Teivel : The Dragon

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The Journey

I was the last person to get up, I walked out to the deck and looked out to the distance. " Hey your up." I heard Oz say " Yeah " I said, I turned around " Well," Oz said " We're geting ready to head to breakfast if you want to join us?" " Oh," I said " Yeah im just gonna go get ready." I walked past him to my bed, grabbed my bag and walked to the bathroom. I pulled out the knives from my bag and put them on the counter. I put my hair up in a ponytail and put the knives in it. I pulled out my royal robe's and put them on. Under my robes I wore a blue long sleeve shirt and blue boot cut jeans with chinese patterns. I put my heels on and walked out to meet everybody downstairs. When I walked in I instintly saw the Queen I bowed and took my place next to her. I looked around and saw Mikey and Siron weren't at the table. " Where's Michael and Siron? " I asked " Princess," Thayne said " They went to check the stables." I nodded and looked out the window. After a few minutes Queen Anne said " Perhaps you should eat Princess, You will need your strength." I nodded and grabbed some food. I ate fairly slow waiting for Mikey to appear. After a few minutes I cleared my throat and said " Mi lady if you'll forgive me but I must find my brother." She nodded as I got up and walked out. I found the door to the barn open, I walked in instantly saw Max. I walked over to her stall and looked in. I walked over to where Mikey's horse, Jay, was and saw him. So I walked over to where Sirons horse, Misty was, and found her. I walked through out the barn and couldn't find Siron or Mikey, But I did find Mikey's sword on the ground and found sign's of struggle all over the barn. I ran to the castle as fast as I could. I swung open the door, It got really quiet " We have a problem," I said " Mal'Shay Took my brother and Siron."

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