Hunting Shadows

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Chapter 3

“So, who’s our target this time?”

“A guy by the name of Scott Wilson; 73, wanted by the military for human experimentation with babies and pregnant mothers. High end military; one of the top guys in charge of the Kane Project; and overseeing the Lyre’s Project… Along with a variety of other projects.”

He handed her a piece of paper with the profile of their target.

“Is the doctor coming as well?”

“Of course; our team isn’t complete without him.”

She merely nodded and looked out the window of the plane. The link between them was strong; and it pulled them towards their final member. She could feel herself becoming more synchronized with him.

With Doctor Lorenz; their team would be complete and then synchronization would take over completely; turning them into lethal assassins. A ghost recon team that had become the best team the military had to offer and no one knew they existed outside of their own fields.

They walked briskly down to the waiting cab; neither one said a word. A light rain had begun to fall and now more than ever she wished JB were with her.

Though she could sense her new partner’s physical presence, she was still very much alone in the back of the cab. He was staring ahead with a blank faced stare; she decided to watch the world outside go by in a blur of rain and speed. Synchronization was almost complete; already she could feel the silent communication between her and the soldier getting stronger.

The hospital appeared to be busy when the cab pulled into the visitor’s parking lot.

He held the door open for her, a small smile playing around the corners of his mouth. Of course, being linked to her was never hard for him. She returned his smile with a glower so dark it sent chills running over his skin, he stopped smiling immediately and closed the cab door.

She walked calmly into the hospital; keeping a tight rein on her fear and the fact that now she could see the middle ground overlaying the living realm like a silken glove of death.

The doctor was performing surgery, when they located him. The finest heart transplant surgeon Alberta had to offer.

“You’ve changed since the last time I saw you.”

“Yea, well you can’t go through hell without getting burned a few times.”

“Well, yea… but you’re… I don’t know… colder now; I guess. But it’s good to see you again, Eryn.”

She paused, clearly debating whether to keep talking to him. Finally, she stopped fighting it.

“It’s good to see you again too; Ryan.”

“So, aside from teaching geography, what have you been doing? I haven’t heard from you for the past ten years; not since that last time…”

He seemed hesitant to talk to her; as if he were afraid of her. She sighed heavily, and looked over at him.

Ryan hadn’t aged very much in the last ten years; he still looked like a hot 20 something male model despite his life in the army and being abroad for special training.

His grey eyes, strong jawline and short cropped hair made a woman’s gaze follow him where ever he went. Not to mention, his broad shoulders and six foot, five height made most women drool; but Eryn had never been sexually attracted to him, though she did think he was the better-looking male in their trio.

The doctor on the other hand; though not bad looking did have grey streaking his hair and was beginning to put on some weight. The doctor by contrast to them; looked like a healthy mid-forties male whose job was taking its toll. His eyes were brown, his features plain and most times he tended to have five o clock shadow.

When he stepped into the waiting room, they immediately stopped talking and snapped their heads up. He looked drawn and weary; upon seeing the soldier and the mutant hybrid female, he immediately became serious and silent.

“You’re not here for the heart patient who just died… are you?”

“No, we’ve actually come for you. The General wants us to take care of someone.”

The doctor’s lip curled in repugnance; his mouth turning down in a snarl. Eryn shivered at the deadly aura of death and power that clung to the man.

Whatever he had been when she knew him, he wasn’t that same person now.

“I told them that I wouldn’t be a part of that anymore. That I refuse to be their puppet; I have a job, a family I need to take care of, and not to mention I am booked solid for the next two months.”

He was livid and practically spitting the words at them. His face had gone mottled with exertion and she if didn’t know better, she would have sworn his canines became sharper and longer.

Ryan was standing trying to talk to him, or activate him she wasn’t sure.

But she knew that if she didn’t do something quickly; the two of them would tear each other apart.

“Enough! I realize you don’t want to come, but if we don’t do this now, it’s only going to get worse.

Do you remember what happened last time we refused to do a mission?”

The two gentlemen looked startled at her outburst and several nurses in scrubs poked their heads into the waiting room wondering what all the yelling was about. The shortest person in the group, with the most powerful set of lungs and a short temper had just yelled at two six foot plus men, and had silenced their argument. This was the commander they knew.

The one who chewed out anyone who didn’t follow rank or pissed her off; the link between the three of them was strong now that they were all together.

The two men snapped to attention like perfect toy soldiers; taking the syringes with the activation chemical from the soldier’s breast pocket of his uniform, she injected the doctor first, then the soldier and lastly herself.

“Now then; we will move as one team, we will find and take care of our target, and then we will be deactivated and forget this ever happened. I don’t want strife or tension between the two of you. Thom, go get cleaned up, and be ready to move out in an hour. I will brief you when we get to the target’s location. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

They answered in unison; saluting her at the same time. The doctor turned and went to get ready; Ryan fell to one knee breathing heavily.

“I forgot how controlling you could be when you rose to the occasion. Brings back memories, doesn’t it?”

“Memories best left forgotten.”

She had released them after they had agreed, and the overwhelming sensation of synchronization brought her to her knees. That was a feeling she hadn’t experienced since her time in the military when they had ruthlessly wiped her mind and trained them day and night until they had become the perfect team of assassins.

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