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Chapter 2

30 August, 2017

I’ve been staring at the bathroom wall for more than ten minutes now. God knows I hate waking up early and since my sleep schedule is totally messed up, I barely slept last night. After ten more minutes of staring blankly at the wall I finally got up and washed my hands. Looking at the mirror I saw my reflection staring back at me. Wow, I really do look as unexcited as I feel. Well, whatever. I washed my hands and got out to get ready.

“I swear mom, I saw them fighting last night.” I heard my sister’s voice as soon as I opened the bathroom door.

“Are you sure Belle? I don’t think he would do that, David had always been a loyal husband.” My mom answered.

“Oh come on mom, there’s no such thing. There’s no loyal husband they are all the same.” Yup here’s my sister for you, Isabelle.She thinks just because my father cheated on mom that all men are cheaters and liars and blah, blah, blah. That’s probably why she hadn’t had a boyfriend since she was in fourth grade. But me, I’ve grown out of that stage but still I’ve never had a boyfriend because I don’t know, I think I just didn’t find the right person and well boys never noticed me. The only reason people knew me was because of my sister and since she left for university no one has cared about me that much. But hey, I don’t care either way.

I’ve finished getting dressed and went downstairs to eat breakfast and Belle is still trying to convince mom that our neighbor David cheated on his wife. when I walked into the kitchen mom smiled at me and continued cooking while Belle kept talking,

“Morning,” I said while going to the fridge to get the milk.

“Good morning sunshine, I thought you wouldn’t actually wake up.” Mom said.

“I don’t think she’s awake anyways, look at her face.” My sister added finally moving on from the Davids topic.

“Thank you for the support guys.” I said sarcastically while eating from the plate that mom put in front of me. I’m almost half way through the plate when the telephone rang. Me and my sister looked at each other for a second before we both started sprinting toward it.

“Go away Miracle it’s not for you anyway.” My sister said while running.

“Got it,” I said with a victorious smile as I got the phone and Belle looked at me with an angry face. I returned it to mom since I didn’t like answering the phone anyway. My mom took it with a disappointed look. Me and Belle have been doing this since we were kids we would always fight over who is going to get the phone, I don’t really know why we do it but it has become a habit for us.

I looked at the clock and it’s almost seven o’clock so I grabbed my bag to go wait for the bus outside. putting my headphones and plugging it in my phone I went to Belle.

“tell mom I left.”

“Okay” she answered without looking my way.

I went outside and played the music. Halsey’s voice filled my ears as I walked to where I wait for the bus. Maybe this year won’t be so bad after all, plus this is my last year in school and no matter how much I claim that I hate it I know that I’m going to miss it when I go to university.I mean of course not the teachers nor the over excited students but the place itself, the familiarity that it holds and the memories that I made there. The thing is, I like routine so getting out of school and starting a new chapter in life is beginning to stress me out and we didn’t even start the school year.

the bus came and as usual I’m the first one to get on so I took my usual place at the end after saying hey to the driver who stared at me without saying anything back and waited till we arrived to school.

When we finally got to school nearly one hour later and after a lot of awkward small talks I started making my way to class. When I arrived there I found a girl who I’ve never seen before so I smiled at her and took my seat. After five minutes of silence I heard the chair moving and she came and sat next to me.

“Hi, I’m Emma. This is my first year in this school.” She said with a smile that looked really kind.

“Oh hey, I’m Miracle.” I said with a small smile.

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