orange but it was not completely stupid. All it really had to do was stand up and turn around until it spotted Patrick and Julie and sure enough it did.

Then the chase began again.

Some thirty minutes of rest had gotten Patrick and Julie’s energy back to some extent but it still wasn’t enough. The Daeodon was close behind them but always it seemed not close enough but just close enough to remind Patrick and Julie what was behind them should they begin to slow down.

Patrick and Julie ran into the camp with the Daeodon close behind them. Once more into camp they ran with Collins rubbing the back of his neck as he saw them running in. Grabbing Julie by the arm, he viciously wrenched her over to him.

“What is going on here? Running off and running back with that Malone boy? You are mine! Understand that? Mine!”

“Let me go and then tell that to the hog from hell.” Said Julie with a snarky tone.

A confused expression formed upon Collins’ face as Patrick freed Julie from her father’s debtor’s grip. Then the Daeodon entered the camp and Collins was screaming louder than any banshee in Ireland. He jumped into his tent and threw Elvis out of it where the Daeodon promptly trampled him and kept running. The workers that knew how to fight quickly attacked the Daeodon with their tools. Pickaxes cut into the hog from hell until it collapsed dead.

When the commotion was over, Patrick’s uncle Enrico Bulwer arrived from his tent. His tent was all the way at the other side of the camp meaning he had the furthest to walk.

“Good nephew, dear God!” exclaimed Enrico, not realizing he had gotten his words mixed up. Upon seeing the Daeodon he couldn’t help but fall to his knees. “What have you and your girlfriend been chased by this time today?” Enrico was a tall man, a lean one too. He was about fifty-seven years of age, grey haired, black eyed and had a mustache that made a walrus’ look not so mustache-y. “First that strange dog and now… Is this a Daeodon?” Enrico might have been in the Egyptology department but with his brother-in-law being in the paleontology department it was impossible for him not to know a prehistoric beast.

“Uh… Yeah…” admitted Patrick.

Enrico looked at his nephew and Julie. “Where did you two find this thing?”

“Can’t say.” Said Patrick, crossing his arms firmly.

Enrico could only stare at his nephew. Why couldn’t he say? He then looked at Julie. “Julie, can you say?”

“I can no more say than your nephew, my boyfriend.” Stated Julie, placing her left hand on Patrick’s right shoulder and her right hand on his right arm.

Enrico gave a shrug. If they didn’t want to tell him then they didn’t have too. Some secrets were better left secrets. He calmly gave them a smile but things went from relatively good to bad when Collins approached. He did not look happy but then again he rarely did, with all of his money he was unable to buy happiness due to his obsession with being ready for the next economic depression.

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