Ginger Girl

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Lemmon-Cherry is the best ginger seller in town. She's also only 17! And shes been doing this since​ she was seven!

Adventure / Humor
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the stand

Most little girls have a lemonade stand growing up

But not me

I had a ginger stand

I was very ginger

My hair was ginger

My eyes were ginger colored

My skin was a tone of light ginger

My dress was the color of a ginger flower

Everyone knew me for my ginger stand

And my name

Lemmon-Cherry Guardian Linnet

And of corse

Depending on who it was

there were verious nicknames given to me

Lemmon Linnet

Ginger Gaurdian

Little Ginger

Cheery Cherry

Because humans like to shorten names

And I had a long one

My stall has everything

Normal or weird, I have it

Ginger tea to snaps

Oh... And I give pregnant women free ginger till noon to combat morning sickness.

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