The Last Dance

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Lol, so I know it's very wattpadish and very ugly, but I wanted to make a cast or show y'all who I find to suit the roles of my charecters.

HOWEVER, I can't seem to find someone to fit Fatima because...of many things.

And note there will one or two charecters that you may not know because they haven't been introduced yet. Anyways, here it is (note this is based on how the actors can act and how they look, aka, do they look close enough to what my charecter looks like.)

Acel Bernard: Erik Knudsen

Madison/Matias: Diego Boneta

Marie Lee: Keke Palmer

Patrick: Eddi Redmayne

Mason Hunt: Christoph Waltz

Also i'll update the list as I go on. For some I haven't figured it out yet so I'll be back. Anyways, hope you're enjoying this story so far!!


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