Hunting Shadows

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Chapter 5

When had their lives become so complicated? Three deaths to start, three more to follow and two to end the night; God it was starting to sound like a bad horror movie.’ He chuckled darkly to himself and flew off into the fading afternoon light.

He watched quietly with a detached numbness as the attacker stabbed the other man and ran off in a panic. He removed the dead man’s soul and continued to the next one. He was passing by a jewelry store robbery when he spotted a simple but elegant necklace with an emerald imbedded in a Celtic knot. The cashier was being held at gun point while she hastily put money in a bag.

JB casually walked up to the counter, placed the item on the counter and placed his hand on the other person’s shoulder and smiled at the cashier as if there was nothing wrong.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

“Who are you anyway?”

“I’m not anyone you need to concern yourself with… but I also know that if you end her life, your life will end… do you really want that?”

“What do you know? I’m a dead man anyway.”

“You are at that.”

He severed the soul chain and paid for his merchandise and walked calmly out of the store. He was leaning against a building when the screech of sirens split the air.

It wouldn’t be long now, another few minutes. He bit into his apple and watched as the officers gunned the man down at the end of the alley.

Waiting until the police finished marking the body and tagging the items and cash he stole. The soul appeared beside JB watching the scene unfold.

“Got a light?”

JB chuckled and lit him one and together they watched as his body’s life drained and he lay there bleeding and gasping.

“Did I deserve to die this way?”

“Do you believe you did?”

“Probably, I wasn’t a very good person in life… I did a lot of terrible things…. Before I go though; will you give this to my daughter; I don’t want her to think I left her on purpose.”

He gave JB an envelope and stepped through the doorway into the beyond that waited after the passing of life.

That was one of the easier souls to have passed on. Not all of them were like that. Most souls didn’t even know they had died, let alone went through the gateway without coercion. Three down, two more to go.

He flexed his arms and his wings, rolling his neck from side to side before taking flight and soaring over the quiet sparkling city.

As his thoughts always did when he had time before deaths they turned towards Eryn and wondered if she had woken up yet, or if she remembered anything.

The last two were an older couple who had heart attacks in their home, only a couple hours apart.

When he reached the house, he noticed that there was an aura of happiness and peace surrounding the place. He knocked before going in and found the couple laughing on the couch in the living room.

“Sorry I’m late, had a busy night. Are you ready to go?” He felt a little odd talking to the souls without having to remove the soul chain first.

“Of course, dear; we’ve had a wonderful time talking but now it’s time to move on to something better.”

The old lady patted JB’s arm and linked her hand through her husbands, then walked through the doorway JB had opened for them.

The apartment smelled wonderfully of waffles and chocolate and rich hazelnut coffee. It brought back painful memories from his time as a human, when things between him and Eryn were rocky but good. And for a moment he saw her in the kitchen talking to Elara.

His three-year-old daughter had been murdered 2 years before he was and the memory of her still struck like a sledgehammer bringing him to his knees.

“Hi… you alright Hun?”

“Uh… yea, smells good. What-cha making?”

“Chocolate chip waffles and coffee; want to come and join me for supper?”

He followed the sway of her hips for a moment before getting up and catching her about the waist and swinging her up into his arms. She was wearing a plush purple housecoat and smelled like grapefruit shampoo. When he scooped her up into his arms, her housecoat fell open slightly exposing her naked flesh. Before she could react, he kissed her passionately.



“The waffles are going to burn.”

“Oh… is there any chocolate left over?”

“Yea… why?”

He grinned wickedly down at her, a moment before he dipped his head down and ran his tongue along her collarbone up her neck to whisper in her ear.

“Because I intend to do very naughty things to you today.”

He set her down and followed her into the kitchen where the delicious aroma of hot coffee and chocolate chip waffles wafted from.

Her hand was still tucked into his; it made him happy that she still loved him. She didn’t appear any worse for wear from the incidents of the night before and he wondered if she remembered any of it or not.

“I have to ask… because this is going to bother me, and I hate to ask… but do you remember anything from last night?”

She paused in plating the warm waffles, and didn’t answer for a long time. Finally, she shook her head. “I don’t remember anything from last night.” She finished plating the waffles. She turned and smiled at him, full of warmth and seduction.

“Dinners ready, coming to watch Avengers with me?”

She winked and moved into the living room. He sat down beside her and taking the chocolate syrup from her hand he began making little chocolate swirls on her naked thigh. She watched in obvious pleasure as JB worked his magic on her body, his focus on her was unlike anything else and she loved him for it.

Outside she could hear the wind picking up and rain beginning to patter down onto the roof. The animal in her raised its head wary of the storm that was building. JB however remained unconcerned about the wind that was starting to rage outside.

He moved her house coat further away from her legs and looked up at her with a heated passion in his eyes as he continued to torture her with his tongue and fingers. She writhed under his expert touch, focusing on him, on his touch, the feel of him as he pleasured her. She shivered as his charging powers danced over her skin. Thunder rumbled far off in the clouds, a low growl like a waiting beast.

She could hear the wind buffeting the building; JB could sense her rising wariness. He took that moment to then pull her up and off the couch, carrying her to the bed room where he laid her down onto the bed.

He stripped his shirt and pants off and climbed the bed, watching her seductively.

Crawling up the length of her body licking and nibbling from her leg up her thigh, up her stomach kissing each of her scars individually before coming up to kiss her passionately. He was flush with her body now and just then lightning lit the sky outside the window to a blinding brilliance.

Before she could react to the booming thunder that followed the lightning he chose that moment to lift her leg slightly and enter her fully.

She groaned in pleasure and moved against him heightening his own pleasure.

Thunder boomed in the sky overhead and she shivered and writhed in pleasure as his charging powers danced over her skin mingling with the electricity that sparked outside. It was exhilarating the way JB made love to her during a thunderstorm.

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