NightTide: The Shadow Walker

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I stopped counting how many years went by, it didn’t really matter anymore. I lost my best friend, and the girl I loved. I was alone. Book is currently on hiatus while I work on a different world.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Life doesn’t seem to hold much meaning once you’ve lost everything that matters... I wish I hadn’t learned this. I felt it when I lost my best friend, Jessica. It didn’t help that they bastardized Everything she had done. Twisted into something evil! I hated all of it! I hated working with these people! I couldn’t stand being alone. No one to talk to, I didn’t get along with anyone else there. I got into multiple fights, reprimanded, demoted. I was always so angry, I never had anyone to vent it out with… Dammit, I miss her! Jessica was always there when I needed help! She got me out of trouble more times than I can count, and I couldn’t get her out of trouble once! I failed her ad friend, I might as well have been her family! The fact that Red moved on only makes the pain worse… In the end, I guess I did take advantage of her, she was confused and didn’t really to understand… Maybe I’m getting karmic retribution for what I did, but why couldn’t I have just been killed instead? I still don’t know what to believe though. They said Jessica killed Red’s baby, but I don’t think she would. Based on how much they’re trying to paint her as the bad guy I feel like it was all a lie. I don’t think Jessica killed Red’s baby, in fact, I don’t think anything happened at all! But… I watched Red, she was injured and bleeding, and she still saved Jessica… I should have done something, but I was afraid of what would happen. I didn’t know what they would do if I intervened. I regret the decision now. Now I don’t know if I’ll be able to see them again… At least, not after what’s about to happen.

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