Hunting Shadows

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Chapter 16

She stepped up beside him, and began stretching; warming up her muscles and loosening her joints. He couldn’t help but watch her; his computerized cybernetic eye recording her movements and storing the data for later.

When they were ready, she brought her sword up, left hand slightly away from her for balance and the sword gripped tightly but comfortably in her right hand.


Jayson twirled the training sword, standing with his knees bent mirroring her position as she circled around him.

“You want me? Come get me.”

She challenged, grinning.

He laughed; “Wrong choice of words; my fiery little wildcat.”

He lunged forward, blade extending toward her; she ducked bringing the longsword up and parrying his blow.

As she blocked his attack he pulled his sword back and slashed at her from the side, which she parried with ease.

He side-stepped and started slashing and lunging from every direction, to which she blocked every attack. He stepped back and beckoned her to come at him. She lunged toward him, he parried and stepped to the side causing her to slightly lose her balance, but she regained it quickly.

“Come on, I know you can do better than that”.

She sped up her attacks, yet he still blocked everything she threw at him.

“That was nothing; I’m just warming up. Come on let’s see what you got.”

He grinned, lunging in with a side swipe; she deflected and rolled away from him. He noticed her tail flicking back and forth helping her regain her balance quickly as she rolled away from his sword. She brought hers up in a graceful arc as he brought his down with a ringing sweep of metal against metal.

As their swords clashed and they moved back from each other he jumped and did a backflip away from her. Grinning with expectation and the thrill of the fight, she growled low, crouching down and waiting. When he stood again, she launched herself, low and fast at his midsection; turning slightly and bringing the sword flashing inches from his face.

He reeled back seconds before her sword met his skin, bringing his sword up just in the nick of time to parry her blow. She landed lightly on her hand, rolling away from him and springing lightly to her feet.

Her face flushed with the exertion of the exercise but her eyes were bright, and she was still grinning at him.

Holding her sword across her chest, she beckoned to him, curling her fingers forward. He laughed at her enthusiasm; a challenging smirk on his face and brightness to his eyes that said he was enjoying their fight just as much as she was.

As he started to run at her, he faked a lunge towards her body, jumped and did a twirling front flip, landing behind her. She turned and met his sword with a ringing clash. As their swords locked he leaned in and kissed her on the lips quickly and did a cartwheel flip away from her.

“Oh, it’s that kind of game, is it?”

She grinned advancing toward him. He went for an overhead swipe as she blocked it; she grabbed him by his shirt and kissed him, bringing her foot up and pushing herself off his chest which sent him reeling backwards as she landed gracefully.

Jayson stood roughly outside the outer ring on the bullseye. She faced him from the other side, her stance ready and sword held before her.

“Come get me.” She winked at him, beckoning to him from across the bullseye.

He ran towards her using his vampire speed to move from side to side as he ran, he lunged his sword towards her stomach, as she moved and blocked it, he put his arm around her back, dipping her down and kissing her passionately. He dropped his sword, and she dropped hers as their lips collided in fiery passion. Lowering her to the mat, away from the swords; he trailed a line of kisses down her throat while simultaneously unzipping the exercise top she had on.

She surrendered to his kiss, her fingers tracing patterns up and down his back, slipping her hands under his shirt and trailing them along his well- muscled back. He trailed his hand down her body to her waistline, teasing his fingers along the top of her pants, while he kissed up and down her neck.

He slipped his hand down her pants and started rubbing her wet pussy as he kissed her.

She moaned with pleasure as he rubbed her, digging her nails into his back slightly as he slipped one finger inside her while his thumb circled her clit. He continued to play with her as he licked up and down the side of her neck where he had bitten her before.

She titled her head to the side, as his fangs grazed her neck sending shivers running along her skin. He started to pull her pants off and kiss down her chest to the part of her slick with her juices. He licked and sucked as he played, bringing her closer and closer to her first climax.

She writhed against him; pleasure overloading her, as she reached down and drew his shirt over his head. Ecstasy spiked through her veins as his mouth moved against her. She bit her lip as he drove her higher to overload. He stopped caressing her long enough for her body and senses to cool slightly, and to strip off his own workout clothes. She shrugged the workout jacket off and pushed her sweatpants down her legs. The intense heated passion in his right eye sparked her own, and she grinned wickedly at him.

“You know, that’s twice you’ve shown me what you can do, how about I return the favor?”

“And how would you like to do that, lass?”

She just winked mischievously at him, before rocking forward onto her knees; she laid a hand against his chest, pushing him back against the mat until he was underneath her. From there she took him into her hand and began to tease him, flicking her tongue across his tip. He groaned in pleasure, closing his eyes and surrendering into her touch.

It had been far too long since someone had touched him like that. She watched his reaction, the pleasure that crossed his face as she teased him with her tongue.

She dipped her head down and took him fully into her mouth, feeling a shudder wrack his body as she swirled her tongue up and down his shaft, alternating between sucking fast and licking slowly. She closed her eyes, enjoying the moment.

Unlike the times JB made love to her, this was more than that; this was a more a sharing of experience instead of just a using for a charge. Growling she banished thoughts of JB from her head and returned her focus to the man beneath her.

His head was tilted back and he seemed completely lost in the moment. She smiled to herself, and sucked faster, rubbing her thumb up and down the base to increase pleasure. He shuddered under her touch. Growling softly, she momentarily stopped blowing him. He opened his eyes, watching as she crawled up his body, he ran his hand lightly across her cheek and down her shoulders, along her body marveling at the multitude of scars that ran along her body. The strength it must have taken to overcome that amount of tragedy and trauma was nothing short of astounding.

Her eyes darkened and she paused, looking to the right of his head instead of his eyes.

He cupped her cheek in his palm, rising slightly and sitting up; he pulled her into his lap. “I think their beautiful, and they make you no less beautiful.”

He whispered, looking meaningfully into her eyes. She blushed, glancing down again as his fingers traced a scar on her back she had gotten from a previous mission. He kissed her deeply then, wanting to ease some of the pain that entered her eyes when he touched the scars. Not pain from the scars themselves, but from the memories they evoked. She guided him into her body, lowering herself onto him until her hips were flush with his. She rocked against him; needing the distraction, and he obliged willingly.

Moving his mouth from hers, he trailed hot kisses down her throat to her chest where he began to suck and tease her taut nipple.

He brushed his facial hair against her nipple, sending chills of pleasure spiking through her veins and her body aching against his. She groaned against him; rocking against him in time with his thrusts. Still buried deep inside her tight, wet heat, he picked her up and moved to the wall adjacent to the training mat. He was going to show her the true meaning of untamed passion.

Sliding her hands up from around his neck, he pinned her against the wall with her hands above her head as she gripped the chin up bar. Her legs were still wrapped around his waist.

She lost herself to his powerful commanding strokes and moaned in ecstasy when he bit her neck, albeit without fangs this time. She shuddered as her climax wracked her body, sending her over the edge into pleasure; growling, he quickened his thrusts joining her in blissful paradise as he came with her. What was it about her that sent him reeling over the edge and wanting more? He hadn’t had a connection to someone – especially a human in decades. Not since his wife had died in his arms nearly 60 years ago.

“Wow… are you always that good?”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it; I did too. Shall I show you the guest suite?”

She nodded, her body still reeling in the aftermath. She put her own clothes back on and followed Jayson back down the hallway and up the stairs into the shed after the gear and weapons had been put away. He led her back into the house, this time up the curving staircase pointing out various weapons that were hidden in the decorations lining the wall going upstairs.

A few grenades hidden in a flower pot, a berretta hidden behind a painting, and several knives hidden in various little nooks and crannies.

“You are definitely well loaded with weapons, aren’t you?”

“Of course, lass, one tends to be prepared when you’ve lived as long as I have.”

“Touché, this reminds me of my apartment. I have knives and other small hand-held weapons in every possible place.”

“I know, when I scanned your apartment, the blades above the doorway were the first things to register.”

“You never did tell me what happened to your face…. Also, how did you scan my apartment?”

“Computerized, mechanical eye.”

“Ah, of course.”

She said this as if it was a completely normal thing and it happened to every vampire who she came across daily. Inside she was mildly disturbed though and kept going over various questions and scenarios in her head before discarding them and following Jayson through the upper levels of the house.

He showed her an office room decorated in rich creams and a state of the art computer system. It also had a bank of monitors along one wall where various parts of the house and grounds could be seen from several different angles. Next was the main bathroom, though each bedroom had a walk-in closet and an on-suite bathroom.

Dark blue tiles covered the floor, and complimented the sky-blue tiles adorning the walls. Little fish decorations swam happily all over the bathroom. A large Jacuzzi style tub sat in one corner with a standard toilet and sink vanity in the opposite corner.

“When my daughter was younger she had gone to a resort where they had a bathroom decorated like a fish tank; when she came home she insisted I make the bathroom look like it.”

He shrugged, smiling and she laughed. The next room he showed her was the guest bedroom. A medium sized bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a lovely dark wood dresser and a full-length mirror. It also came complete with an on-suite bathroom and walk – in closet.

“This is beautiful… thank you.”

“Your very welcome my lass; there are clothes in the dresser. I’ll let you alone so you can change into something more comfortable if you’d like.”

She nodded, thanking him again. He inclined his head to her and started off in the direction of the study. She shut the door, glad for a few minutes of quiet to collect her thoughts. The shower was warm and lovely, sloshing over her skin and washing the suds from her hair and body. Her thoughts kept replaying the last few hours; questions thrummed through her head like annoying flies. Closing her eyes briefly, she realized she was incredibly tired and that she hadn’t slept since the day before. Wearily; she climbed into bed and snuggled beneath the blankets.

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