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The People Of The Island

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Lucy was sent away from her safe home to go on an adventure. She was sent away to a far village where everything was different. Secrets were kept and stories distorted. The time has come for a small island to experience change, like it has never before. Things that were normal disappeared and new people appeared on the horizon. The smell of change was in the air and Lucy was leading it. Lucy was sent away from her comfortable home on an alone island , sent by the god Regalius. She was to infiltrate a world that wasn't her own. Something she has never seen before. Though her mission was quite simple, emotions, secrets and threats of war made everything much more difficult for Lucy.

Adventure / Romance
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The small human girl walked into the huge room and was awed by the sight of Regalius as she was every time she set her eyes upon him. She knew that he knew why she was there and the God looked at her with sympathy evident in his eyes as she kneeled in front of him as always when she is in his presence.

“Human girl whom the ones from your village call Lucy. I have heard about your many deeds from villagers who have prayed. You are a brave girl and I thank you for your deeds to the humans that I hold close. As a gift for the coming future I give you this sword, with hopes that you will use it to protect your friends and family. Your future is dark and you will have many hardships but I will always look down at you and be your source of strength.”

Lucy took the sword in her hands and set her eyes on it. It was a beautiful. It was black as the depths of hell and has a dragon as the hilt that twisted around and around the sword. The dragon was bright blue and the blade was long, skinny and was white as the angels’ wings.

“Thank you, My Lord. As you wish I will use this sword to protect the ones that are worthy enough for you to call them your people. I will be their protector, their saviour and your soldier. Is this agreeable?”

Regalius nodded and smiled as the small human girl kneeled in front of him. For a human in his eyes, she was as beautiful as the Goddess of Beauty and had a heart of the Angels that flew above.

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