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Chapter 18: Jungle biome- Bunker under walled city

It took most of the morning to dig out all of the people who’d been trapped by rubble during the beasts attack. With every crushed body they uncovered Terras anger steadily grew. It was one thing to attack their border towns. The people who lived there expected to be attacked and as a result they trained every person how to fight and defend themselves. An attack on the walled city was another thing,half of the population did not know how to fight or defend themselves. They did not sign up to put their lives on the line for their biome and they shouldn’t have to if that was their choice. Innocent people, innocent children had been killed in the attack that tyler sprung on the city.Whether it was from the rubble or a direct attack from the beast. It was Tyler’s doing since he was the leader of the desert biome, It was directly his fault. His doing. For that she could not forgive him. “Are you hungry?” Dexter voice broke her out of her trance. She looked up at him in surprise she must have gotten lost in thought. They were in the underground bunker. Since the threat that Tyler delivered earlier the whole city has been on high alert and everyone had been moved underground until the city had been rebuilt and they could defend themselves better. She’d gotten a room with dexter and because the bunker was so big that every bed was not needed. Daniel had disappeared after the battle earlier and she hadn’t seen him since. She knew he was alive but wasn’t sure how things were between them after his sexist comments earlier. She smiled at dexter and nodded her head. “Yeah sure I could eat.It’s crazy that the president still wants us to go out on that mission even in the midst of all this mayhem. We are needed here to help rebuild.” He sat on the bed next to her and took her hands in his. “I feel that we need to go outside of our biome in order to discover the truth about what’s been going on.This is our home but if we are being lead by a man who is leading us into a war so he can take control of all of other biomes we need to know.” Terra looked down at their joined hands while she thought it over. She thought about the feelings that swirled through her when she saw the city burning. When she saw that small child who reminded her so much of her own kid brother, who wasn’t much of a child anymore. “Yeah you’re right.” He smiled at her and gently pulled her to her feet. “Come on let’s go get some rations.” Terra couldn’t help the smile that appeared on her face as she gazed up at him. “Okay.” she agreed easily as she followed him out of the door of the room

They came walked into the main cavern of the bunker and made a beeline for the ration line. During the hours they’d been gone picnic tables had been set up throughout the main cavern. It was already a long line. Since they had everyone move into the bunker they were only using the rations until everything above ground was rebuild and safe again from the general public. Terra looked around searching for the little boy she’d seen earlier. He was nowhere to be found. She hoped that he found his family. The line moved quickly and they soon had their rations in their hands. Dexter grabbed her hand and gently pulled her towards their room. Before they got there a loud voice cut through the hundreds of voices muttering among themselves. “My fellow jungle dwellers I come to you tonight with pain in my heart and a fire in my soul. The desert biome has dared to attack our home then laugh at our pain. It is unacceptable and we will not stand for this insult. We will strike back against them. We will hit them harder than they have hit us! Our very own hunters Dexter and Terra are going out and risking their lives to protect our home. To protect OUR biome!” He nodded to Terra and Dexter where they stood with their interlocked. The crowd around them parted and everyone started cheering for them. Thankfully after a moment the president commanded everyone’s attention again. “I just ask you to stay strong while we rebuild our home. In this time we need to band together and depend on each other. Have a good night everyone.” Then he turned and walked towards his room. The crowd started slowly dispersing,and one person stood out from the crowd. Daniel stood a few feet away glaring at them with his arms crossed. Terra met his gaze then took a step away from the hostility in his gaze. Dexter noticed her movement and looked up to meet Daniel’s gaze. He moved slightly in front of terra blocking her from Daniel’s view as he mirrored Daniel’s pose. After a moment he relaxed and turned back toward Terra she could see that Daniel was gone. “Let’s get some sleep, we need to rest up tomorrow because we have a long trip in front of us.” He took her hand again and led her to their room. He let her go through first then followed her and locked the door behind them. She went to her bed and say down on it. She begin to pull off her shoes and her clothing. It still had ashes all over it and she didn’t want to sleep in them. Tomorrow she would go get some clean clothes but as for now she would make due. She didn’t realize the ramifications of this action until dexter also started pulling off his clothes beside her. He noticed her wide eyes gaze. “Don’t worry I’m not going to try anything. My clothes are dirty too.” Terra chuckled awkwardly as she got under the covers on her bed. “I’m not feeling hunger actually , I’ll just save my rations for tomorrow.” “That’s fine,I’ll do the same.” He replied easily as he removed the last of his clothing. She wasn’t surprised when he got into the bed with her and pulled her into an embrace. It was how they usually slept when they would spend the night together at her apartment while she was still in the academy. “Sleep Terra. You are safe with my here. I promise.” He kissed her cheek and pulled her closer against him. She closed her eyes and let sleep take her.

Terra woke up early the next morning ready to go and rebuild the city but once she ventured into the cavern the president saw her and immediately told her to go rest up because she had a bigger part to play in the coming days. So she was given enough rations for the day for her and dexter along with a sly wink and a nudge towards her room door. She came back through the door just as dexter roused from his sleep. He sat in bed and took in her bewildered facial expression and the handful of rations she had in her hand and let out a hearty laugh. “I could have told you how seriously he takes the resting period before mission. Would have saved you a trip honestly.” Terra sighed and placed the rations on to the table,before removing her dirty clothing once again. She was annoyed that she hadn’t had the opportunity to get clean clothes. “Hey don’t make that face. We can use this time to relax and rest up.” he patted the space next to him on the bed and Terra’s gaze went to his naked chest. She always thought he was lanky with slim muscles but he was currently proving her wrong. He was extremely muscular and toned everywhere with the addition of broad shoulders beautifully complemented by ripped corded arms. She couldn’t tear her gaze away and she wondered why she’d never asked him to take his shirt off before. She’d been missing out. She heard a chuckle and realized she’d been staring at his chest very obviously for a few minutes now. “Feel free to enjoy the show all day.Although I would have to ask that you give me the opportunity to do the same.” Dexters husky voice sent a thrill racing through her. She knew she would usually back away or change the subject but for the first time she found out she didn’t want to. She met his amused gaze with one of her own as she dropped the last of her clothing on the ground and took a small step towards the bed. His gaze fell to her bare legs and she could feel them burning a path across her skin. He shifted from the middle of the bed to the edge and opened his arms to her. The admiration in his face gave her the confidence to continue taking baby steps towards him until she stood at the edge of the bed. Once she was close enough he wrapped her in his arms. She jumped from the shock of electricity that jumped from his skin to hers where there was contact. His thumbs traced a circular pattern on her back more causing tingles raced up her skin and she longed to touch him as well. So she reached out and lightly traced a path across his broad shoulders. He hissed from the contact and his brown eyes were scalding.The intensity between them rose. He stood up and and pulled her body completely against his. Terra glanced up at him and raised her hand to stroke his face. Their gazes met and Terra could feel a shift in the air. Something was different about this heat between them. As she stood there transfixed she tried to figure out why. Maybe it was the aftereffects from everything in her life completely rearranging itself while Dexter remained steady, and constant. He was her rock throughout all of the craziness. Her protector whenever anyone or thing threatened her. His vulnerability that he only let show when he was with her. He’d been her everything for years now, not in a physical way but looking at him now she thought maybe he could be. If she let him. She watched as he slowly lowered his lips to meet hers. She could feel her heart frantically beating in her chest and the hairs on her arms sticking up. Every fiber of her being craved his kiss,craved his touch. His lips met hers ,kissing him was like kissing a live wire and she never wanted to stop. She gasped into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck. She was desperate to feel more of him right away. She felt the shivers from his kiss dance down her spine. He met her passion head on by grabbing her around the waist and tossing her on the bed behind him. She laughed in surprise but her laugh cut off when he quickly followed and rose above her with a look she’d never seen before in his eyes. A look she didn’t recognize flared in his eyes as he lowered his mouth to her neck and lightly kissed her there. The seasation jolted through her insanely cultivating heat in unexplored places. She could hear her breathing getting embarrassing loud but he didn’t seem to notice, He kissed a trail from the side of her neck to her lips. He left a trail of fire everywhere his kisses landed. Terra was so caught up in his kisses that she didn’t notice his hand moving until it made contact with her thigh. He drew her leg up and around his waist,she quickly added her other leg finding herself completely entwined with him and loving it.His core pressed against her own as he continued to caress her skin with his mouth and hands. She felt like an inferno cresending into a fever pitch as she writhed under him. He felt amazing,she couldn’t think straight,she could barely breathe.

“Are you sure about this?” He muttered huskily against her mouth.

“Yes!” Terra answered immediately, she needed more from him. She needed everything. “Please!” She gasped as his hand found her inner thigh. She let out a low moan and arched her back as his fingers found her center. “Dexter!” She gasped his name as sensations she’d never experienced before coursed through her. “Please,please.please.” Terra chanted repeatedly not really knowing what it was she was asking for.

“Shush, I got you.” Dexters eyes danced with lust as he watched her unravel beneath him. “I’ve wanted to see you like this for years. Everytime I would stay the night I wanted you under me moving just like this. Sighing my name and begging me for more.” As he spoke his fingers danced faster across her center and she lost the ability to think clearly. He languished kisses across her chest fanning the inferno inside her into a fever pitch.

“Kiss me, please.” Terra whispered,unable to think of anything else she wanted more in that moment. He easily obliged and kissed her passionately, pouring all of the pent up lust he had for her into it. Their kiss deepened and he stopped stroking her center momentarily. Terra whimpered into his mouth in protest. He reached down and slowly slide off her panties leaving her completely naked from the waist down. Dexter then slowly kissed his way down her body until he kissed her there. She felt a pulsing building inside her every time he kissed her . The inferno that had been building inside her imploded and she saw stars. “Dexter,oh my god!” She gasped as she came down from the amazing sensation. She felt a final shudder go through her body then she went limp. Dexter chuckled and rose up from between her legs.

“Are you okay?” he questioned gently.

Terra laughed and said the only thing she could at that moment. “Wow.” she replied breathlessly. “Ready for more?” he asked sexily.

Terra eagerly nodded her head. “Yes,please.” She felt something solid pressing at her center. She looked down in surprise. “I want to see you too.” She pleaded breathlessly.

“We have all day. You will I promise.” He answered as his eyes blazed hotter than she’d ever seen before. “I need to be inside you right now Terra. Please say yes.” His eyes pleaded with her. Terra already knew what she was going to say before he even asked. “Yes.” A moment after her consent she felt him plunge into her. She gasped and arched her back as she became overwhelmed by the feel of him. “Dexter!” Terra found herself gasping and keening his name. “You are so beautiful.” He gasped as he moved above her. He leaned down and kissed her fervidly adding more sensation to the ones she was already experiencing. It was too much and she felt the pulsing build inside her again, it grew in sync with dexters motions. She closed her eyes as the sensations crested into her once. A sound she didn’t recognize escaped from her and she felt herself go limp once more as it washed over her.

“Hey eyes on me baby. Stay in this moment with me. Know who is making you unravel and implode. This right here is how it should be always.” His brown eyes blazed as he stared into her wide ones.Terra couldn’t answer verbally.she was already too far gone. So instead she reached for him and pulled him to her and kissed him with a gentleness that conveyed everything she couldn’t verbalize in that moment.

“What the hell is he smoking?” Mia asked jordan in disbelief.

“I’m starting to question if we are actually doing what’s best for our home. Before when he told us to go meet with the other biomes and take them over if necessary it felt different. It was because we were trying to find allies to defend ourselves if the desert biome came knocking. Well they still did and even with the blizzard and cave biome here our city was still destroyed. Did you hear what that man said? We are the ones trying to take over. Not the desert biome.”

Jordan silently held her hand as he thought for a moment. “I think that maybe you are right. He’s trying to amass his army so that he can take over not only the desert biome but every single biome.”

“I think we should talk to the others about this before we make any decisions. If the others share our suspicions we need to do something about this. The president used us all to make connections with the other biomes he doesn’t have any connections himself. He thinks that he’s in control of everything but he’s not. We are.”

Later that day Mia walked through the rubble of the city. Since her conversation with Jordan earlier she’d been anxious to talk to the rest of the hunters who went out to talk to the other biomes. They’d only run across deon and he agreed with them immediately. Now they only had to speak with chris but Jordan was against it. Since chris was the president’s right hand man it might be a problem. She looked over at him now. They’d been clearing rubble all day and helping recover bodies. With the majority of the the city destroyed it was a lot of work even with the hundreds of people they had helping.

“You know who we need to talk to?” Mia stopped suddenly and turned to jordan. “We need to talk to Terra. The president is clearly deluded and believes that he’s doing all of this for her. Shouldn’t she know about it? He said that he was going to send her to get rid of the aquatic biome leader. She doesn’t know what we’ve been doing , she doesn’t know that he’s corrupted beyond belief.”

“You know that’s actually a good idea.” Jordan sounded shocked.

Mia punched him in the arm. “Why do you sound so shocked? I do have good ideas you know.”

“Yeah,yeah. I haven’t seen her around today. We will have to stay try to talk to her once she comes out of her room.” Jordan mused.

“And then what?”

“Then we take the people that we have talked to already and we leave.”

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