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Chapter 3: Jungle biome: walled city

Terra walked out of the bathroom and ran directly into Dexter’s chest. She almost fell over but he caught her in his arms. His scent hit her first. He always smelled of a sharp spicy scent that she could never manage to identify but it smelled wonderful. “Woah. My apologies Terra I didn’t realize you were coming out of the shower already I was just getting a clean shirt because mine is gross. “ He released her and backed up to give her space. “Oh! Okay. Well if you feel up to it I was thinking we could go out to the bar tonight. We could dance and have a good time.” Terra moved to her closet and pulled it open as she she looked through her clothing. She was thinking something short and tight tonight . “Whatever you want Terra as long as we spend time together I’m good.”

She heard the rustle of cloth against skin and assumed he was changing his shirt. “I really want to blow off some steam. Maybe i’ll even take a page out of your book and find someone to help me get rid of some stress.” Terra laughed and pulled out a short black dress. She turned to find Dexter staring at her with his mouth open. She crossed over to him and gently pushed it closed for me. Then went around him to pull out a matching pair of underwear. “ Can you go to the living room so I can change? I’ll be out in a moment.” Dexter moved towards the door then stopped on the threshold and turned. “You know you can always use me to blow off some stress right?” Then turned and walked out the door shutting it behind him.

Terra’s body strummed with a magnetic energy as she swayed with the crowd in the club.The music was so loud that it seemed to dance across her skin. It was packed wall to wall with newly minted hunters and some of the younger crowd from within the city. Alcohol was freely flowing and Terra was slightly intoxicated. A sense of recklessness flowed throughout the air making inhibitions practically nonexistent. The excitement,love and lust in the air all created a heady cocktail that Terra was inebriated on. Strobe lights lit up the room for 10 seconds spurts at a time so that the effect was everyone moving in slow motion around her. She was dancing like it was her last night alive. The music was a drug that brought her higher, higher until her mind buzzed with pure joy. She accepted another shot from a passing waitress and continued to lose herself in the music. As she moved her short black dress slowly worked its way up her thighs offering a tempting view for anyone who’s eyes were on her when the lights flashed ; making her feel even more intoxicated as arousal flared within her. Once more the lights hit up the small space and she noticed a man watching her with interest in his eyes.

He looked vaguely familiar but she couldn’t place him. She smiled at him anyway having no room for worry in her drunken state ;she continued to twist and wiggle to the beat. She smirked when he started making his way to her through the crowd. When he was close enough she swayed towards him and threw her hands around his neck and pulled his mouth to hers. It started as gentle kiss but as the beat of the music sped up and the energy level in the room skyrocketed it turned into a intense embrace. He was pushing her back through the crowd until she felt her back hit the wall of the club. He growled into her mouth and pulled her to him tighter as their kiss deepened . Terra hadn’t kissed anyone since Daniel. And she honestly couldn’t remember why she ever stopped kissing men. This feeling of being wanted,the electricity , the sultry passion made her want more than a kiss from this man. They moved their hips together and grinded against each other . He moved his kisses to her neck and his deep heavy breathing in her ear sent arousal zinging through her body.

“Want to get out of here ?” He asked as he continued to press hot kisses to her neck. Terra nodded and he grabbed her hand and pulled her through the crowd towards the door. They burst outside and Terra leaned against him for support as she walked through the door. When the cooler air hit her skin she felt the haze caused from drinking and lust begin to clear. She pulled away from the man who she was finally getting a good look at and realized who he was. “Daniel?” Terra exclaimed in shock feeling incredibly sober in that moment. “Terra?” She heard Dexter’s voice and realized he must be looking for her. She wanted to turn and wave him down but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the boy she’d loved as a teenager. His piercing blue eyes watched her reaction to him then he smiled at her.

“ Long time no see Terra. You never come around anymore . I had to come and find you instead.” Terra stared at him in disbelief for a moment then started laughing so hard that she had to support herself on the nearest wall to keep from falling over. “What? Are you delusional ?” She burst out laughing again just as Dexter reached her. His eyes took in her rumpled appearance and drunken laughter and he wrapped his arms around her waist and started to lead her back to her apartment completely ignoring Daniel. “Hey get your hands off of her!” Daniel’s voice rang out loudly behind them but Dexter just kept moving. Terra laughed harder at the fact that he thought he had a claim over her. Dexter suddenly stopped walking and told her to lean against the wall of the club and wait for him then turned back to face Daniel.

“And you are?” he asked lazily sounding bored with this whole situation already.

“ I’m Daniel and she’s my responsibility.” He proudly proclaimed causing Terra to laugh even harder. Her stomach was beginning to hurt from laughing too hard. Dexter smirked at Daniel’s statement as well.

“ Yeahhhhh I’m gonna have to stop you there. Terra is my responsibility. And not because I just want to hook up with her unlike some people.” He shot Daniel a look that clearly specified who he was talking about.

“ We grew up together she belongs with me. It’s none of your business what happens between us.” Daniel shot back.

At the mention of her childhood Terra’s laughter abruptly stopped. “Dexter can you take me home please? I’m sure we will see Daniel another day.” Dexter smirked at Daniel as he turned to go.

The moment Dexter looked away Daniel lunged and landed a punch to his jaw. Terra’s mouth dropped open. Direct combat of any kind was prohibited inside city walls. It was automatic jail time. She had to stop this fight before Dexter swung back because he would end up in jail too. It was no need for her to move however ; at the first sign of a physical fight the bouncer from the door of the club came over and restrained Daniel immediately. A crowd quickly built because fights were so rare within the city because no one was dumb enough to actually break the law. A minor infraction was two weeks in a jail cell. It just wasn’t worth it.

To everyone’s surprise Daniel didn’t struggle as he was arrested he just stared at Terra as he was led away. Terra stared back eyes wide and completely sober. What the hell just happened? She thought in disbelief. Dexter turned to her with questions in his eyes. “I’m going home.” She said softly not sure what type of mood he was in. “I’ll take you.” He automatically responded. Terra breathed a sigh of relief. She’d never felt unsafe inside the city but tonight had been too bizarre. They walked in silence; the whole time Terra was wondering how her night of fun turned into a blast from the past. When they reached her apartment she unlocked the door and made a beeline for her bed peeling off her dress as she went. “Are you okay?” She asked him once she was underneath her covers and relaxed. “I’m fine. It’s you I’m worried about.” Dexter replied as his gaze pinned her to the bed. “Ugh can we talk about it tomorrow? I just want to sleep.” She yawned and curled up in a ball. “Yeah sure. “ He agreed easily. “You can stay if you want .” She whispered as she fell into a deep sleep.

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