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The Lunar March

By HinataSoup All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Adventure

Chapter 1

In a field of red, lies a village of simple needs, but as twilight came the peace of the red fields scattered and came to a silent and eerie fear. Zephirin, in his slightly shredded shorts and a gray baggy workshirt. He softly slides his bare feet across freshly cleaned wood of his look out post, and lightly move his ash color bangs from his crimson eyes, to see through a near window.
In the precarious view of a fellow merchant that was coming in late from his sales laid still in the village, on the ground as if in a faint or in a sort of trouble of immobility.
At Dawn, when the fear of death and decay fades and all is peaceful, yet again, but not quite for another villager's blood was shed, the merchants', of which the corpse seemed blood drained and yet, there was a pool of blood around his body.
Zephirin stared at the massacred corpse as pretty much everyone kept their young children away from the sight, "Zeph... Zeph! Zeph get over here!" Zephirin looks around towards the harsh voice, only to find his grandfather calling to him, with a cardigan over his paled shoulders and a balded scalp and traces of gray strands of hair, while coming along with a cane.
"Zephirin, you should be at home, with your elder brother Rhum." Grandfather requests, while resting his hand against Zeph's back to push him towards home gently while he mumbles softly,
"Zeph, please do not try to act heroic for this town... Just to impress or be noticed." He looks at his grandfather knowing that he can't disobey, for everyone will tell if he did and Rhum is more of a hero than himself.
Once Zeph got home, "Zephina? Hey, Zephina! Where did gramps go?" askes Rhum in a calm and yet quite cheerful attitude. Zeph just looked at him in slight disturbance, of how cheerful when there was a death not to far from where they live. "Are you not abit concerned, considering there was a death..." Zeph tried to stomach the thought while speaking it out loud, but Rhum looked at him and shook his head, than whispered softly to Zephirin, "If there is a mystery, than wonderful new strangers come here, I hope its an attractive stranger instead of an... instead of last time it happened." He says without a hint of hesitances or regret. Zephirin looked at Rhum, his slightly angled cheek bones, and how his eyes are a aquamarine, in mix with a admiring crimson that seems to hug the blue in his eyes, it makes him quite handsome to everyone, and the fact that he is heroic makes him irresistible almost, but when ever he starts to flirt or talk with girls everyone just glares, even the girls who admire him so much, he is more of a silent beauty.
Granfather returned late evening with his cane's wood shiny, "Rhum, I expect you to head out at the end of the week and find the killer, or killers..." Grandfather sternly looked at him, then went towards Zephirin and gently patted his shoulder, before going to his room. "I hate it when Grandpa Luke sends me off with a set date..." complains Rhum with a pout, than looks at his younger brother.
"Zephina, gramps is too easy on you... You should man up and go do that for me, but I'm keeping the glory, you don't want the pain of it on you." Rhum coaxed quietly, than left for a walk.
The next morning Zephirin went out to the village entrance, which is mainly a sign showing the name, 'Autumn fields' as the village's name, waiting for the supposed hero that travels to the needed.
At Late Evening, someone appeared in view to Zephirin, "Hey?! Hey, Who are you, Stranger?" The stranger froze slightly, but kept on moving closer, and appeared to be a rather young girl and some guy behind her. "I am Siline..." The strange girl mumbled.
"This is Carsine..." She said looking at the guy behind her, who was hunched over behind her and hiding his face, along with his shaggy blonde hair, about shoulder length and he is in a baggy workshirt and charcoal pants, while the girl Siline, was wearing a sleeveless top that was close-fitting on her body, while wearing a short skirt and a pair of pants underneath them.
"Do you know where we should go? We are lost..." Siline asked, than looked at Zephirin for a moment, than explains, "I am supposed to find who is killed and everything." she paniced than looked away, towards Carsine who had nearly clear eyes, except for the pupil which is revealed clearly.
"I want to rest for the day... Siline, is searching for rest." Zephirin nodded, than guided them to a nearby inn, and before entering.
"Siline... And.., Carsine, I must warn you both... If either one of you step outside of any building during night, death will come upon you... Its happened ever since I was able to hear the screams of death..." He pauses in silence to give respects to the dead, than murmurs, "Sorry to burden you with all that, stay safe." than left towards home himself.
Siline entered the inn pulling Carsine along with her, "Hey, I am Madame, Rutton.... How can I be of service?" The inn keeper asks, rather disinterested and more focused on her window waiting for the next victim. "Why look through the window? Are you and this village so out of humanity and kindness that when death comes you wait for someone to die to do something?! Thats so... Cruel!" Siline yells without watching how the innkeeper, Madame Rutton's face appearance changed from a calm and soft look, to a dark and rather chilling glare, and her voice became thunderous, "How dare you say that to your elder, young lady! I am not demanding death, this village is quite sane and we wish to capture the beast as much as anyone, and if you have the courage and the naive will to say that brittle-brattle, than face the beast of death yourself!" The innkeeper, stopped with a deep huff than went back to staring through the window, and pointing at the door "Leave".
"Siline, you angered her..." Carsine explains, and slowly slides back towards the door, when another man came in through the door. Rhum, looked around the inn and shoved Carsine aside harshly, "Madame, Rutton? Please let these travelers stay, they don't understand our ways..." he softly coaxs the innkeeper, "Fine... Rhum, I'll let them stay for one night only, since your father Candos, served as a guard here and respected all of us and travelers alike... As well as, your Gramps Luke..." Madame Rutton briskly say, than leaves. "Your welcome for saving your life, melady, I am Rhum..." Rhum says to the girl, who just looked at him for a moment.
Siline introduced herself and her friend, than left to get a room, being careful not to offend the innkeeper again. Carsine went to the window to observe the town. Only to see a girl with curly chin length hair thats ash color, wearing a cerulean blue sleeveless top, a gold chained necklace with a sort of trinket hanging from it. "Hey girl, get inside somewhere!! Its not safe!" The girl looked around for the voice of concern, to Carsine with her bright yellow-ish gold eyes distinctly shown compared to her pale skin. "Dear man of light, come out and see the bright sky of night...." the young woman mused and sang, Carsine slowly started to float as if possessed to meet this one girl, to whom he couldn't resist floating too. She gently kiss his jaw, than smile "You are coming with me...".
By when morning came, Zephirin ran into Siline looking distressed and worried, "Carsine got soldier-napped!!! He is my pal and a soldier, while I am still training to be, but everyone must help!" Than she askes, "Is your brother Rhum, willing to help in this conquest?" Zephirin looked at her than looked around where Rhum went, and thought about it. Rhum is into cute or beautiful girls... And if He goes with her to rescue a guy she knows is abit of a mystery, he might or might not... "I suggest asking him, I truly do not know, but I'm coming as well." Siline hugs Zephirin tightly, than heads off for Rhum. Zeph looked around and sighed deeply, and hurried off to gramps for advice on traveling.
"Hey, Zephite! Where you headed?" calls a childhood friend, Liota, with her suit of blue a blue sleeveless top with white vine like designs, and same for her skirt, while having a blue coat top with gold lining it, as well as a blue cape-like skirt, and a gold hemming design and same for the cape itself. "Hey, Liota? Why have the diamond and teardrop design on you?" Liota touch her cheeks, and smile, "A tear for my mother, for it is said to show humanity and that you are a humane person, while the diamond is for my father who mined and loved to see diamonds, that he said the sun was a diamond as well." Zephirin smiles slightly, than askes "I need your help with a quest...." Liota covers Zeph's mouth, and nods "Zephite, I am going on the adventure."
Next dawn, they had five people coming on their adventure Siline, Liota, Yinto, Rhum and Zephirin.
"Hey, Why is Zephina coming along? This is an adventure, not for little kids." Said Rhum bitterly, than he glared at Zeph in spite slightly that he was even coming, but quickly stopped before being noticed. Liota whispers,
"Zephite, what are your skills by the way? Yinto is good at defensive and offensive magic..." She pauses, than just mumbled,
"Actually I wish I was as good as she is, at everything, I only know defensive spells..." Than Siline yells, "Okay, I understand if you all are not good at fighting at the moment, but we will defend all that are being attacked! Now lets head out!".
Yinto started forward, and started to drag others along through the forest, with long caramel hair in a bandana that goes to her shoulders, and wears a white top with brown vest.
"Aye, matey, we head off Now!" She marches out singing a song to herself, "Ahoy matey, shall we cast off today? Ahoy matey, Vast ye...." She leads the group to a forest called, Surwood Fires, and Yinto started to march through the forest. Siline looked around and started to call out for her friend Carsine only to hear from the woods,
"Whispering woods, Wild daffodils... rosey pills... Crazy mills... Wild little wilting woods of breathe..." Liota looked around with her violet eyes, than mumbles to everyone,
"Crazy mills are an old time saying for people who are forest dwellers, and crazy... Rosey pills mean, there are a group of people tiny, yet skin as red as a rose." Siline shivers slightly, than whispers, "What does all that mean? What do they do?" Liota sighs softly, than sang the song again and explains,
"whispering woods, is that each tree speaks and talks to eachother, while wild daffodils are, you know that... Wild little wilting woods of breathe... Thats abit difficult, but it means that it breathes in poisonous air and it dies from that single breathe..." than she sighs deeply, and embarrassed about it all.
"Nerd!" yells Rhum repeatedly, until Siline and Zephirin glared at him to shut up, Liota quickly went ahead to find a way to further their adventure and distant herself from Rhum.
Zephirin reached Liota, than looked around to see a field of blue, and a pebbly texture of ground.
"This ocean is lovely, and the salty scent is almost memorable, right?" Siline askes, than picks up a handful of sand and slid it through her fingers, "Its like my memory is finally going away of such dreadful nights and things..." Yinto appeared along with Rhum, "Do you hear anything?" than looked around.... At misty wait, the ocean clears, the crowds are too near and all that lives shall disappear..... And as was sung in the ocean wind, the five adventurers started to fade to thin air, and being nothingness, but the wind themselves.

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