Teivel : The Dragon

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The Search

Oz immediately took charge " Abigail, Lily go start packing, Thayne and I will check out the barn and try to find clue's, Scarlett and Felicity check the forest try to find tracks. Let's go." Thayne came up to me before I got out the door " Hey Felicity, We will find them I promise." I nodded my head and went outside to help Scar. I scanned the woods looking for any footprints. I sighed and sat on the ground " We're never going to find them." Scarlett walked over and put her hand on my shoulder, " We will find them Felicity." I got up and looked at the ground. " Scarlett look at this." She walked over and bent down " What is it? " She asked I put my hand out to move the leaves. Her eye's widened when she realized what it was. " Our next clue stay here. I'll be right back." I got up and ran to the barn " Oz! " Upstairs, " I ran up the stairs. " Oz, I found... What's going on up here? What'd you find? " I asked. I walked over to Oz and found Mikey's sword with blood on it. " Whose blood is that?," I asked, nobody anwsered me. " Whose blood is that, Somebody anwser me!!" " Felicity, we don't know." Thayne said, I backed up when they took a step towards me " Scarlett and I found footprints in the forest. I'm going to check on Abigail and Lily. Meet us at the forest in 10 minutes." I said. I ran out the barn and into the castle. Up to the room we all share. I opened the door and found Abi rolling up sleeping bags. " Hey Abi grab your sister and meet us at the forest." I told her " Ok." She said walking to the bathroom. I ran out the door towards the forest after a few minutes everyone was there including the Queen. " Scarlett and I found footprints heading East." I said " We think they didn't cover their tracks because Siron and Mikey we're to much for them to handle, I mean come on really a wizard and a warrior." " We can send troops to fight Mal'Shay but that would be a suicide mission. I hate to say Princess." Queen Anne said. I nodded " Yes, sadly I'd have to agree." I said. " But what if we didn't have to send an army." " What do you mean? " Thayne asked " Well, " I said " You and Scar both agree that my powers are developing faster and faster each day, and I'm very powerful once I have my staff. But what if Scarlett and I lead the way. Together we're very powerful, unstopable if you will." " Yeah but Felicity," Thayne said " The problem with it is you guy's could die, and I am not going to be able to lose my sister and you." " But Thayne," Scarlett said " Felicity has a point we won't die. If I hold up a force field Felicity would be able to knock them down. It's a smart idea the only thing you guys would have to do is nothing besides find Michael and Siron." Thayne walked up to me " Felicity don't do this you both could get killed, Please." He said " Thayne we have to do this. It's the only way to get them back." I told him. He nodded and walked away. " Time to go. Get your things and let's go, Now."

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