Elemental Wars.

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Chapter 1. Finding friends

I’ve been walking for the whole week. The mountain is getting closer but it’s still a long way away, I stop for a rest. and close my eyes. My head seems to start to pound, but my heartbeat slows down. I look at the snow and look around and finally realized how I got here. My mind almost goes blank, and my memories start to crowd inside my head until the sight of snow and flurries were the things I could see again. I slow the flurries down and stand back up. “I must keep going, time is of the essence.” I push back the headache and start to walk towards the mountain again. I finally reach the foot of the Mountain, Thousands of eroded stairs reach all the way to the mountain’s peak. I walk up the icy, and very decorated staircase, until I reach the highest, and steepest part of the mountain. I look around to see the valley, and all of the other smaller mountains. I look down to see how high I climbed. “Woah." I say, as the flurries of decorated snowflakes stick in my cape. I clear the snow to reveal a platform a large button in the middle I press it and a podium raises out of the ground on the podium is a book and a writing utensil. I pick up the writing tool and write something in the book. “Let’s hope they get it” I walk back down the mountain and begin walking towards the Deepest Valley. The walk down seemed a bit quicker, yet more dangerous than the walk up. The winds started to get more ferocious, and faster. By the time I got to the bottom of the Deepest Valley, there was a small little village with one or two igloos. I walk towards them and picked an empty one, and started to look through the igloo for supplies. First I found a blanket, maybe fleece. In the second igloo, I find a small set of bows and arrows and I take all of the stuff I have found and went to the town square. Finding a similar Platform and Podium and wrote the same phrase again. “Alright, The events have been set in motion. Time to get Rose out of her Cell.”

The Fire Kingdom, Queen Firerose AKA Roselyn Fire’s Cell.

The cell is dark, and extremely small. I look around, like a lost, and trapped, innocent dragon. I tap on the cell, trying to make a little bit of noise and I hear footsteps. “Hello? Who's there?" I say a bit urgently, and I try to get up.

“You might wanna stay down." I look up, seeing nothing, and I try to get up again. “Come on Rose, didn't I tell you to stay down?" The voice comes out again, but this time, Icenax shows. “You need to stay down so I can open this door." The door clicked and he comes in.

“Icenax? How did you get here? Don't you know its too dangerous for you here?" He waves away my questions and tries to pick me up.

“You know this would be a lot easier if you would try to stand up." I nod and I use Icenax and the cell's bars as balance. I stand up completely and he helps me walk outside of the cell. “To answer your questions. 1. I walked. 2. Yes I do. But I’m tired of fighting you” I nod understanding.

“I know what you mean. We started this war and this happens and what did we even start this over.” I think back coming up with nothing.

“I don’t remember either.” We keep on walking until we are completely out of the cell. The village looks like its all frozen, and part of it looks like it was burned.

“How long have I been in that cell for?" I look around shocked.

“Fifty years.” I looked around still shocked.

“But I don't remember doing any of this, or knowing that my own villages, the people who I promised who were going to be safe, are all dead, and burned, and tortured. Icenax, how do we stop this?" He looks down sadly.

“Rose, we’re both over a thousand years old and only two, No one in our Kingdoms trust us. To be honest it doesn’t look good. That’s why I’ve initiated The End Plan. I just hope Mettala and Gust are ready.” I look at him surprised. Then hang my head feeling slightly defeated.

“You're right.” He tries to pull me up a bit as I sagg in sadness.

“Hey. We’ll get through this. It’ll take a lot of rebuilding but we can pull through.” I nod my head, a little upset but a bit more happy.

“Alright, Icenax. Can you just promise me one thing before we go out there and do whatever for The End Plan?" I look up.

“Sure, anything." Icenax nods, as he lightly sit down with me.

“If the war was my fault, or whatever on of my villages did to make you upset, can you promise me that you wouldn't hold it against me, or hold a grudge?" Icenax nods.

“I won't ever hold it against you, and I have already forgiven you, for whatever we have both done. I am too sorry for what I have caused." I nod and smile.

“Alright, maybe we should go before anyone notices that I'm out of my cell." Icenax nods, and stands me back up and we get out of the dreadful place. We walk towards a large cabin of some sorts and he sets me on the bed.

“We should be safe here for now.” Icenax says pulling up a chair next to the bed.

“Ok…… So….. How was your fifty years?” I ask not wanting the impending awkward silence. “Humbling. And…. Can I say something?” I nod and he straightens up. “I know we didn’t get along as kids…. I was jealous. You were the cool kid you were popular. Me… I was the smart guy that could do your work for you in two seconds flat but was ignored regardless.” I nod, listening to what he was saying. “I was always the nerdy, ignored kind, but you, you were something completely different. You always got attention, popular, had a lot of friends. You know?"

“Yeah, but sometimes being popular doesn't mean to be by myself when you wished, or just to be as smart or hard working. People, the kids that always followed me around always thought of doing things for me, like opening the door, or doing my work. But I'm more like an independent person, sometimes I didn't mind the extra help, but every single day and it gets a bit annoying." He listens and nods when I was done talking.

“I understand.” He lays on the floor. “We should get some rest.” He then closes his eyes and goes to sleep I follow soon after.

A few hours Later, Icenax’s Point of View

“So, what do you think we should do today? Instead of worrying about what's going on about the fighting and war?" I stand up, and stretch a little.

“Hmmm, maybe we should learn how to find a place that isn't in the middle of nowhere? Or should we figure out how long do we have until the people who captured me, find me again?" Rose sits, crisscrossed, on the floor.

“Maybe we should first find something to eat." I say, as my stomach growls. Rose nods in agreement. “Okay, maybe we'll find some tasty squirrels or some birds to eat." Rose says, and I look at her crazily. “I'm hungry, besides, I think some birds would taste just like chicken." I start to walk away.

“Come on, maybe we could find some berries or fish to eat." Rose nods and starts to follow me.

"Alright, I'll settle for fish and berries." Rose says, thinking of what she said before.

“Alright there should be a pond nearby follow me” I started walking west and kept my eyes out for some food. Soon we came across a large pond the water was cold but it had lots of fish. “Here we are.” Rose nods and looks at the fish.

“Shall we use some of the arrows you have found, or our hands to catch the fish?" I take a bunch of arrows out and hand some to Rose.

“Here, but try not to use all of the arrows, we are gonna need them later on." Rose takes the arrow, and catches a fish on the stick.

“How many fish should we catch?" She says, aiming for another fish.

“Uhh, maybe four, because we both would want another fish." Rose catches another fish and puts it on the bank.

“Two fish, two more to go." I take my fish and starts eating it while Rose gets the last two.

“Err, do you mind if you would use your fire power to cook these fish?" I put my fish down.

“I don't mind." She starts the fire and we cook our fish.

“Thank you.” I begin to eat my food, and she does the same. When we’re done we start moving again and we make it to a small town by sundown. Walking to a tavern we walk in and sit at the table without being noticed.

“So where do you think we are?" Rose asks, and I look at a map.

“Okay, it looks like we are here" I point to a place on the map. “The cave we want to go to is somewhere over here." I point to somewhere else on the map. “Here is where we were, based on today we should get there in three days.” I put the map up.

“Cool. But for now lets eat.” Rose waves down the waitress.

“What can I get you?” The woman asks.

“Water to drink and some Chicken for food please.” Rose replies.

“Alright will that be to share or separate?” The waitress asks

“Separate!” We both say in unison. Laughing as she walks away. Soon she comes back with our order and we eat. We finish eating..

“You full?" I say and Rose nods,with her mouth still partially full. “Okay, maybe we should get back on the road.” Rose gets up, and I follow her outside. We walk towards a carriage and I ask the driver if we can get in. The driver says yes, and I help Rose in, then I get in myself. “This maybe a quicker way to get there, but still it would get about 3 days to get there.” She nods and we start on our way, we get to the next town the next day and grab a bite to eat, Sundown that same day we reached the cliff we needed. “Thank you sir.” I thank the driver giving him some coin for his trouble. “You ready Rose?” I ask her facing the cliff. Rose takes a deep breath and nods. “Alright, let's go." I walk forward and activate a hidden pressure plate. “Ladies first” Rose nods, as she starts to climb down with her gear, until she climbs inside the cave.

“Okay, I'm in!" Rose shouts, as I fix my climbing gear. I climb down until I reach the tunnel.

“It’s pretty far down." I say and Rose nods in response.

“Okay, since we’re here?" Rose asks.

“Well, I'm not sure. But I do know what we are trying to find is in this cave." Rose nods.

“Okay. Let's go." We start walking down and we come to a fork in the road. “Which way?” Rose asks. Just then we hear a skittering and a roar from the left.

“Not that way!” I briskly walk towards the right tunnel. After a bit of wandering we come across a small encampment. “Here’s our first stop.” I set my stuff down and get the food out. “Would you please start the fire?” Rose nods and sets her stuff down getting the fire started.

“Any Idea what was down the left tunnel?” She asks warily.

“Probably just a Giant Rat.” I reply shrugging it off.

“Oh…. Just a rat huh….” She says shivering. I look up at her.

“Don’t worry long as we keep the fire lit they should stay away.” She nods vigorously and makes the fire a bit bigger. “Ok.” I set up the sleeping bags. and lay down. She does the same.

“Sleep tight Rose I’ll take first watch.” She nods and lays her head down. Promptly falling asleep. I stay awake for half the night with only one incident with a giant rat. I don’t think they’ll bother us again. After my turn was up I woke Rose and went to sleep. When I awoke she was fast asleep in a chair. I chuckle to myself and start to pack up, making sure not to disturb her, When I was fully packed up I sat in a chair nearby to wait for her to wake up.

Rose’s point of view

I wake up, groggily. “Ugh." I sit up and see that Icenax has already packed. “How long have you been staring at me while I slept?" Icenax pretends to count in his head.

“Maybe 10 minutes?" He says. “

Okay then...." My voice trails off as he gets up.

“Ready to go?" Icenax says, a bit impatient.

“Umm, yeah. I'm ready." I nod and get up. I gather my stuff, and Icenax nods.

“Alright. We should keep on going." We both keep on walking until we get to another fork.

“Which way?" I ask Icenax this time.

“Hmmm, maybe left?" He says, and I nod in agreement.

“Okay. Left." We walk down the left path, and keep on going. When we reach a cliff, we suddenly stop. “Uhh, now what?" I look down and look back up.

“Well, we should find out how high this cliff is. Maybe using some rocks?" I nod and look around for some pretty big rocks.

“Are these good enough?" I take them and show them to him.

“Yes, that seems to be a reasonable size. Now we just have to toss them and see how long it would take for them to fall to the ground, or bottom." I nod.

“Should I throw them now?" He nods and let them go over the edge gently, until we couldn't hear a sound. “okay, well now we know that we are doomed." Icenax looks around.

“Well, doomed isn't a word I would use. Maybe trapped, or just stuck?" I nod.

“Umm, Icenax?" He turns.


“Is it too late to say that we can use those stairs over there?" I lower my voice just a tad bit. Icenax looks over my shoulder and sees stairs.

“Actually, that maybe the perfect solution." I smile and nod.

“Okay, let's go down the stairs." We both start walking down the stairs.

“Err, how long do you think the stairs are gonna take?" I say, still walking.

“I don't know. Maybe as long as this journey?" Icenax says, and I moan a little. “Or less" he adds.

“Alright. Do we know what will be at the bottom anyways?" I ask, starting to skip one step while walking down.

“Well, I don't know about you, but I have an idea of what is at the bottom, and I don't think any of us would like it." He says, and I stop short.

“So...you know, but I don't?" He nods. “Are you willing to tell me anytime soon?" He thinks for a moment, and shakes his head. I give up and keep on walking until we reach another set of stairs. “Okay, more stairs. Great, now what?" I ask, as Icenax keeps on walking. “Hello? Are you gonna answer me or not?" I walk after him. “The best you could do is at least give me a hint of what we are looking for-"

“Shh." Icenax interrupts me. I stop quickly. “You are so rude, maybe that's how the-"

“I said shhh." He interrupts me again and I be quiet. I look around, silently look around.

“What do you hear?" I whisper.

“Nothing. I just wanted you to be quiet for a few minutes " Icenax says, and I frown and keep on walking. He follows.

“Meanie." I mumble under my breath and he laughs.

“You haven’t changed a bit Rose.” I shrug.

“Well, you can't change if you can't age and when you are locked up in a cell for however many years it has been."

“Hey I’ve changed quite a bit and I fit all those categories.” Icenax pouts a little.

“Well, I can't really tell that you have changed, except for wanting to stop the war instead of creating it." He nods.

“Alright. I can deal with that." I nod. We keep on walking.

“Hey, uhh, I still wonder how come you haven't told me about what we are searching for?" I say, just wondering darkness. Icenax pulls out a torch and lights it.

“Well, I don't know. Maybe because whatever we are searching for doesn’t want to be found, or only wants very few people to know what we are looking for?"

“That doesn’t answer my question” Icenax sighs.

“I’m not telling you cause I told you before the war. Actually you told me this tunnel system was your idea.” I slap my forehead.

“Oh yeah….. Do NOT tell the others I forgot.”

“I won’t and sorry if I’ve been a bit rigid lately It’s been awhile since we’ve talked still getting used to it.” I nod.

“I understand I haven’t been very nice either. Start over?” He nods and we continue down the stairs until we reach the next encampment.

“Here’s our next stop.” Icenax puts his stuff down and we repeat last night’s process. I slept first. The dream was a bit embarrassing….... I keep dreaming about Icenax getting me out of the castle it’s very confusing. But I can’t dawdle on that, at midnight Icenax woke me up and went to sleep, I wonder what he dreams about? I shrug that thought off and manage to stay awake my entire shift. I start to pack up as Icenax wakes up we pack up and start heading down the stairs. Again.

“This is kinda boring.”

“Sorry. I can’t really fix that.”

“Well your the ice guy, can’t you turn part of it into an Ice Slide of some sort?” Icenax stops in his tracks.

“That’s a good idea.” I jump when he says that.

“Really?” He nods.

“Stand back a sec.” I do so and he makes as much of the stairs as he can into an Icy slide making sure to make it so we can’t slide off. “There we go.” He grabs his stuff and jumps on. “Whooo Hooo!” I look shocked for a sec but then shrug.

“Guess he has changed” I jump on and slide down after him. “Yeeeaaaahhhh!!!” We slide down for the rest of the day and get to the third campsite.

“Ok Last one then we get to our destination.” I nod and we repeat last night’s process.

The Next Day, Icenax's view

I first get up, making sure I don't wake Rose, and I look at my map. “Hmm.." I say a little louder than usual.

“What?" Rose says, in a more tiring voice.

“Well, since we took an ice slide down the stairs, we should come to our destination In a couple of hours.”

“A couple, like 10 or 15 hours? Or a couple like 3 or 5 hours?" I keep looking at the map, trying to calculate.

“Err, maybe like 6 or 9 hours". I see Rose start to get up out of the corner of my eye.

“Okay, let's start walking again. Who knows what or who we will find in this cave." She picks up her bag full of tools, and she starts to walk. “You coming?" She asks.

“Umm, yeah." She nods, and I grab my stuff, and follow after her.

“So, we have been walking for several days, and yet we only ran into two difficulties. Three if you count the giant rat." I nod.

“Only three, I thought we would run into more difficulties by now." Rose nods,

“yeah, I thought it would be more harder to get to this tunnel, but I now know that it takes longer to walk inside the cave, and through all of these....traps." I laugh.

“Yeah, they are traps alright." Just then Rose’s foot sinks a little and we hear a click.

“Uh oh.”

”Be careful what you wish for.” The stairs turn into a ramp and we slide for a few hours. When we finally stop we laugh. “Come on we’re almost there.” I get up and we keep walking till we reach what looks like an enclosed box. “Alright next stop.” I walk into the box but Rose looks skeptical. I sigh. “Think of it as a carriage that moves down.” I explain she gets on still looking sceptical I press a round stone on the side and we start moving down. Soon we come across a site that makes both our jaws drop. A giant city seeming to be made of crystal Towering buildings reaching the ceiling of the monstrous cave and a castle that seems to never end. The stone box stops when we reach the floor but we’re still too awestruck to notice. When we finally come to our senses we get out of the box and start walking towards the castle. “Metallica's done good for herself.” I remark as we get to the steps to the crystal castle.

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