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Chapter 20

Mia knocked on the door of the bunker that led to the room that Terra and Dexter shared. She wanted Jordan with her but figured it would be best if she spoke to Terra alone. She waited a moment then knocked again. Still no one came. She glanced around at the crowd passing her to see if anyone was watching her before she turned the door handle and entered the room. It was apparent from the half made made and lack of occupants that they were gone. “Dammit!” Mia exclaimed angrily as she turned and headed for the door of the room again. She had to tell jordan. This wasn’t good.

Dexter rode directly behind Terra through the jungle. They’d left the city early that morning. Terra didn’t want to risk running into the president again and he just wanted her as far away from Daniel as possible.

When they emerged from the tunnel of the bunker Dexter had felt his heart drastically plummet to his feet as he once again saw the destruction of his home. He’d grown up here and even though his own family lived far in the jungle he still saw this place as his home. To see the buildings completely destroyed and fire blackened was a truly painful experience. The possibility that the president might have been the reason it was all destroyed was one of the driving factors behind his decision to leave to go find out the truth They were hoping that the leader of the aquatic biome would talk with them first because they didn’t want to kill unessacrily. However the likelihood of that was low. Dexter honestly had been eager to explore the other biomes with Terra eventually. Even though they were not headed on a pleasure trip it would still be nice to see another biome with terra by his side. As his gaze touched her she turned her head towards him as if he’d spoken her name out loud. He stared at her as she shook her head and rolled her eyes at him. She’d been teasing him about staring at her with a dopey look on his face since they’d made love. He couldn’t help it and honestly didn’t want to. He didn’t care if the entire world knew he loved her.

She was his other half. His gaze fell to her wrists were dark bruises encircled her wrists and he felt his fists clench in response. When he walked into her apartment and saw Daniel with his hands on her he wanted to rip them off. He only just stopped himself from killing him because Terras cries broke through his vengeful haze. He still wasn’t sure if she was okay, she’d believed that he was her only connection to the past that she’d lost. Dexter had heard some of what Daniel would promise her when he thought they were alone. How he would promise to give her a family again and how they would grow old together. Those were all things that Dexter hadn’t known that Terra wanted. She always came off as self sufficient as if she was enough by herself. Looking back now it was all so obvious and he felt like such an idiot for not seeing it. He hated Daniel but was glad that he learned about a different side of Terra he didn’t know before because of him.

Terra turned back towards the front and focused on their surroundings again. He knew that she was wary of being attacked by a beast. Since it was only two of them and visibility was low they would come off as easy targets to whatever stalked them in the night. So far they’d been lucky but luck only held for so long. They needed to stop in a few hours before they crossed into the aquatic biome. They hadn’t done much talking last night and this morning terra jumped out of bed like she was on fire and rushed him out of the door.

“Hey are you okay?” Dexter asked as he drew his horse up beside hers. She glanced over him and he was momentarily distracted as her eyes pinned him. “Yeah. I just. I don’t know about killing the leader of the aquatic biome. I’ve been thinking and i’m pretty sure the president isn’t telling us the whole story. Sending us to kill someone is extreme. Its something wrong with him!” Terra suddenly stopped her horse. “ Its something wrong with us for even going to the aquatic biome in the first place. What are we doing?”

Dexter stopped his horse beside her and turned to look at her. “If we are going to figure out what happened we need to speak to someone who hasn’t been touched by the presidents corruption.”

She shot an annoyed look at him before nodding her head in consent. “I guess you have a point.” She acknowledged softly.

“ We do need to figure out a plan before we cross over into the next biome.” Dexter reminded her.

“We will. Let’s get to the border first then we will make camp and figure it out. If it’s okay with you i would prefer to keep riding hard throughout this day so we can reach the border by nightfall hopefully.”

Dexter scoffed. “ You know the border is three days away. We would need to fly in order to get there by nightfall. Relax. We aren’t in a rush. The president has not directly harmed the city yet. Indirectly however... maybe we do need to hurry a bit.”

Terra smirked at him in amusement as she rolled her eyes before she turned and spurred her horse forward once again.

“You better hurry up or i’ll leave you.” Terra called over her shoulder as she raced away.

Dexter laughed as he raced after her smiling as he went.

Mia burst into jordan’s room slamming the door against the wall as she entered. Jordan responded automatically by jumping up from his bed with a knife in his hand. Mia heard a thud and looked down to see a half dressed girl sitting on the floor with a bewerield expression on her face. “It’s just me.” Mia said as she looked at jordan and noticed his undone pants and lack of a shirt. “ Sorry for the interruption. Terra and Dexter are gone. We missed them and now they are probably going to throw the whole damn world into a war!” Mia exclaimed. Jordan stared at her with wide eyes for a moment before turning to the girl and extending a hand to help her up off of the ground. “ So you have to go. I’ll try to catch up with you later. If I don’t... it’s been fun.” He handed her her discarded shirt and gently stirred her towards the door as he talked. He closed the door behind her and turned to mia again.

“I thought they weren’t supposed to leave until tonight.”

“That’s what dean said earlier.” Mia sighed as she sat on the edge of his bed.

“So what now? We were supposed to catch them before they left so we can explain what’s going on and convince her to help us.” Jordan asked.

“ Well we know that we need to speak to the leaders of the other biomes. So that means the cave,blizzard and swamp since the aquatic and desert biomes are out for obvious reasons. I’d rather wait until we link up with terra before we go to the swamp biome. I hear they are fierce warriors than the cave biome.”

“ I think we need to go back to the cave biome first before we decide anything else. We can send deon to the blizzard biome to meet up with caden and explain everything. Honestly we will know if the biomes go to war from the cave biome and if somehow terra doesn’t kill the leader of the aquatic biome we will just have to go find her ourselves.” Jordan explained.

“ Do you think the rest of the blizzard and cave biome troops will leave as well? They have no reason to trust us.” Mia asked worriedly.

“They seemed ready to leave as soon as they got here. So yeah i’m pretty sure.” Jordan laughed lightly as he responded.

“ We should collect everyone and get going. The more time we have to organize everyone the better.” Mia stood and waited as he tugged on his shirt and gear before heading to the door of the room.

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