Georgianna and the Colt Walker

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Forced to flee her Uncle’s plantation, Georgianna joins a wagon train in hopes for brighter future. However, in the way of her bright future, is resentment, a dashing card shark, and an Indian attack. Georgianna Elliot hasn’t found a place to call home ever since her father’s unexpected death. Driven from her New England home and compelled to leave her Uncle’s plantation, she flees to the town of Saint Louis. There, she hopes to join a wagon train headed to California - the only problem is, she doesn’t know the first thing about wagons. “Card” Young has never spent more than two weeks in any town since the Mexican War broke out. Constantly obliged to leave town because of enraged gamblers, he keeps a small suitcase filled for a quick escape. He knows how to manipulate a deck of cards better than most Americans cut a steak. His next victim is a gambling cheat in a Saint Louis. Georgianna needs help getting to California and offers Card more money than he's seen in his life. Will the journey west bring the two together or will one of them cheat the other out of their heart?

Adventure / Romance
Elizabeth Pau
4.5 4 reviews
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The figure sat behind the protection curtain, on the second story of the saloon and watched.

Watched the gambler. Watched the gambler watch other gamblers. Watched cards change hands and move to convenient spots in the deck.

It was rather entertaining seeing all of the cheating going on.

The figured inspected all of the men. Out of them all, one seemed particularly smart, keen, and conniving. He was probably a seasoned card shark. Who knew how long he'd been at it. That meant he would either have a large sum of money or else was an extravagant spender.

Yes, I think I can take him down.

The figure stood up. It was time to make a move. It would take time and energy, but it could be done. Conning the card shark was going to be amusing.

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