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The Power of Rage Part 1

On August 8, 2016. My new journey was about to start as 9th grader at Kennesaw Mountain High School, (KMHS) I have made at least 64 friends over time. Now I have in total of 201, of course I am not trying to be popular. I am just thankful to have this many important people in my life. They are key to who I am and life. I am set off as to be an game developer and author! That was my goal and my compassion that I was aimed for! On September 12, that was my worst day in my whole damn life. I have girlfriend by name of April, I have to make that name up just of privacy reason. Anyway, what happen was she broke up with me, like legitimately broke up. I told her that I love her, but she destroyed me. She said that someone has crush on her and she accepted the request. I feel the "Super Rage" was activated when I hear that sentence. Like I want to scream and just mad. At that time, I can't handle myself, I wasn't myself... I can't able to control it. I lost it. The Darkness has consumed me and drag me into the paradox. I was suffered with rage for weeks and months. It's take me about 6 and half months to be completely recovered. But I have been recovered, to this day... I can feel my rage to go off now and then. I am no longer control my rage, it's too unstable for me to stop it. All of my happiness and sadness has been taken over by my own rage, the power I have taken. My ability was too risky for me to recover from, as time went on... I can able to control my own emotion and rage, but there was catch... I only have some period of time to subside it. After that, it's will be a lot worst if it's continue on raging. To this day.. Will I destroyed myself by unleashed my rage? Or I risk myself to be forgotten by my own rage? The story will be continued soon!

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