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Chapter 11: Jungle biome- border settlement

Terra stood in front of Daniels door and counted to three before she knocked. She’d been coming everyday since they reached the settlement. He was able to walk around now for short periods of time and theys gone from spending time in his bedroom to talking walks through the settlement together. At first she was worried about Dexter seeing them and saying something to her however the one time they did run into him he just nodded at them and continued on his way. She didn’t worry about it after that. As they walked around she’d gotten an opportunity to meet more of the people who lived at the settlement. There were whole families there. They had everything the walled city had just not as much security because they were still outside the walls. They ran patrols often throughout the area surrounding the village and every person old enough to learn knew how to fight -whether they are fighting beasts or men. During the day everyone was busy but at night the settlement came alive with the sounds of laughter and children. She loved being there and wished she could stay longer. It was one of those places that touched your heart and you never forgot it.

Daniel opened the door and smiled at her. “I was thinking we could go sit out near the border of the biome. The view of the stars in the desert sky is amazing at this time.”

“Sure, I went out there the first day we got here and I saw a sandstorm. It was amazing but terrifying at the same time.” She smiled back at him. Over the past week she found that he’d began to feel more like a friend than an enemy. He shut the door behind him and lead her through the settlement back towards the cliffs overlooking the border.When they were out of sight of the village he grabbed her hand using it to pull her forwards faster.

“Slow down . I’ve already been here.” Terra laughed and jogged to keep up with the pace he’d set.

“But have you seen the sunset though? It’s almost as beautiful as you.”

Terra rolled her eyes. “You can stop with the lines now i’m already spending time with you willingly.”

Daniel skidded to stop and turned to face her. “ They aren’t lines, its how I truly feel.” His gaze seemed to burn through her as he gazed into her eyes. He looked away a moment later and continued pulling her behind him. They finally burst through the last of the foliage and emerged onto the cliff. Seeing the border again Terra was once again struck by how the biomes seemed to flow together so seamlessly. She looked up at the desert sky and twilight was falling. The sun was just beginning to set. She watched the fiery red orb fall behind the horizon.The blazing sun garnished itself with brilliant reds and oranges painting the sky definitely creating one last mural before it gave into the darkness that pursued it. She waited while holding her breath for the stars to appear in the sky. At first she saw only one star winking down at her like a lone diamond floating inside a dark abyss ; she blinked and suddenly there were millions of them. She’d never seen so many at once. Daniel tugged on her hand lightly and she looked down to see him sitting on the cliff, she moved to sit beside him. He tugged her against him until her back was to his chest and wrapped his arms around her as they stared at the star filled sky in front of them.

“It’s so dark near the ground of the desert.” she missed quietly as she stared into the pitch blackness that covered the desert floor.

“Don’t let it fool you. The night is alive with all types of beasts during the night. If you focus your will be able to see movement in the darkness. Since you have environment adaption you can see in the dark. Since we aren’t in the pitch black darkness in this biome it probably hasn’t been activated yet but it will once you set out with Dexter and find yourself surrounded in it.”

Terra squinted harder into the darkness and found she could see into the night clearly, She smiled to herself. “ I did it! Awesome.”

“Can I ask you something?” Daniel whispered into her ear

“Sure.” She replied hesitant, unsure of what he was going to ask her.

“Do you love him?”

“Love who?”


Terra stiffened in his arms and thought about his question. She really didn’t have an answer for him and just decided to be honest.

“I do love him. The same way a part of me loves you. But i’m not in love with him.”

“Could you see yourself being in love with him?”

“I honestly don’t know. He’s been there for years now when I had no one else. He’s a part of me now no matter how far apart we are from each other. He’s picked me up when i’ve been down more times than I can count and he’s always tried to protect me even though i can protect myself now. Honestly I think i could if i let myself. I’ve never seen him in a real relationship with anyone, so im sure if i did fall for him i would only be setting myself up for heartbreak...”She trailed off when she remembered who she was talking to knowing she’d said too much.

“Thank you for the honesty. I know we haven’t spent as much time together. We had a year and that’s all. If you gave me the chance I would like to be everything that you aren’t sure he could be for you. You already know I’m here and you already know that I want our relationship. I want what we could be, what I know we can be. I understand that right now you’re busy and focused on finding your brother and hoping that you can somehow settle this conflict between our biome and the desert so you can go travel through all the biomes and find him without feeling guilt. I can help you with that. I can help you with whatever you need and I can give you a home to come back to at the end of your journey.These people at this settlement can be your people. Our people.” He rested his head on top of hers. “I know its a lot to think about and i’m not asking anything from you right now except that you stay alive and come back to me. Okay?”

Terra felt tears burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down her face. The muscles of her chin trembled like a small child and she looked toward the night sky in front of her , as if the sight could soothe her aching soul. His words hit her hard and she found she couldn’t stop the tears coursed down her face. He was literally offering her what she’d always wanted-what any orphan truly wanted. A family and home of her own. She could see it easily, their children growing up running through the jungle just as they did when they were younger. Growing up surrounded by people always knowing that they are loved and supported. She remembered dancing, through the trees with her mom. Laughing and feeling weightless, climbing the trees with Tyler, laying down and watching the stars with her dad. Sneaking around in the jungle with Daniel. She wanted her children to make their own memories one day. She opened her mouth to reply but all that escaped was a loud gasp. She slapped her hand over her mouth and closed her eyes as she continued to cry silently. She felt Daniel pull her into his lap. She opened her eyes to see him resting his head on top of hers as his arms tightened around her while he let her cry it out. She heard the sounds she made, like a distressed child, raw from the inside.Her tears were taking something out of her she didn’t know she had left to give. “Shush, it’s okay. Let it out.” Daniel cooed sweet nothings in her ear until her tears ran out. He pressed a kiss to her forehead and wiped away the tears that lingered on her cheeks. “Are you okay?” He whispered to her softly. Terra nodded her head not trusting her voice yet. He stared at her taking in her expression. “I love you Terra.” He said softly before he leaned down towards her, his intention clear in his eyes. They suddenly heard a rustling in the bushes behind them . They both immediately jumped to their feet weapons raised as they waited for whatever it was to come forward.

Dexter stepped forward from the bushes with his hands raised. His eyes took in their surroundings and her tear stained face. “It’s me. I’ve been sent to look for you Daniel. The settlement is under attack by the Desert biome.” light anxiety laced his voice as he spoke.

Mia crossed her arms as she paced the hallway outside of her rooms. They’d been there for three days already and alexander still hadn’t said anything to them regarding his decision. Mia was impatient and fed up. She hated being the darkness of the underground tunnels they were living in. Because of her adaptation ability she could see in the darkness of the cave just fine however it was an earthy smell that never went away. Since she was accustomed to being above ground it was an unwelcome change to live without the sun. As she turned around for another pass alexander’s door opened. He lazily ambled out and stopped in the doorway once he saw her standing there.

“Oh,hey jungle girl. Whats up?”

“What’s up is that i’ve been waiting for an answer from you for three days now. Meanwhile i’ve been told that you’re always busy or you simply ignore me when I knock on your door.” Her voice came out sharply.

Alexander smiled at her for a moment before he took a step towards her. “If i’d heard you knocking on my door i would have assumed you wanted me for a different reason.” He came closer and lightly trailed a finger down her cheek. “I would have gladly serviced you anytime.” He whispered sensually.

Mia stepped back out of his arm range as she stared at him in disbelief. “Are you seriously asking me to sleep with you?”

“Well...only if you want me to.” He smiled again as he took another step towards her,pressing her up against the wall of the dark hallway. Mia was shocked by his boldness but before she could react his lips were on hers. His lips moved against hers lazily as he attempted to coax a response from her. When she didn’t react he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her firmly against him as he continued to kiss her passionately. Finally Mia responded by attempting to push him away. She pulled her mouth away from his and glared at him.

“Get off of me.”

“Why? I know you want me too. Your people are so chaste. Mine are open about our desire. I’ve already decided that we will help you in your quest. I’ve been biding my time to see if you would come to me in the night to satisfy your desire but you never have.”

“That’s because I don’t want you.” Mia replied with annoyance ringing in her voice even as her heart thundered in her chest from his proximity.

“Why do you lie to yourself? What is the point? I can tell by the way you are arching your body into mine that you do want this. I’ve already agreed to help your biome. Your mission is done. Send home a messenger to convey the news in the morning.Tonight come to bed with me.” he argued softly as he trailed his fingers along her arm.

Mia was conflicted. She didn’t come here to sleep with anyone but she couldn’t deny the attraction flaring between them. And she really didn’t have a reason not to since he already agreed to help her biome. It was no risk of attachment since she wouldn’t be here long. As she stood there thinking it over she realized alexander had pulled her back towards him.The hard press of his body against hers sent a thrill through her.

“Okay.” She agreed breathlessly.

Without a word he pulled her with him through his room door and closed it behind him. He then pressed her against it and attacked her mouth with vigor. She responded immediately by wrapping her arms around his neck as their embrace heated to a fever pitch. Once his hands started moving south she completely lost her train of thought and gave herself up to the sensations he was creating within her. They joined together against the door urged on by the overpowering lust that had taken over both of them. As they moved together she felt found herself loudly gasping with pleasure. “Every night you are here you will come to me.” He whispered this in her ear while he moved inside her. She arched her back as she as she felt something building within her,anxious to feel more of the sensation. Her back continuously hit the door behind her as they moved faster and faster together but she felt nothing but pleasure.

“You. Will. Come. To . Me.” He backed each word with another motion causing her to to scream and claw at his back as she felt herself being pushed closer and closer to the edge. “Yes! Okay!” She gasped loudly as she fell off of the edge headfirst. “Alex!” Her scream bounced off of the walls of his room. She felt him reach his own peak as his motions slowed down. All they could hear were their joined gasps in the silence of the room. He kept her pinned against the door with his hips as they both came down from the high of joining together. “Round two?” He smiled as he carried her over to his bed. “Okay.” Mia agreed easily as she waited for him to join her.

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