Dragon Ball Z: The Genderbended Saga

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Relive the story of Dragon Ball Z...in gender-flipped form! This is the story of the 'Dragon Ball Z' saga...in gender-flipped form! It follows the adventures of the gender-swapped versions of the Z Warriors, including Goka, Gohana, Krilla, Piccola, Princess Vegena, and much more as they gathered the Dragon Balls and fight countless evils. Contains some changes, comedic dialogues, and character art designs by various DeviantART users, etc.

Adventure / Humor
Joshua Sumter
Age Rating:

Dramatis Personae

The following is a retelling of the entire Dragon Ball Z story. This time, it’s genderbended. Contains some changes to the story and dialogues, comedic writings, and character art design by various artists and DeviantART users, etc., etc.


Heroes and Allies

Goka/Kakarella – The gender-swapped version of Goku/Kakarot.
A happy-go lucky soul who always takes the high ground. Loves her family and seek out neutral opponents and face them in battle.
Daughter of Barda and Ginger. Adoptive granddaughter of Master Gohana. Mother of Gohana and Gotai. Girlfriend/Wife of Cha-Cha. Student of Master Rosha. Friend of Piccola, Krilla, Bulmer, Yamchi and others. Friend/Rival of Princess Vegena. (Character Art by Maniaxoi)

Princess Vegena* – The gender-swapped version of Prince Vegeta.
Crowned princess of the Saiyans, she possesses a pure unadulterated badass and ego and loves to fight. Has a fierce rivalry and yet somewhat Saiyan friendship with Goka.
Daughter of Queen Vegena. Girlfriend/Wife of Bulmer. Mother of Bulla. Friend/Rival of Goka. (*Pronunciations: Ve·gee·na) (Character Art by Aneiry and genderbentfreak)

Piccola – The gender-swapped version of Piccolo.
The reborn form of the Demon Queen Piccola. An usually ruthless warrior, she formed a close bond with Gohana, along with her mother, Goka.
The reincarnation of Queen Piccola. Ally and friend of Goka and others. (Character Art by comicmaniac1)

Gohana – The gender-swapped version of Gohan.
The offspring of Goka and Cha-Cha. A gentle girl, whose anger for the sake of companions can unleash unbelievable power levels. Then, all grown up, she focus on her training sometimes and still had much of her ability as a result. But Elder Lady Kai, who was released from the ancient Z-sword, unleashed her hidden power, replacing her kind nature with a more ultimate potential one.
Daughter of Goka and Cha-Cha. Sister of Gotai. Girlfriend/Wife of Vinnie. (Character Art by Maniaxoi (Teen), pinki100 (Adult), and comicmaniac1 (Ultimate Gohana))

Cha-Cha – The gender-swapped version of Chi-Chi.
The childhood sweetheart and human husband of Goka. He became well known for his energetic and caring personality. As he and Goka share their love of fighting and training, Cha-Cha becomes a loving father and a pure-hearted warrior.
Son of the Ox-Queen. Boyfriend/Husband of Goka. Father of Gohana and Gotai. (Character Art by pinki100)

Bulmer – The gender-swapped version of Bulma.
The human husband of Vegena and Goka’s long time friend, he is a brilliant scientist and is also the son of the richest couple in the world. His gadgetry helped winning several battles as well as the search for the Dragon Balls.
Friend of Goka, Krilla, Yamchi, Master Rosha. Son of Dr. Briefs and Mr. Briefs. Boyfriend/Husband of Vegena. Father of Bulla. (Character Art by Drottem and genderbentfreak)

Krilla – The gender-swapped version of Krillin.
Goku’s best friend and former schoolmate. Has a funny streak, but will lay down her life for her friends. She also typically provides some comic relief for the team.
Friend of Goka, Bulmer, and others. Girlfriend/Wife of Android #18 (Male). Mother of Mason. Sister-in-law of Android #17 (Female). (Character Art by pinki100 and PritzPritz)

Yamchi – The gender-swapped version of Yamcha.
Once a fearsome desert bandit. Chronologically, she was Goka’s first fighting ally.
A former, desert bandit. Lifelong friend of Puarie. Friend of Goka and others. (Character Art by CometChaser)

Master Rosha – The gender-swapped version of Master Roshi.
A turtle hermit, and Goka’s second official mentor (after Grandma Gohana).
Mentor of Goka, Krilla, Yamcha, etc., etc.

Yajiroba – The gender-swapped version of Yajirobe.
Though, she does help the Z Girls by occasionally delivering Senzu Beans from Korin. She also played a big part in defeating Vegena by cutting off her tail.

Tia Shinhan – The gender-swapped version of Tien Shinhan.
Tia remains a support character for much of her role and often buys time for stronger fighters against powerful opponents.
Descendant of the Third-Eye Clan. Lifelong best friend of Chiaotza. Friend of Goka and others. (Character Art by pinki100 and sage666)

Chiaotza – The gender-swapped version of Chiaotzu.
Lifelong best friend of Tia Shinhan. Friend of Goka and others. (Character Art by pinki100)

Gotai – The gender-swapped version of Goten.
Second daughter of Goka, whose appearance closely resembles her mother’s. Much like Bulla, her role is a comic relief.
Daughter of Goka and Cha-Cha. Sister of Gohana. Friend of Bulla. (Character Art by Aneiry)

Bulla/Future Bulla – The gender-swapped version of Trunks/Future Trunks.
FB: Came from a future where Androids #17 and #18 destroyed everything. Also transform into a Super Saiyan.
B: Either portrayed as a comic relief (alongside Gotai) to the more serious action the others face or in a supporting role.
Daughter of Vegena and Bulmer. Friend of Gotai. Student of Future Gohana (Character Art by Aneiry (Kid Bulla) and BLOATEDCRAYON ART (Future Bulla))

Mason - The gender-swapped version of Marron.
Son of Krilla and Android #18 (Male). Nephew of Android #17 (Female) (Character Art by PritzPritz)

Android #16 (Female) – The gender-swapped version of Android #16 (Male).
An android who was originally created to destroy Goka, but was modeled as the daughter of Dr. Gera. After her first battle with Cella, she turns to the side of good and offers to fight alongside the Z Girls at the Cell Games.
Comrade of Androids #17 and #18. (Character Art by Bloodspl4sh)

Android #17 (Female) – The gender-swapped version of Android #17 (Male).
Sister of Android #18. Sister-in law of Krilla. Aunt of Mason. (Character Art by pinki100)

Android #18 (Male) – The gender-swapped version of Android #18 (Female).
An android originally built only for revenge on Goka, but he eventually decides to marry Krilla and changed his ways.
Brother of Android #17. Boyfriend/Husband of Krilla. Father of Mason. (Character Art by pinki100 and PritzPritz)

Vinnie – The gender-swapped version of Videl.
Hercula’s son. Boyfriend/Husband of Gohana. (Character Art by pinki100)

Hercula – The gender-swapped version of Hercule.
The champion of the World Martial Arts Tournament and Vinnie’s mother. She helped complete the Super Spirit Bomb by telling everyone to give their energy to Goka in order to defeat Kid Baa.
Vinne’s mother. Mother-in-law of Gohana. (Character Art by LovetheTrub)

Majin Baa (Good Baa/Innocent Baa) The gender-swapped version of Majin Buu (Good Buu/Innocent Buu).
Once an evil magical being, she betrayed Babida, befriended Hercula, and battled her evil incarnation, Evil Baa, as well as aided Goka and Vegena in the conflict against her evil counterpart, Kid Baa.
First form, due to the result of absorbing the Grand Supreme Kai. She then became an entity of pure good, due to the result of expelling all the evil in her. She had a playful child-like persona. (Character Art by Nostra-Drawing)

Barda – The gender-swapped version of Bardock.
A lower-class Saiyan warrior and mother to Goka and Radita. Though similar to Goka in appearance, she has a tendency to be reckless and caring.
Mother of Goka/Kakarella and Radita. Wife of Ginger. Grandmother of Gohana and Gotai. (Character Art by Maniaxoi)

Ginger - The gender-swapped version of Gine.
Father of Goka/Kakarella and Radita. Husband of Barda. Grandfather of Gohana and Gotai.

Queen Kai – The gender-swapped version of King Kai.
The queen of the North Galaxy, she teaches Goka techniques, such as the Kaio-ken and Spirit Bomb.
Mentor of Goka, Piccola, Yamchi, Tia Shinhan, Krilla, Chiaotza.

Kama - The gender-swapped version of Kami.
A female Namekian who is the Guardian of Earth and creator of the Dragon Balls. She ultimately fuses with Piccola.
Earth’s guardian.

Neil - The gender-swapped version of Nail.
She fused with Piccola during the fight against Frikiza on Namek.
Bodyguard of Grand Elder Guru.

Ms. Popo - The gender-swapped version of Mr. Popo.
A genie with eternal life, who is Kama’s assistant and also the caretaker and gardener of Kama’s Lookout.
Attendant to Earth’s Guardian.

Shina (Supreme Kai) - The gender-swapped version of Shin (Supreme Kai).
An even higher division than Queen Kai, she was the ruler of the east quadrant of the universe. She eventually fuses with her bodyguard, Kibita, creating Kibita Kai.

Denda - The gender-swapped version of Dende.
A female Namekian with healing powers, she becomes Kama’s replacement as Earth’s Guardian.
Daughter of Grand Elder Guru. Later becomes Earth’s Guardian in Kama’s place.

Old Lady Kai - The gender-swapped version of Old Kai.
An ancient ancestor of Shina who was trapped inside the Z Sword for eons. She performed a ritual that awakens Gohana’s full power.
Ancestor of Shina.

Kibita - The gender-swapped version of Kibito.
Supreme Kai’s personal bodyguard. She can heal people and materialize new clothes for them, and eventually fuses with Shina, creating Kibita Kai.
Attendant to Shina (Supreme Kai).


Frikiza - The gender-swapped version of Frieza.
An alien who rules her empire with an iron fist. Conquered many planets before selling them. She killed Krilla, which awakened the Super Saiyan inside of Goka.
The so-called Empress of the cosmos. (Character Art by TheBombDiggity666 (1st form) and Petalierre (Final form))

Queen Cold – The gender-swapped version of King Cold.
Frikiza’s mother. (Character Art by Petalierre)

Radita - The gender-swapped version of Raditz.
Member of the mighty race, the Saiyans. Goka’s sister by birth, but still a little bit heartless. She kidnapped Gohana to get Goka to join her.
Daughter of Barda and Ginger. Goka/Kakarella’s Saiyan sister. (Character Art by comicmaniac1)

Naprie – The gender-swapped version of Nappa.
An upper-class Saiyan warrior, she came to Earth with the Saiyan princess, Vegena, in search of the Dragon Balls. She even slayed Tia, Chiaotza, and Piccola in battle.
Vegena’s right-hand woman

Dodorie - The gender-swapped version of Dodoria.
Frikiza’s henchwoman. (Character Art by fumio)

Zarba - The gender-swapped version of Zarbon.
Frikiza’s henchwoman. (Character Art by comicmaniac1 and fumio)

Ginya Force (Team) - The gender-swapped versions of 5 members of the Ginyu Force.
An elite team of 5 sexy, mighty mercenary women under Frikiza’s command, led by Captain Ginya, who can swap bodies with elite warriors using her ‘Body Change’ move.
Consist of Capt. Ginya, Recooma, Guldie, Jeicia, and Burta. (Character Art by fumio)

Cella – The gender-swapped version of Cell.
The result of Dr. Gera’s research into androids. She absorbed Androids #17 and #18 to reach her perfect form, and always possesses a cool and sexy composure.
Ultimate android, created by Dr. Gera. (Character Art by Petalierre)

Dr. Gera (Android #20) - The gender-swapped version of Dr. Gero (Android #20).
Former scientist of the Red Ribbon army. Creator of Androids #16, #17, and #18.

Kid Baa – The gender-swapped version of Kid Buu.
The first form created by Babida. She can’t speak and doesn’t have self-control or morals required to check her desire for crazy, epic destruction.
The original and pure form of Majin Baa. An evil incarnate with no self-restraint. (Character Art by Petalierre)

Super Baa – The gender-swapped version of Super Buu.
The result of Evil Baa absorbing Good Baa/Innocent Baa. In this form, Super Baa doesn’t have the same overall entity as Good Baa/Innocent Baa. However, she looks and acts completely different, due to Baa’s evil resurfacing.
She has very little patience and extremely dangerous fits of anger. (Character Art by comicmaniac1)

Babida - The gender-swapped version of Babidi.
Evil Sorceress who tried to gathered energy to revive Majin Baa, with help from Dabure, Spopovina and Yama under her control. But later was killed by the treachery of Majin Baa (Good Baa/Innocent Baa).

Dabure - The gender-swapped version of Dabura.
Demon Queen of the demon realm, who helps Babida with the revival of Majin Baa.

Spopovina and Yama - The gender-swapped versions of Spopovich and Yamu.
Two women being controlled by Babida and interrupted the World Tournament.

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