Hunting Shadows

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Chapter 40

JB blocked Kyros’ attack, the scythes sliding together. He parried the next attack but took the kick to the leg that Kyros delivered against his side. A week into their training and he didn’t feel as if he were getting any stronger. He also had a bad feeling about Eryn.

“Is your girl alright?”

“What do you mean?”

“Your distracted, and a distracted reaper is a dead reaper in a tournament like this. Hades has no shortage of souls he can turn into reapers. If you want to win this thing, you have to be determined to win. Which in essence; means that Eryn has to be ok, and your distracted which means she’s not.”

“I trust her, and I know she’s safe.”

“But she hasn’t checked in, and the last message she sent was one for help. Just check in with her, I’ll wait.”

JB glared at the other reaper and watched as he wandered back and grabbed a drink. He didn’t understand how Kyros could drink; because they were death incarnate, they couldn’t taste anything. Food, drink, air, life they were no longer necessities. Maybe it was for the mouthfeel.

Either way he focused his inner emotions and feelings, wiping everything away that was bothering him which allowed him a clearer path to Eryn.

“Hey, are you alright? I can’t reach you by cell.”

“I found a new world, it’s a frozen wasteland. I’m safe now, though if you want to tell Hade’s that I will not be a prize for his tournament, that would be wonderful.”

“Yea… I’ll get right on that. Where are you?”

“A new world. I got to go, I’ll see you when you get back. Love you.”

“Love you too babe.”

Though his feelings still bothered him, JB needed to get back to training. The dance began once again, scythes sliding together, and dark shadow power filled the area. Kyros blocked and parried, attacked and defended and JB mirrored his every move. A terrifying nightmare of death, filled with power and drawing from all the evilness they had consumed. JB let his rage wash over him and focus his unsettled emotions. The reapers fought, and time ceased to exist and for a while he forgot about his girlfriend and forgot his humanity.

He stood there panting heavily. A month of constant training and the only place they could train without draining each other was the reaper’s home world. He was in so much pain and felt so drained, Eryn hadn’t contacted him for the past two weeks and even though he was focused and prepared, he was also tired. In a weird way, he missed going on adventures with his partner, missed knowing she had his back and he had hers.

The reaper took control and wiped the memories, the feelings, the emotions, everything that was human it wiped clean, and though his soul fought against the ever-constant onslaught of the reaper’s control, it forever remained caged and imprisoned.

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