Hunting Shadows

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Chapter 2

He was watching her sleep fitfully beside him, occasionally her fingers would transform into metal claws and she’d growl quietly in her sleep. Once he made the mistake of waking her, and she had lashed out snarling and ready to rip his throat open.

Had he been human he would have died when she swiped at him. He put his hand on her shoulder, shaking her gently while leaning back out of her reach. She came awake with a start, fangs bared and claws out.

He noted that she had completely transformed into a sleek black predator. Within the next moment, she was a naked human woman again.

“They’ve been getting worse, haven’t they?” He spoke quietly, pulling her into his embrace. She nodded into his shoulder, still shaking from the nightmares that haunted her.

“I think we just need to get out of this town; and soon. Come on, let’s get ready.”

He joined her in the shower, running his hand up and down her wet body, gently cupping her breast while he kissed the back of her neck and shoulders. She leaned back against him, soaking in the security his presence offered while letting the lingering panic of the dream wash away with the hot soapy water.

She could feel him getting bigger as his erection pressed against the underside of her buttocks. She groaned leaning back against him as he entered her.

The water was just beginning to turn cold when they decided to finish and get ready. Thud, thud, thud… Thud, thud, thud…

“Miss, are you awake?” The maid’s voice echoed from the other side.

“Yes, be right out… Give me a moment.”

She called before biting her lip as JB licked her wet pussy slowly and sensually. She ran her hands through his hair as he continued to lick her, clearly enjoying it as much as she was.

She arched her back against the bed, moaning quietly while he continued to lick and tease her with his fingers and tongue. She could feel the electricity running over her body as his powers charged, intensifying her orgasm as he brought her to climax.

He loved watching the ecstasy and heated passion in her eyes; it made him hard and aching for her.

Growling softly, he moved up her body like a sleek hungry predator and once he was flush with her body, he lifted her leg slightly, and drove himself deep inside her luscious wet heat.

She was the perfect kind of drug, and he had to admit, he was addicted to her. The knocking came again, more persistent than before.

“I guess my wakeup call is here.” She laughed slightly breathlessly as she moved to get dressed. He smiled; his eyes glowing an eerie black and began getting his own clothes on.

Once dressed, she opened the door to the maiden of the house, the one who had shown her to her room the night before.

“Yes Miss?”

“Your wake- up call Ma’am; also, this came for you.”

The girl handed her a piece of paper before scurrying down the hall to wake the other people residing in the inn.

“What does it say?”

JB was no more than a shadow behind her, and his voice echoed in her head.

Your mission begins. See you tonight.”

“Eerie… what does it mean?”

“I’m not sure, but I’m not meeting anyone tonight. Come on; let’s get the hell out of dodge.”

She moved down the hall at a quick determined stride. JB followed along behind her, no more than a shadow in the physical realm.

Something was clearly unsettling her, but she hadn’t told him what was making her edgy, and the animal was just as eager to get out of this creepy town. Outside the townspeople were moving woodenly, watching her warily. It gave her chills and she pulled her black her hood over her head obscuring her features.

She was flat out running with the town disappearing farther into the distance behind her by the time JB caught up to her again.

What are you running from?” His voice echoed in her head, gravelly and dark.

What makes you think I’m running?”

She responded mentally, glancing over at him as she continued to run through the forest.

Her sleek black form blended in with the shadows and the darkness of the forest around her.

With her head bent low, she kept running dodging and weaving around trees trying to get as far away from the creepy town and its affliction as quickly as possible.

She also wanted to get away from the soldier who was tracking her. The trees off to her right exploded in an outward shower of bark and tree fiber. She flinched away and headed deeper into the trees while JB swore beside her.

She felt him drift toward the person shooting at her, and sent him a mental message to not kill him outright. He ignored her and instead went after the person shooting at his partner. She paused listening to the sounds of the forest and waiting for the one sound she would know as intimately as herself. A moment later that’s when the screaming started and she took off, before JB broke his mind and learned the truth. The soldier was making an awful inhuman scream of pain and terror while JB floated just above him, his eyes glowing evilly with a sinister black light.

“JB… stop; you’ll only activate him and once he’s activated, I’ll be activated. We’re immune to pain and torment. Please … stop.”

She moaned the last falling to her knees and clutching her head to stave off the activation a little longer. But the connection was strong; very strong now that both she and the soldier were practically side by side.

JB stepped back glaring hatred at the pitiful human before him. No one would know if he died, and his body disappeared. The soldier had stopped screaming and was now panting heavily on his hands and knees. JB waited, he wasn’t done with him by far. Lifting him upright, he let the man dangle at eye level with him.

No one went after his partner without dealing with him and he hadn’t a good kill in ages. However, before he killed the soldier, he would find out what was going on. The Reaper strained against his control wanting death and destruction. Wanting to watch this small pathetic human scream in terror from his own nightmares until JB ripped him slowly apart.

“Release him.”

“You can’t kill me; I’m already dead, remember?”

“JB; release him.”

“Eryn, what’s going on?”

He turned to face her; still holding the soldier who was now wheezing and clutching at his windpipe.

In the moonlight, her eyes looked luminous; an eerie reflective white color. Her voice was deadpanned and her metal claws winked in the moonlight. Not quite human, not quite animal. An aura of deadly power and grace surrounded her.

“I’ll tell you everything later, I promise. But please, right now just release him.”

There was a note of pain in her voice, and her breathing seemed constricted.

Bloody hell, they were linking. JB roared in anger and threw the soldier at the nearest tree.

He hit the tree hard and fell to the ground gasping and coughing. At the same time, Eryn took a deep breath and massaged her throat. Standing there with his patience wearing thin, his dark shadow cloak floating around him as black lightning danced throughout it. His face was a thundercloud and he glared menacingly at her. She gazed back fearlessly, though the animal in her wanted to run.

“I have a mission to complete; I’ll catch up with you later.”

JB seethed, but reluctantly let the man stand up without turning him inside out.

Eryn stood there, eerily copying the soldier’s stance with her hands clasped behind her back and her feet apart. He stood in front of her, leaning his forehead against hers.

“I just got you back… I don’t want to lose you again. I love you.”

He whispered before disappearing into the night.

He needed some space and time to sort through things. She watched him go; her heart breaking at the fact that she couldn’t tell him the truth.

“Come; our mission begins.”

The soldier began to move through the forest, much quieter now. He was activated and in stealth mode. Sighing quietly to herself, she followed behind him quiet as a panther.

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