Hunting Shadows

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Chapter 15

He turned his head slightly leaning away from her, and she gasped at the scarring that mangled his face.

“What happened to your face?” She asked reaching up and moving his face fully into the light of the streetlamp.

Jayson jerked back slightly, unused to people touching his face, and in that moment his right eye caught the light, glinting like glass.

“What happened to you?”

Her voice was a whisper and the horror on her face was stark in the street light.

“They’re from a memory of a long, long time ago.”

Jayson took her back to his manor house outside the city. A large well-lit property with an ornate gothic style ironwork gate at the end of the driveway which opened into a canopied driveway lined on either side with trees.

The trees twinkled with small decorative lights and once they reached the main house, she gaped in awe. The house itself wasn’t very big; nice well- kept two storeys with shrubbery all around the front, and a balcony on the second floor.

“Wait till you see the garage.”

He pulled around to the side of the house, clicking the automatic garage opener. Eryn’s eyes flew wide at the sight of rows of gleaming classic muscle cars.

There were classic cars from nearly every decade. Chargers, Mustangs, Jaguars, corvettes, Camaros, Cadillac’s, and so many more stretched from one end of the garage to the other. He chuckled at her expression as she began wandering along the rows checking out his collection. Clearly, she was impressed with it.

“These are incredible, are they all yours?”

“Oh yea, most of them are the originals in design and parts from full-service engines to the leather interiors. Quite a few of them have been restored. This is also just the first level.”

Her eyes nearly bugged out of her head, and her eyes lit with joy.

“You mean there’s more?”

“Of course; lots more. I have four more levels of classic cars and two levels – working on a third – of motorcycles.”

He caught her attention immediately at the mention of motorcycles. Other than skydiving, mountain climbing and various other adrenaline spiking activities, racing motorbikes was one of her favorite things to do.

“Come; I’ll show the motor garage.”

He motioned her towards the elevator which would take them to the alternate garage housing his growing collection of motorcycles.

“Wow… this is fantastic!”

He chuckled at her excitement, as she laid eyes on row after row of gleaming chrome and leather. They sat like quiet predators waiting to be woken up.

“Would you like to go for a race?”

“You have a racetrack?”

“Of course, it’s in the backyard.”

He held up a pair of keys, one for a Ducati and the other for a Kawasaki ZX-10R. She grinned, and pointed to the Ducati, winking as he tossed her the keys and a helmet. She slipped the helmet on, adjusted the straps and shrugged into the jacket Jayson held up for her.

Getting on the bike, she adjusted for her height and weight, checked the gears and controls with practised efficiency. Jayson did the same with his own motorbike. Soon the garage was filled with the rumbling growl of the engines.

Motioning for her to follow his lead, he led them down the pathway to the 25-mile looping track line behind his manor. She pulled up beside him, at the starting line.

“Twice around the track; winner gets to pick the punishment.”

His muffled voice scratched through her headset built into her helmet. She barely caught what he said except for a couple words here and there. She nodded; a manic excited gleam shone in her eyes making them look more animal than human. His own eyes shone in the darkness and he revved the engine of his bike, turning so that he faced the open trackway ahead of him.

The lights on the side of the track line flashed red, yellow, paused a crucial moment before turning solid green. The screech of tires on pavement and the screaming of engines filled the night air and the motorbikes disappeared into the night. The adrenaline was singing high through her veins and the wind whipped past her in a blur.

She couldn’t see anything but the open road ahead of her and Jayson’s shadowy form beside her. For the first lap, they stayed neck and neck, evenly paced with each other. On the final lap, Jayson gunned the engine and took the lead, coming up to a corner he swept by on the outside track.

Eryn smirked, a low growl escaping her throat as she opened the engine on her Ducati and gunned it, taking the inside corner of the curve. She sped past him in a blur of red and black streaks; laughing as she crossed the finish line with him only seconds behind.

“Man; that was so much fun! I love racing!”

“Good, I’m glad you had fun. Would you like to see the rest of the house?”

“Sure. Also, I win; so, hah!”

“That you did…. So, what do you have in mind for punishment for me?”

She shivered as he bent his head close to hers, whispering in her ear. She passed him the helmet and jacket when they entered the garage and parked the bikes. His lips brushed against her cheek, and she turned her head, catching him by surprise. He deepened the kiss, sweeping his tongue against hers and sending shivers up and down her skin.

Her tongue grazed his fangs and she remembered briefly that he was a vampire. She didn’t care anymore as she surrendered into the kiss, linking her arms around his neck. He picked her up and placed her on the worktable behind her while her legs wrapped around his waist.

She groaned, biting her lower lip as he moved from her mouth to her neck. He could feel the pulse beating below her skin, smell the adrenaline and sweet scent of her blood. How long had it been since he had fed from a living breathing human and not a blood bag? His fangs lengthened and he gently grazed them against her skin, feeling her shiver beneath him.

“Are you going to bite me?”

Her voice vibrated against his mouth, and brought him back to reality. He also realized the large bulge in his pants was pressing uncomfortably against his jeans.

“Only if you want me too, my fiery little wildcat.”

“Maybe, I’ll think about it.”

She chuckled breathlessly, his mouth still moving against her throat. He undid the button on her jeans, sliding them down her legs while she undid his and pushed them down. All the while his mouth moved wickedly up and down her throat. A low growl of pleasure emanated from her igniting the excitement growing in his veins and he responded with his own growl. Her lower waist was bared to him, without waiting for her reaction he bent down and buried his face between her thighs.

She moaned in pleasure, leaning back against the wall, giving him better access. He licked and teased, sucking her clit while fingering her, his eyes glowing bright with his passion. She gripped the edge of the worktable, biting her lip hard even though her fangs were showing. He growled deeply as he brought her to climax and she came against his mouth. He continued to lick and tease, sucking until he brought her to climax again; then in one swift easy motion he stood, lifting her legs slightly as he entered her. She groaned, throwing her head back, baring her throat. His pupils expanded and his needle-sharp fangs lengthened.

Eryn reached out and pulled herself against him, her neck tilted and she gave the faintest nod, before gasping as he plunged his fangs into the side of her throat. She stiffened momentarily from the pain of a vampire bite, but it was overridden as a wave of pleasure consumed her. Blood, warm, sweet and intoxicating flowed over his tongue and down his throat. Jayson growled low, sending a shiver of pleasure through both their bodies as he thrust against her.

It had been centuries since he’d had this kind of connection with a human. Fire and passion, adrenaline and an intoxicating weightless feeling flowed through him. She clutched his shoulders, her nails digging into the fabric of his coat.

Before he lost himself in the ecstasy of drinking human blood, he retracted his fangs, and sealed the wound feeling as Eryn climaxed, crying out his name in pleasure. He quickened his strokes until in he joined her in paradise, feeling his body shatter. They were both panting heavily, leaning against each other while their bodies floated down from the intensity of the sex. She chuckled.

“Well, that was unexpected.”

“Did you not like it?”

His husky voice in his Scottish brogue sent shivers dancing along her skin.

“It’s not that… I think I enjoyed it a little too much; it was just… unexpected.”

He chuckled and held her against his chest, breathing in her scent of sweet woman, floral shampoo and something animalistic and primal. It was a heady scent and he closed his eyes savoring her closeness. She shivered, goosebumps rising along her arms and legs.

“As nice as this is, I’d like to get dressed now.”

He chuckled; “Of course, my fiery little wildcat.”

She bent down and retrieved her pants and panties off the floor where they had been dropped, crumpled and dirty.

Once she was cleaned up and looking less like she’d just gotten laid, he asked if she would like to see the rest of the house. She agreed and he led her up through the elevators into the main foyer. Dark marble tiles accented the redwood staircase curving upstairs and complimented the ornate crystal chandelier that hung in the center of the ceiling. Decorative wall sconces held soft white lights that made everything bright and welcoming.

“It’s gorgeous. How long have you had this place?”

“The house was built around the beginning of the 18th century, I’ve had it since the middle of the 18th century and within the first hundred years of having it; I remodeled and reinforced it. It is a veritable impregnable fortress.”

Jayson led her through the house; pointing out the various weapons systems and escape routes. It was an impressive architectural feat. The grounds were not only heavily enchanted, but there was also a motion and identification system built into each of the wall sconces. There were different traps and explosives set at different intervals along the driveway and set into the grounds; deactivated when Jayson and his cleaning staff were on the property.

“Do you live here by yourself?”

“Of course; I do have a cleaning crew that come in every day to keep things tidy and clean. But other than that, yes, I live alone.

Occasionally my daughter comes to visit and she stays in her room. I have the guest suite made up for you if you’d like?”

“Oh… thank you.”

She was slightly unnerved by his hospitality; but none the less, she was not going to scorn his generous offer. She didn’t realize she’d be spending the night until he mentioned the guest suite being made up for her.

“What’s your daughter’s name?”

“Katrina Storm. She’s my shining beauty. Hard-headed and stubborn like her father; and looks just like her mother; not to mention a world renowned and highly respected cargo and fighter pilot.”

There was a note of pride in his voice when he spoke of his daughter. He brought her into the living room where a cozy little fire burned steadily in the hearth. Above it on the mantel were pictures of his daughter.

A single-family photo of Jayson, his wife and their infant daughter taken years ago since it was still in black and white while the rest of the framed photos were in color. A wide bank of windows covered one side of the living room, and a large black leather couch dominated the center.

A door opposite the windows led to an outdoor balcony which in turn led to the gardens. A large flat screen television sat above the fireplace mantel.

“I know her; she’s my private pilot for when I go sky-diving. Kat Jenkins. She’s the best pilot I’ve ever had… And she’s one of my best friends.”

“That doesn’t surprise me; she’s quite the accomplished person. And she blends in more with the human world… though her training far exceeds that of a normal human pilot and soldier.”

Eryn put two and two together. “She was trained as a vampire soldier, and a fighter pilot.”

Jayson nodded at her statement; smiling with pride shining in his eyes as he looked at the photo of a young woman in her early twenties, long blond hair floating around her angelic face with intense blue orange eyes that unnerved even the most interested male.

He led her through the kitchen which was more open concept with an island in the center, equipped with the latest in cooking gadgetry and state of the art appliances.

“Would you like to see the training room?”

“Sure; I’m yours for the night.”

She joked, but the intensity in his eyes sent a shiver over her. He still had not released her hand from when they were in the garage.

He led her into the backyard to a separate building behind the house. A medium sized shed that housed all the equipment and materials for the maintenance of the grounds. He flipped a switch on the inside and light flooded the space.

A lawnmower sat in one corner and a variety of gardening tools were organized neatly from one side to the other. He pulled the cord dangling from the ceiling, designed in such a way that if anyone other than Jayson or Katrina pulled, it wouldn’t do anything other than turn the light off.

“I had it coded to mine and my daughter’s genes so that if the staff accidentally pulled it or anyone else for that matter, it would only turn the light off.”

She nodded; she could understand his need for over the top privacy. The trapdoor beneath them clicked open revealing a long set of stairs leading down below the shed. Jayson motioned Eryn into the stairwell.

As soon as she began descending, motion sensor lights came on, lighting the way to the training room.

Jayson turned on the lights in the high-ceilinged building, showing many different training devices. There were weight benches, treadmills, heavy bags, speed bags, various mats, and a full-sized sparring octagon.

Along with ropes for climbing, a rock climbing wall, and a wall filled with different weapons. Swords, axes, pikes, Bo staffs, nunchaku, spears and various other weapons decorated the right-hand wall. On the far side of the room there was a very large matted area with two red circles in the middle like a bullseye.

“That’s for group training and weapons combat.”

He showed her the various workout equipment, explained its purpose and how best to use it. She was impressed and kept asking questions about the workouts intended for the specific equipment. More so it was so that she could continue to listen to him talk. He had a lilting heavy Scottish accent that she loved to listen to.

“Have you ever handled or trained with a sword?”

“Oh yes, because of my military training; I was specifically trained with a variety of weapons until I was the best at handling whatever weapon I was given.”

His eyebrow went up slightly as he noted the bitter hardness in her voice.

Going over to the left wall which had every kind sword and dagger from European styles, to Chinese and Japanese style, a few American style swords and daggers to even Russian swords; he selected a long sword. Lightweight, and easily maneuverable.

“Here; try this one.”

He held it out hilt first. She took it and gave it an experimental, practised twirl; nodding in appreciation as she twirled the blade, an easy extension of her arm. Impressed, he walked over the table set in the corner. A row of cubbies stood next to it. He began taking off his duster, hanging it on the coat hooks above the cubbies. His shoulder holsters, utility belt, ankle hostler with his .32 tucked inside also went onto the table. She watched curiously as his entire array of personal weapons went onto the table.

“I hope you don’t expect me to display my training in jeans… they’re not very comfortable and only very restricting.”

“There are workout clothes in the woman’s change room. I’ve made sure to stock every size. Find a pair that fit you and I’ll see you in a few minutes. I want to see what you can do.”

He shrugged and began walking to the other end of the room in the direction of the men’s change room. She snorted, but moved towards the woman’s change room. There was something thrilling about getting to fight Jayson. Not only would she be able to see what he could do, but she would be able to show him she could handle herself in a fight.

He wasn’t lying, and soon she was outfitted in a sleek black exercise top that fit like a glove, and sweatpants that were both comfortable but form fitting. Jayson was doing stretches in the center of the matted area when she emerged. Padding silently across the cement floor until she was standing at the corner of the area, long sword held easily in her hands.

“Well, come on; we’ll warm up and practise for an hour then I’ll show you the guest suite.”

He turned toward her, his eyes turning dark as he drank in the sight of her in fitted workout gear.

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