Adventures with the Astounding Mr. Bruggle

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Follow the mysterious Mr. Bruggle as he takes he class on extraordinary adventures, that put them in some twisted predicaments. Who is Mr. Bruggle really and how will he keep his class safe? Mr. Bruggle is a strange fellow indeed as you see him shopping in the grocer store on a Thursday night. His bright orange hair is bright enough to catch your attention but the strange close and the bloody cut in his sleeve is what causes you to stare. Who is this strange character? Find out all about Mr. Bruggle and his exciting life in the Adventures of the Astounding Mr. Bruggle.

Adventure / Children
Bruce Hadd
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Chapter 1

If you met Mr. Bruggle in the store while with your parents shopping for milk and bread you would think he was quite a strange looking fellow. However, Mr. Bruggle only looked strange because he did his grocery shopping after work on Thursdays. You might also think it strange if I told you that Mr. Bruggle was a 6th grade teacher.

Now you’re probably asking yourself questions like …

What would make a teacher look strange in the grocery store on a Thursday? Or Why does this teacher only look strange on Thursdays? Maybe What makes this teacher different from mine their strange yes but what makes Mr. Bruggle different?

The answer to these questions are simple and if you continue to read this book you will find that even though Mr. Bruggle is an odd looking teacher, on Thursdays after school while he shops for his milk and bread like any other normal person, that he is also probably the most amazing teacher that you have ever heard of and you will go to school immediately after reading this book and demand to look inside your teachers filing cabinets but find nothing and hopelessly continue your education wishing Mr. Bruggle was your teacher.

On this particular Thursday as Mr. Bruggle rounds the corner of asle 3 to buy a loaf of sliced bread you would see him wearing an emerald green coat with gold buttons and gold threaded accents. The coat is of the colonial style covering his shoulder, drapes across his chest feathering to the outside of his hip where it then becomes coattails on his back. Under this coat there is a white puffy shirt which is covered by a vest of the same color as his coat. His emerald green and gold threaded pants only reach slightly past his knees and he wears high white socks and brown shoes with a gold buckle not laces. Mr. Bruggles bright red curly hair sticks out randomly from an emerald three pointed hat similar to what a pirate might wear.

As you look at his odd clothes you notice a small cut in the right arm of the coat. Around this cut you would notice that the coats material seems to be darker and the smear of what you thought was dirt on Mr. Bruggles face actually has a dark red tint to it.

As you watch him select his favorite brand of bread your mind flashes to the thrilling sword fights from Treasure Island and just as the clanging and crashing of swords dance through your imagination you notice a belt around Mr. Bruggles waist with a holster that could only be for one thing holding a cutlass. That is it it’s confirmed you have made your mind up you are undoubtedly for sure 100 percent looking at a pirate, who in your mind just cut down some scallywags in order to secure a treasure chest full of gold but if you are thinking that you would be wrong ...

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