Hunting Shadows

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Chapter 20

JB’s scythe materialized in his hands and he charged at Jayson who brought up his sword blindingly fast and blocked his attack. The sound of metal on metal screeched through the alley. Before JB could swing again Jayson swung his sword from the side distracting him and landed a devastating kick to his stomach, sending him flying back into a wall.

Jayson ran at JB lunging towards his throat, he blocked and twisted his scythe causing Jayson to go slightly off balance. Jayson spun around regaining his balance and blocked JB’s next attack. As their weapon’s locked Jayson grabbed him by the throat and surged electricity through JB’s body. Stunned JB reeled back with a slightly dazed expression.

“What are you?”

“I’m someone who would make a better ally, than enemy.”

JB’s eyes burned with the wrath of hell and black armour appeared on his body. Writhing shadows surged around him and black red electricity danced through the storm cloud of shadows beginning to converge in the alley. He was done playing around.

“If your done here; I’d like to go save Eryn now. I don’t have time to play you.”

Jayson turned to leave and was caught by a black shadow blast of power, effectively sending him sprawling to the pavement.

“Who said you could leave. If anyone’s going to save her, it’ll be me.”

“Oh, grow up; she’s not yours to protect anymore pal.”

Snarling; JB made to lunge at Jayson’s back, as Jayson got to his feet, preparing for the next attack, but at that moment his phone went off.

“We’re not done here.”

“Not by a long shot pal. Maybe one day you’ll see reason.”

Jayson spoke over his shoulder as he felt the Reaper disappear in a flash of black red light. The alley darkened once more; and that’s when Jayson noticed the blood on the cement and building.

Swearing he summoned the armoured, black 72’ mustang from where it sat parked two streets over.

The Blades had Eryn and it wouldn’t be long before they decided she was worth more dead than alive.

Jayson got into his car and sped down the street. He got on his radio and started rallying his lieutenants on the secure channel.

“This is General Jayson Storm calling all available Armies of the Night soldiers, is anybody out there?”

The radio crackled with static, for a few minutes before he got a response.

“This is Lieutenant-General Scotty Clay reporting in. Nice to hear from you, old friend.”

“This is Major-General Larry Farmer reporting in. What’s happening?”

“This is Brigadier-General Bryan Jenkins reporting in. Need someone disposed of, General?”

“This is Captain Kevin Smith reporting in. Apparently, we’re all here.”

Jayson smiled as he heard the voices of all his highest ranked officers and oldest friends.

“Listen guys I need your help, I’m gonna send you my co-ordinates and I’ll explain when you get here, be suited up and ready to kick some ass.”

“That’s all I needed to hear today. Finally, back in action.”

Scotty’s voice crackled over the radio.

“Got my gear ready, be there right away.”

Larry enthusiasm could be heard over the static.

“They won’t know what hit them.”

A menacingly gleeful Bryan chimed.

“Ready to smash some faces.”

Kevin said with a slight growl.

“Awesome boys, I’ll see you all soon”

Jayson smiled and kept speeding down the street until he got to his house. He pulled into his driveway, and decided to grab a drink while he waited for his officers to show up.

One by one they showed up and Jayson greeted them like old friends. They hadn’t seen each other in years. After he explained the situation with Eryn, all of his officers agreed to help.

Her head hurt like it had been smashed with a bowling ball. Lights and dark shadows danced before her eyes melting and converging in sickening motion together. What had happened that she ended up like this? She closed her eyes and willed her body and mind to settle down. When she opened her eyes again, the pain was still there but at least the room wasn’t moving anymore. Oddly though she felt disconnected from her body and she swore the shadows kept moving.

“Ah good, your awake. You’re quite the interesting human, aren’t you?”

She looked over to the left and saw a man dressed in a long dark coat. He looked like masculine perfection; with deep dark eyes, high cheekbones and square jawline.

His hair, though long was tied back in an elegant ponytail and something about him spoke of lethal power and inhuman cruelty.

“Where am I?”

Her voice sounded weirdly distorted and thick, like she had cotton in her mouth.

“For now, we will keep you here; alive until we deem you are no longer worth keeping alive.

It all depends on if I’m feeling merciful and how much I want to hurt Jayson Storm.”

She couldn’t quite make her brain work right to compute what he was saying. He was going to use her as a bargaining chip against Jayson. She almost wanted to laugh; there was no way she meant that much to Jayson, she was just one human woman in a world of billions. She was also a liability and a weakness for him… just like she was for JB.

“What did you give me, to make me feel like this?”

“A simple laced sedative to make you more compliant and less of a hassle to handle.”

She was slipping again. He drugged her and now she was at their mercy, waiting until he decided to either kill her now or kill her later.

Who was he to decide whether she lived or died? She dropped off into sleep, calling for JB.

JB watched Jayson and his crew pull up outside the abandoned warehouse where he had picked up on Eryn’s signal. It was steady, but something was wrong; it felt off. Warily Jayson dismounted from his bike, and waited patiently while the other members of the Armies of the Night dismounted and gathered, waiting for the General’s command and strategy.

“I know we got off on the wrong foot last time we met, but I will do anything to keep Eryn safe, and I will remove all threats that threaten her life.”

“Granted, if you’re willing to help us now, I have a plan to rescue her.”

“I’m listening.”

Jayson marked out the plan, putting JB on stealth, Bryan as a sniper on the roof of the building on the other side of the street. Jayson and Scotty would go in through the front door, while Kevin and Larry went through the back.

“Obviously, the doors are gonna be locked, but I’m not in the mood for lock picking, we’ll plant C-4 charges on the doors, blow them open, throw smoke grenades through the windows and open fire.”

JB nodded; clearly the vampire knew his military tactics. Jayson and Scotty began planting the C-4 charges on the door while the ones called Kevin and Larry disappeared around the side of the building. Bryan was already on the rooftop across the street, his sniper rifle trained on the figures inside the warehouse. JB slipped into the middle realm. Within seconds he could feel the pulse and heartbeats of about a dozen or so creatures. Most of whom were vampires or vampire-hybrids.

Eryn’s pulse was brightest because of their tie; and he followed the ribbon of life to where she lay.

He could feel the vampires poison running through her veins slowly seeping her life away. Laying his hand on top of her body, he healed the poison from her body. He felt the vibrations of the C-4 charges as they blew the doors open. It appeared Jayson and his crew were inside. He had to get Eryn out of there before they brought the whole place down.

“JB; what are you doing here?”

“Saving you; Jayson and his crew are taking care of the Blades.”

“Jayson’s here? I have to warn him.”

She got off the table just as another explosion rocked the building. Shouts and gunfire could be heard amid the noise of cracking plaster and falling debris. The door at the far end of the room opened and the vampire from earlier stepped in.

“Who are you?”

“I’d say your worst nightmare, but I don’t like sounding cliché. Who the hell are you?”

“I’m Admiral Keene, how’d you get in here?”

A hail of gunfire rumbled across the outside of the door, and sparked off the table and exposed piping. Both JB and Keene growled at the sound, turning and baring fangs at the doorway.

“I think we need to get out of here.”

“Yea, come on, let’s let Jayson and his buddies sort things out.”

As they made to move, the Admiral moved blindingly fast and within moments had crossed the room and was behind Eryn holding her head yanked to one side and was baring his fangs.

“I will bring this whole building down before I let that mongrel of a vampire take my unit. She’s going to be my ticket out of here, and if you won’t co-operate I’ll rip your head off.”

At that moment; JB’s eyes began to glow a dark red black color, and he growled an eerie lost sound with all the underlying hatred of merciless eternity. It sent chills up Eryn’s spine. The vampire Admiral snarled, his fangs elongating and his face changed from human-like to demonic. It became a battle of wills and though she knew JB was just toying with him, the position of her neck was beginning to cramp.

While JB had his attention, she stomped on his foot, causing him to lose concentration and release her. She slipped out of his grasp and back-flipped away from the vampire; with the loss of concentration, JB could gain the upper hand. The vampire let out a howl of pain and gripped his head in agony.

“JB, enough; I need him alive.”

Jayson had entered the room, looking bloody and bruised and had gash along the left side of his collarbone that was bleeding freely though slowly.

JB seemed solely intent on killing the vampire in the most tortuous way possible; he didn’t even acknowledge Jayson’s presence.

His eyes blazed with the wrath of hell and his power seemed to engulf the room. Jayson started gasping, as JB’s powers grew to eradicate the threat.

“JB; the threat’s been dealt with. It’s ok now.”

He glanced down at the tiny woman holding onto his arm. She wasn’t scared or terrified of him, and she pulsed with a dark aura of power. Her eyes glowed with an inhuman brightness and he realized she could siphon his power just as he could charge his power to their max and more through her.

The dark pulsing power disappeared from the room instantly and though it took a good little while before he could return to human form, he did manage to become human again. Eryn’s eyes stopped glowing, and she slumped against him. Jayson got up slowly, his breathing shallow and he staggered over to the body of Admiral Keene. The Blade wasn’t hurt physically, but who knows if his mind was still intact after what JB had done to him.

“I’ll be taking him from here. Thanks for the help.”

JB merely nodded; his arm protectively around Eryn as he disappeared with her in a flash of black red light.

Jayson watched them go, a wary searching look in his eyes. His Generals entered a few moments later, having set the bodies on fire and then the building itself.

“Well he seems a bit unstable to say the least.”

Scotty had a smear of something black across his cheek and there was a cut on along his neck that dripped crimson onto his shirt staining it a dark red. Kevin and Larry appeared in similar states a couple minutes later. Gathering up the unconscious body of the Admiral, they headed back towards Jayson’s mansion as the warehouse exploded outward in an inferno of sparks, flames, and debris.

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