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Could running away from your problems be a good idea? Or will it makes matters much worse? Miracle had always been invisible, she was used to it, But when that changes she had to run away. Trying to find where she belongs. She starts her journey with Daniel who was willing to follow her anywhere. Only if she told him what made her leave. Little did he know it was more than just some teenage drama.

Adventure / Thriller
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Chapter 1

29 May, 2017

I watched from my place on the plane the other planes taking off as I wait for Daniel to arrive, I really should've just waited outside to make sure he would actually come before stupidly getting on the plane alone.
the plane started to get crowded and people continued to give me strange looks. I don't blame them really. it's not everyday that you see a girl,an awkward looking girl at that, who looks like a sixteen years old sitting on a plane by herself.
A specific woman carrying two children walking down the aisle had been staring at me since she walked in and I refrain myself from crossing my eyes to freak her out.
She looks at me with judgmental eyes and it's really starting to make me mad. What? just because I'm alone here she assume that I'm a bad person? I bet she thinks I'm abandoning my family and I'm running away with my friends or something. She doesn't even know who I am and she is looking at me like I've just killed a harmless cat and I'm making my way to a group of kids to bully them. I mean I don't think anyone would do that but yeah you get my point. that's probably because I look like someone who'd do that though.
You see my face doesn't look really friendly plus I've never been good at social interactions especially if I'm alone. I always get awkward and say embarrassing things that I overthink for at least two weeks. So I try to save myself and people from that and I keep quite most of the time, my mother always thought that it was rude but I don't understand why. I mean if I talk people would make fun of me and if I don't I am rude? really?
I looked around with blank eyes trying to focus on anything that would make me forget about the reason I'm here. Trying to numb my feelings only focusing on the anger so I wouldn't feel guilty for leaving. But nothing seems to work and as I looked around me, seeing all the families and friends laughing my heart ache even more and I try to pretend that I'm here with my family and we are going in a trip to celebrate my seventeenth birthday instead of me being alone here with people giving me rude glances waiting for a guy that I stupidly trusted after knowing him for less than a month. I mean he could be a serial killer or a drug dealer or something. Okay, maybe I'm overreacting I know he's neither of those but still. I should've learned from my past and didn't trust him that easily.
where's he anyway? I'm really starting to get anxious, what if Daniel changed his mind and he is not going to show up? what if this was a trick? but I do trust him, despite all what had happened here I still think he's the only one who is trustworthy in this town. That's probably why I asked for his help. But right now I'm really starting to question if it was a good idea. I shouldn't have done that. But I'm pretty sure that I can't live here anymore. But how am I going to make it by myself? Maybe if I left now and went back home no one would notice. I'll just burn the note I wrote and go back as if nothing has happened. yes that's right, I'm going to wait for five more minutes if he doesn't show up I will leave.
"hey you," I heard Daniel's voice two minutes later and I've never been more reviled.
"why are you so late?" I asked as he put his backpack over our seats and sat down.
"My mom wouldn't let me leave without checking that I've everything and saying goodbye more than one thousand times" He said smiling his famous 'I'm sorry' smile.
"I was about to leave, you know. I thought you won't show up."
"Are you crazy? this plane ticket costed a fortune and you were just going to leave?" He said with wide eyes.He didn't even give me a chance to respond as he started talking again. "okay, so"
"what?" I pretended like I don't know what he's talking about.
"I'm here," He started to wiggle his eyebrows.
"Yeah, I can see that."
"come on girl, I didn't do all of this for nothing, talk."
"you're not going to give up, right?"
"No, now tell me." He then added "please" with puppy eyes.
I mentally groaned as I watched the plane starting to move knowing that there's no way out now, and prepared to tell him the story of the not so invisible girl that is myself.

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