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Teivel : The Dragon

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With a 9 month time limit the adventure'ers must defeat the Mighty dragon Teivel and return. to collect their rewards, Will Felicity turn good or use her powers for evil. Will she find love... Or not.

Adventure / Fantasy
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The Beginning

Hello my names Felicity Johnson. My real name is Maximum but I’ve taken my mothers name anyways I am the wizard. I guess I should start at the beginning. There once were a Kingdom called Wicovia. That was my home, until it was destroyed along with hundreds of other people that were there. I am the princess, Princess Felicity. I’ve always liked that name mostly because my mom liked that name… before she died before Ralark. It was peaceful at one time. When my parents King David and Queen Felicity we're alive. Now it’s just my brother and I and our friends. My brother ended up marrying Princess Lily and now their King Michael and Queen Lily. Now I’m just the head of their guard That couldn't save the love of her life. Anyways I loved going out to see the villages they were so much fun. When mom died I had to step up and, practically, rule the kingdom. I took my mothers name after she died. Anyways after mom died dad (David) never let me out of the palace. Michael left but I never did. I was always stuck there all I really had ever wanted was an adventure at least when I was younger. When mom died I was 17 and Mikey was 15. After that dad gave up on trying to run the kingdom and didn’t really understand me and what I did. After a while dad let me go into town by myself. I went into town and met two guys Jacob and Nick at a talent show both were fairly cute but something drew me to Jacob. Little did I know Jacob just wanted to “kill” me but what I didn’t understand back then was the only thing keeping me alive were my powers that I did not understand. Nick finally opened my eyes and told me what was going on. I told Mikey but he didn’t believe me I was the most responsible so I would be the heir to the throne so it kinda made sense why I would be targeted to kill. Little did I know at the time I was going to become the most powerful wizard of all time. One day Jacob got tired of the stupid murder attempts and finally just rushed me with a knife. Little did tat idiot know I had that planned I let him rush me. After a few minutes I got the knife out of his hands and stabbed him then had him arrested, If you ask me he’s lucky to be alive. I got out of there with a long scar that started on my forearm and ended at my wrist. Jacob on the other hand fortunately he got out with a broken arm, wrist, check bone, I “ accidently ”broke his face in 3 different places. After that Mikey, Nick, and I were out shopping. I took Mikey shopping but since the whole Jacob thing Nick has never left my side. Anyways we were walking along the stores when we saw a shop that shouldn’t have been there. “ Hey guys should that store be there? ” I asked. “ Hmm,” Mikey said “ I believe not unless dad just said yes for a random reason.” We looked at it for a few more minutes and decided to go in. The bell rang letting the owner know we were there and we walked up to the front desk. “ Hello what can I get for you today?” The strange man asked. “ Umm what do you have?” I asked “ We have adventures, clothing, weapons, staffs.” The man replied. “ Are you supposed to be here do you have permission from the king, prince, or Princess to set up shop here.” Nick asked. “ I was not aware that we needed permission to open a shop here.” The man replied. “ Nick that’s very rude or at least your tone of voice is. Excuse me Mr.?” I asked “ Telots, Mr. Telots.” he replied “ Mr. Telots do you have a blank piece of paper of some sort?” I asked “ Yes here you are madam.” Telots replied “ Thanks ” I replied. I wrote on the piece of paper “ On this day 5/11/01 I Princess Felicity Smoke Johnson allow’s this shop to stay open throughout the year. ” I wrote after glaring at Nick for a minute I handed the paper over. “ Here you are sir not that you would really need it . ” I said “ Now we would like everything please. ” “ Of Course we must start with a contract I’m afraid because there is a risk of you dying we must have you sign a contract. ” Mr. Telots told us. “ Of course ” I said as he handed us each a paper. And said “ Sign here please? ” and pointed to two spaces at the bottom of the page. “ and there’s more on the next few pages. ” I put F.S.J. for Felicity smoke Johnson 5/11/01. Mikey put M.T.J for Michael Taylor Johnson. “ There you are sir. ” I said. “ Uhh Nick will not be joining us I presume. ” Nick nodded “ Then make yourself useful and go back to the castle and do your duties there. ” I told him and with a small bow he left us to work. Mr. Telots nodded for us to follow him into the back room. Telots grabbed a change of clothes for Mikey and I and “ Changing rooms are right there ” Telots said pointing to curtains “ You can change there. ” Mikey and I walked into the room and closed the curtains. I took off my light blue V-neck shirt and kept my dark blue tank top on. I put on a red Chinese wrap shirt and red pair of boot cut jeans with Chinese drawn all over them, The jeans were tight on my thighs and loose past my knees. I got awesome red high heels that were only a few inches high then walked out to find a lady standing there “ Turn around “ she said I turned around and she put my hair in a bun, but instead of using a hair tie she put knives through it… and It stayed up! After she was done I went to find Mikey to see what he looked like. When I walked out I saw Mikey standing by a window waiting for me. “ What are you looking at? ” I asked startling him. He turned around and looked at me “ Nothing you look different. ” He said “ Yeah your telling me I walked out and a lady told me to turn around and then did this to my hair! She put knives through my hair! This is not funny Michael.” I yelled “ Your right its not. ” he said trying not to laugh. After a minute he busted out laughing “ But who am I kidding that’s hilarious. ” I punched him right before Telots came through the door. Telots came through the door with someone else “ Michael and Felicity this is Mesatopia he likes to be called Oz though. ” Telots said. “ Nice to meet you ” I said “ I’m Felicity this is my brother Michael. ” “ Nice to meet you ” Oz said “ please sit I would like to offer you an adventure, Telots has told me that your looking for an adventure so here’s an adventure it includes a dragon a very dangerous dragon named Ralark. He lives far away in a land called Stone wolf. Each of you will 25,000 Gold pieces and 10 % of whatever’s in the dragon lair. I have a contract for you both if your going. ” Mikey and I got papers and signed them with just our initials F.S.J and M.T.J. “ Here you are. ” I said “ Umm we’d like to know how many others are going to be on this adventure . ” “ I would say about…” Oz said “ 8 people total. Including us 3. Now let us go buy your weapons I see you’ve already got your outfits for free I presume? ” “ Yes ” Telots stuttered “ Of Course but weapons and shields must be paid for and I’m afraid they do not have the correct payment. ” “ Nonsense ” Oz said “ I’ll buy them. ” “ Thank you Oz but we don’t need you to do that. ” I said “ It’s clearly necessary. ” Oz said “ I will buy them and that’s said for. ” I nodded my head because fighting would be useless. “ Now lets look at weapons. ” Oz said walking down the sword isle… apparently they have an isle for everything. While we were walking down the isle I touched the tip of a very sharp blade. “ Ow ” I whispered, I looked at it and wiped the blood off it and guess what I didn’t even have a cut just a little wound that had closed “ What? ” I asked myself “ Felicity ” Mikey said, I turned around “ Come on ” I whispered sorry and watched as mikey got a sword. “ Ahhh ” Oz said “ Try the other sword. let’s look at others. We’ll come back if we don’t find another. ” “ NO ” I said startling them “ That’s the sword it fits Mike perfectly. ” Oz looked at me weird “ Hey Telots get Siron down here please. “ He said “ Who’s Siron. ” I asked Oz sighed and said “ You’ll see lets just hope I’m right. ” We walked down the isles until we got to the wizard staff isle. There was just something drawing me to one of those staffs. “ Hey guys I’ll meet you by the armor isle. ” I said “ Ok ” Mikey said walking towards the chest plate isle. I walked down the isle until I saw a Silver staff with Gold snakes wrapped around it. “ Ahh ” A man said looking at me and the staff “ I see what Oz was talking about You my friend are a wizard. ” “ And you, my friend, are crazy. Have a nice day. ” I said walking past him. On my way through he caught my arm I instantly thought let go and the man stumbled back “ Your more powerful than I anticipated. That’s ok I guess I should introduce myself I am Siron. ” He said “ You’re the man Oz wanted me to see. ” I said “ Indeed young girl and you know that staff in your hand… That’s the staff of Life… and death. You chose what people deserve and you either forgive or you kill. I mean dragons of course need to be killed but with you on the team it’ll be faster. That staff you’ve got also speed’s time up or slows it down. You chose good or evil. Your choice but choose wisely. ” Sirion said I walked away to find Mikey and Oz standing in the sword isle “ I need to let my father know we’ll be gone for awhile so I will go to the castle you guys stalk up on food and water. Mikey I believe has money here but just in case well meet up and Birk’s wildlife shop. ” I said They nodded their heads and left I followed them out and we went our separate ways. I walked past many couples and married folks with their children. I had my Chinese cloths on and heard everybody whispering “ Is that the Princess so to be Queen of the kingdom. ” I ignored them and as people split I saw my father and Nick with the royal guard standing and sitting on horses. “ Felicity There you are we’ve been looking everywhere for you. ” My father said “ Where’s your brother, never mind You take your section and find the prince. Felicity get on Max ” Just in case you guys didn’t understand Max is my horse It was named after me. I said “Actually, Dad I came to tell you that… ” “ Felicity Smoke Johnson get on your horse I’m taking you home NOW. ” My dad rudely interrupted. I sighed and got on Max. We rode toward the Castle there was only a single door and everybody had to put in their password, Dad’s was Michael, Nick’s was True Love, and mine well I went the easier route, mine the Johnsons. I walked, Well I should say galloped, towards the barn for Max. I got there and realized to late that Jacob was working I got off Max and handed him the ropes “ You know C ” Jacob said, He still sadly call’s me C from when we dated. “ If you dressed like that more I’d still date you. ” “ You know Jake I’d still date you if you hadn’t tried to kill me but we all have our regrets. ” I said “ I have no regrets ” Jacob said “ You stole my best friend and turned him against me. ” “ I didn’t turn him against you, ” I told him “ You turned him against yourself by trying to kill me. ” I started to walk away but he grabbed my arm “ Jacob!! Get your arm off her ” Nick yelled running towards us. I held out my hand out to stop him “ You know what I am ” I asked, Jake nodded “ Then you can feel the magic pumping through my veins. You know I can choose to either kill you or hurt you. Unless you move your hand your going to get hurt. ” “ You have no power over me. ” Jacob said “ You can only choose and Mal’ Shay is evil if I don’t return to her in 2 weeks she’s coming here and she will kill you all.” I lost control and didn’t realize what I was doing before I could stop myself he was in the air. “ Who is Mal’ Shay and what does she want with me. ” I asked “ Oh ” Jacob said “ She doesn’t want you. She wants Mike, You see Before I realized you were the wizard I thought, hmm Mikey must be the wizard he’s irresponsible, disrespectful, and dumb. But you, you were the exact opposite you were Responsible, respectful, and smart. You concealed your powers like a genius would. So I told Mal’ Shay that Mikey was the wizard and now you all are going to have a death warrant. So if I were you I’d run and never come back. You’ll be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life because of it. ” Jacob started gasping for air. “ Felicity ” Someone said putting their hand on my shoulder. My reflexes took over and he was in the air. “ I can’t control it. ” I said. “ I know ” Siron said “ I am truly sorry. ” And then everything went black.

“ Thank you Scarlett,” I said “ Now shall we begin.” She nodded and Thayne launched at me. I side stepped and threw my hand up he froze then started moving again. “ You need to concentrate more Felicity.” Scarlett said “ Yeah I’m sure,” I yelled back “ Cause when I'm fighting I'm going to want to concentrate on my powers instead of not dying. Cause that makes so much sense.” Scarlett chuckled and shook her head. Finally I threw out my hand and concentrated. I didn’t hear anything for a minute so I turned my head back towards Thayne and he was frozen… in mid-air. “ Ok,” Scarlett said “ Now release him.” “ And How exactly do I do that? ” I asked Scarlett stared at me and said “ Lose your focus. Thayne needs some scars anyways.” I lost my focus and he dropped. After an hour of battling Thayne and Scarlett, they finally said that I was good enough for that day and we’d resume tomorrow, after we arrive to our next camp site. I walked inside and had Thayne and Scarlett in tow. Honestly if you ask me Thayne was pretty cute. I wondered if he liked me back, you know, not just as a friend. “ Max ” Mikey yelled. I turned and was picked up in this huge bear-hug. “ Mikey Can’t breathe ” I gasped as he set me down laughing. “ Hey ” I warned “ These heels hurt and so will the knives in my hair. Watch it Bro.” I woke up with a terrible headache. Getting up was horrible “ Guy’s She’s waking up ” I heard someone say. I groaned and sat up. I looked at the person who’s talked and didn’t recognize him. I flung my hand out and he was in the air. “ Who are you? ” I asked “ Thayne my name’s Thayne. ” He gasped and he dropped on the floor. Another girl came in with a Russian accent “ You need to calm down I am Scarlett this is my brother Thayne we’re part of this adventure as well. ” She said. I dropped my hand and sat down “ How long was I out? ” I asked “ About ” Scarlett said “ two day’s. ” I sighed “ You must rest your exhausting yourself by always using your powers.” They turned to leave “ Wait, Scarlett are you like me. A wizard.” I asked. “ They call males wizards or sometimes warlocks but we are called witch’s. And yes.” She said and walked out. I laid back down and fell asleep. “ How’s she doing Scarlett? Can I see her? ” Mikey asked “ Not yet Mike. She needs to rest. ” Scarlett said. “ Ok but when she wakes up and you give the ok I’m going in.” Mikey said. Scarlett walked towards Siron. “ She’s stable but Thayne. He almost died because of her.” Scarlett said “ You need to teach her to control it and fast. Thayne can travel in the speed of light. He’s very fast but Felicity almost killed him. Heck She would’ve if I wasn’t stronger than her.” Siron nodded and said “ I know but I’m not strong enough. She could kill me as well. You’re the only one alive that can stand her strength.” “ She’s dangerous Siron,” Scarlett said “ But I’m sure I can teach her to control it. I have to come with of course to help her control it but also for the safety return of these people. She can explode at any given moment.” Thayne walked over “ Your gonna teach her how to control her powers aren’t you Scar? ” Thayne asked “ Yes.” Scarlett said “ She’s highly dangerous and I can control her and it if I have to.” Thayne nodded “ I’m going to then. I can get people out if she’s going to explode.” Siron nodded and said “ I’ll tell Oz we’re bringing Abigail and her sister to.” Thayne nodded as Siron walked away “ There’s a weird connection between Felicity and I. I can’t understand it but I will soon enough let me help you train her?” Thayne asked “ Alright but when I tell you to leave you go.” Scar said “ Aw Scarlett you do care. ” Thayne said “ Well the connection between Felicity and I is like fate of us being together. I don’t know but I need to find out.” “ Let’s go she’s awake.” Scar said. I heard the door to my room open and turned around to see Thayne and Scarlett standing there. “ You ready to train? ” Scarlett asked. “ I was born ready. ” I said Walking over to the door. “ “ Felicity, ” Thayne said “ This way. We’re training out back.” “ Ok I guess.” I said. I followed him out back into a forest. “ Why are we training out here.” I asked “ Because,” Scar said “ I’m the only one strong enough to protect everyone in case you turn. Your powers are more, what’s the word, Advanced in your powers and could bring down an army. I on the other hand can stop you from hurting anyone including yourself.” I sighed He laughed and walked away I went over to the couch and sat there with Rudyard Kipling’s Poetry book. At around 11 or 11:30 I thought I’d just sleep on the couch. When I was done changing into my black tank-top and short shorts I walked over to the couch to find Thayne sitting there. “ Hey ” I said interrupting his thoughts. He smiled and said “ I thought I heard someone out here still. Shouldn’t you be sleeping.” I chuckled and said “ If you know me you know I have troubles sleeping at night.” I took a deep breath “ What about you? ” I asked “ Why are you out here so late.” “ Well that’s a long story. ” He said “ Well in case you couldn’t tell I have time.” I said. He smiled “ Well Night time is my favorite time. When the stars are out and shining bright. I love it like this. Especially with a girl at my side.” I smiled and chuckled a little “ Well, I’m going to bed.” I said “ Good-Night Thayne.” I got off the couch and started walking away. “ Good-Night Felicity.” He said staring at the stars. I walked into my room and laid down. I stared up at the ceiling for a minute, smiled at what had just happened and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning and walked down the stairs to find Oz, Siron, Scarlett, another girl with long blonde hair and brown eyes, and another girl with long brown hair and eyes. As soon as I walked into the room Scarlett and Siron turned around. “ Felicity how’d you sleep. ” Siron asked “ Good ” I said “ How about you guys.” “ Good ” Oz, Siron, and Scarlett said. “ Who’s this ” I asked as Mikey “ That ” Oz said pointing to the girl with blonde hair and brown eyes “ Is Abigail, and her sister Lily.” “ Nice to meet you I’m Felicity and this is my brother Michael.” I said hopefully as a nice greeting. “ Yes,” Abigail said “ We’ve heard much about you young wizard.” I stared at her “ and who from. If I may ask.” I said. “ Well,” Abigail said “ From Thyane and Scarlett and Oz.” I nodded as Thayne walked in the room “ Hey Sis, ” He said walking over to Scarlett. “ We training the newbie today. ” I rolled my eyes and said “ I hope not we need to get going. ” Scarlett shook her head as Oz said “ Yes I think that’d be best. ” Oz said “ Mal’Shay has probably located us already and we don’t want to be caught by her just yet. Felicity is still a danger to herself and others. She can practice on the road. Let’s hope she’ll be ready by then.” I nodded in agreement and Scarlett said “ Oh She’ll be ready. Now let’s pack up we need to get moving.” When everyone else was awake we started packing up and taking down our tents. When we got everything on the horses we got on and left for Cadeandra. Once we crossed the line from Wicovia to Cadeandra, we were greeted with sharp knives and spears demanding us to lay down our weapons. “ Peace,” I said “ We come in peace, We mean no harm on your people just permission to camp in your lands. We’ll be out my morning.” One of the soldiers eyed my staff. “ Yes it is true,” I said “ I am a wizard and there are several others on this adventure as well. We all come in peace we will not harm you. You have my word.” They nodded for us to follow them. Everyone but Scarlett and Siron looked at me. “ Let’s go guys they want us to follow them.” I went first and Siron was in the back and then Scarlett was in the middle. Thayne rode up next to me “ How did you do that? ” He asked “ Do what? ” I asked “ Speak their language. I know many languages but I don’t know theirs.” He said “ It must have been my powers translating their language for me.” I told him. He nodded and kept up with me throughout the walk. “ Hey Scarlett,” I said “ Can you talk to them my head hurts from translating.” Scarlett nodded and took the lead I fell back into the middle hoping I wouldn’t have to use magic anymore. We got to the palace steps when we were told to get off our horses and walk into the palace. As soon as the doors opened You saw a silver throne. We walked up and kneeled “ Rise” the queen said “ I am the Queen of Cadeandra, Queen Anne Hache. What is your business in my kingdom.” “ My Queen ” Scarlett said “ I am Princess Scarlett from Brightlake. We are just passing through. Let me introduce you to my friends This is Prince Thayne of Brightlake.” Scarlett said Pointing to Thayne “ This is Princess Felicity Johnson of Wicovia. She is also a wizard as am I,” She said pointing to me “ This is her brother Prince Michael Johnson of Wicovia as well.” She said pointing to Mikey. “ This Is Princess Abigail and Princess Lily from Silverdean.” She said pointing to Lily and Abbey. “ This is Mesatopia goes as Oz from Silverspell.” She also so said pointing to Oz. “ And the third wizard, my queen, is Siron of Icedale.” Scar said pointing at Siron “ So, ” Queen Anne said “ Most of you are siblings. ” Scarlett nodded “ And this will not be a problem for any of you.” We all shook our heads no. “ Than you may pass through our lands peacefully and camp for a total of two nights if you must but for tonight you will be sleeping in the castle in a big room that fits nine people. Rest well my prince and princesses for you must travel in the morning.” We all bowed again “ Thank you my queen.” Siron said as we were escorded away to our room. “ Princess Felicity will you stay for a moment? ” The queen asked. Thayne looked at me with a question on his face wondering if he should go. “ I don’t care Thayne either way. ” I looked at the Queen “ Of Course my queen.” I said as the room went spinning. “ But if I may my queen I do not feel strong enough having my powers translate for me, They are giving me a head-ache. ” “ Of Course Princess go sleep.” The Queen said I bowed and went to take a step but fell instead. Thayne walked over and stood me on my on my feet just as Mikey ran into the room and threw one of my arms over his shoulder. All I remember was waking up in a bed at 11:30 for the second night in my adventurers cloths ( My Chinese cloths ). I walked outside to my horse “ Hey girl. ” I said petting her “ You shouldn’t be out here your weak. ” Thayne said I spun around “ I know I just need to change. ” I said He nodded and walked to his horse. I reached behind my horse and grabbed my duffel bag from her side. “ Good Girl Shay. Good Girl I’ll see you tomorrow." I threw my bag over my shoulder and walked back inside, I went to the bathroom and changed into my normal bed time attire which is Short shorts and a White or black tank-top. I walked out of the bathroom and found Mikey looking out the window “ Mike, ” I said, he turned around “ Why are you up? ” He just looked at me and said “ How do we know we’ll go home alive I mean. ” “ Mike, ” I said “ We’re going home alive we just have to Rely on our team and ourselves. Then we can go home.” He nodded and went to the boy side of the room and I went to the women’s side. I bumped into Scarlett though on my way. “ Hey C, ” Scar said “ Don’t let Thayne down he has a lot of confidence in you.” I nodded and said I wouldn’t, and went to bed, Only to talk to the Queen the next day.

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