Elemental Wars.

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Chapter 2. Friends found

Rose's view

“Woah." I look around. “This place is so...so.."

“Awesome? Big? Huge?" Mettala walks down the stairs. My eyes get huge.

“Mettala!!" I run to hug her. “It must have been ages." I keep on hugging her. Mettala hugs back.

“Its nice to see you again Rose." I let go.

“I bet you haven't seen him in ages either." I point to Icenax and he smiles and waves to Mettala. She waves back and nod.

“I see that you guys have stopped fighting, and started to get along." I nod.

“Yeah, he's a bit more....useful, no that's not it, err less irritating." I nod and she laughs. Then I hear footsteps down the stairs.

“I hope you don't mean me. Cause that would be awful." Gust walks completely down the steps. “It seems like the fire girl finally came out of her cage. That seems like an achievement." I nod.

“Its nice to see you too Gust." I see Gust walk over towards Mettala, and stands next to her. I just try to ignore it.

“So, how did you build this place. Its so awesome and huge and big and-"

“and cool?" Mettala says and I nod. “Well, let's say, that it took a very long time to build, but shorter than your trip here, and I'm sorry for that little trap, Gust suggested it." I look at Gust and he shrugs his shoulders.

“Its a way to keep the huge rats out." I shrug.

“Well, maybe you should have some guards or someone watching who comes in and out."

“We did have guards, but they do complain, and whine about they weren't needed down here, so we fired them."

“Uhhh, ‘We?'" It was Icenax's time to talk.

“Oh, I forgot that part, yeah, ummm.....Mettala and I are.....together." Gust says, and my eyes pop out of my head, and I believe Icenax's eyes have done the same thing.

“Okay then....who wants cake?" Mettala says, and it shakes me out of shock.

“Uh, together? Or together together-"

"Rose!" My question gets cut off, while Icenax stares at me in horror.

“I was just-"

“Stop. Just please stop. Can I have some cake please?" Icenax asks, and Mettala goes and gets some. Mettala comes back with a couple plates of cake. I take a plate, and so does Icenax, Gust, and Mettala keeps a plate for herself. Icenax digs in.

“So, ummm, how did you make this cake?" I say, with my mouth full of chocolate cake.

“Its simple actually, you just get some cocoa beans and some flower and water, and you just mix it and bake it." I nod, still enjoying the cake.

I finish my, cake, and wipe the chocolate off of my face with a napkin. “So, you guys are together?" Mettala nods.

“Yeah, it kinda started a while ago, and have been together ever since." Mettala, says.

“Okay. That's sounds wonderful." I respond, trying not to sound rude.

“Yeah, its a great." Mettala and Gust smile. Icenax finishes his cake.

“I’m glad for both of you but I’m afraid we aren’t here for happy reasons.” Icenax stands.

“He’s right we better start planning, you girls can talk some more while me and Icenax plan.” Gust gets up and leads Icenax to a different room.

Icenax’s view.

We walk into a different room while the girls talk. “Ok Icenax, What first?”

“First, You owe me fifty coins.” Gust slaps his forehead.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t remember that bet... “ He hands me the coins.

“Ok. Second, We need to figure out what to do with Lanche and Flame.” Gust nods.

“I thought you’d say that.” Gust sighs. “We can’t fight them.”

“I know that. We need to cut this problem off by the head. But how?” Gust ponders this, scratching his head, and then he snaps his fingers.

“You know you're way in and out of the Ice castle, Rose knows her way around the Fire castle, What if you and I find a way to sneak in and take out Lanche while the girls get Blackflame?” I look down.

“I don’t know Gust…”

“You got a better Idea?” I sigh.

“Alright, but you’re telling Rose.” I say, sitting in defeat. Gust looks at me confused.

“Nax. What’s wrong?” Gust asks sitting down.

“I just…. I remember that fight Gust. I told her I didn’t but I do. This war was my fault and she’s been hurt already.” I begin to tear up under my helmet.

“Nax, she's not going to get hurt this time. She's strong. Besides, she has Mettala helping her. Fire and metal, a perfect combination. Especially when you want to make weapons, or destroy buildings." I nod.

“Thanks Gust." I wipe my eyes.

“You're welcome. And I bet that Rose would be so excited to hear the plan."

“Yeah, maybe." I nod.

“Okay, let's tell the girls the plan." I walk out of the room, with Gust following me. The girls are still chatting at the table when we walk up. Gust steps towards them. “Ok We have a plan.” Gust sits down next to Mettala. I take a step back.

“Sorry Gust I… I got to go for a minute.” I walk out of the room leaving Gust to explain the plan. I run to another room and sit down crying.

Rose’s view

“So what's the plan?" I say, waiting for Gust to explain.

“Well the plan is simple. Icenax and I are going to go to the Ice Castle and find Lanche, while you girls will got to the fire castle and find Flame." Mettala nods, and I sit.

“Err, anything else besides that?" I say, waiting. “Well, we can't go to war with Flame nor Lanche, so we might have to capture them, or convince them to stop this war." I nod.

“So, if they won't be convinced, should we fight them?" Mettala nods.

“We have to do as much as possible. But if it does come towards a fight, we will have to be ready. So extra weapons, enough sleep, extra food and water. We gotta be strong." I nod.

“Okay, when should we start this plan?" I say. “Maybe tomorrow or the day after. After all, both you and Icenax need some rest." I nod. “Mentioning Icenax, where is he?" Gust shrugs.

“Before he said that he had to go...."

“....Go where exactly?" He shrugs again and I look around to try to find him. I look in different rooms, and then I find him. “What's wrong, Icenax?" I say and he looks up.

“I just don't want you to get hurt again. The plan wasn't really something I wanted to do, but its for the best." I nod.

“It's going to be okay, Icenax. I won't get hurt. I'm strong enough. And even if I do get hurt, it wouldn't be your fault. I wouldn't allow anything harmful happen to me." Icenax nods.

“Letting you get hurt would be my fault, I don't want anything to happen to you, even after the argument we had several centuries ago." I smile.

“I understand, Icenax. If it would help you, maybe we should switch partners for the plan if you don't feel comfortable about me without being protected." He nods. “Okay, I'll talk to Gust, about the plan."

Icenax’s view

I walk up to Gust. “Ok I talked to Rose and she recommended we switch targets. She will accompany you to get Lanche and I’ll accompany Mettala to get miss Flame.”

Gust and Mettala nod. “Alright then. We’ll start preparing tomorrow. You guys get some rest.” I nod and Gust shows me to my guest room while Mettala introduces Rose to her’s.

“Thanks Gust.” He nods and I lay down, exhausted. When was the last time I slept in a bed? I guess fifty years of no sleep takes it toll. I fall asleep. promptly. and I remember why I never actually slept on the way here. My dream is about that day, That War starting day.


“You are the most Indescribably rude and Ignorant man I’ve ever met!” Rose screamed at me she wasn’t acting her usual self neither was I for that matter.

“Yeah! Well you're the biggest rich Snot I’ve ever met!” Ugh… I don’t know what was worse this argument or my absolute failure of a comeback. Bad as it was it worked she slapped me and that’s when it got physical. We kept going I was giving her two punches for her one slap and then the powers came out. She blasted the floor and a fire started I started having trouble breathing. and then….

I awaken from my dream with a start. My breathing labored. “That was more vivid than usual.” I hear a knock on my door.

“It’s Rose you ok? I heard you screaming.”

“Just a second!” I put on a shirt and my helmet and open the door to find Rose in a crimson night gown looking pretty scared.

“Are you ok?”

“I’m fine Rose just a nightmare.” I assure her. She nods and goes back to her room. I shake my head and sit down on the bed. “There’s no way I’m going back to sleep now…” I mutter to myself. I put the rest of my armor on and head to the training grounds. When I get there no one else is there so I grab a bow and make myself some arrows out of ice and start shooting. When one of my arrows hits the bulls-eye the target gets encased in ice and I move to the next target. I do this until sunrise. When I finish and go back to my room, when I get to my room I find a letter on my bedside table I pick it up to read it.

Dear Icenax,

I know it’s been a long time but if you want to try again with Rose, Valentines day is tomorrow. Just thought I’d let you know.

From, Mettala

I smile at the letter. “That’s just like her.” I sigh and put the letter down. “What would I even do?” I sit down on the bed and start to think.

Mettala’s view

I snickered as I walked away from Icenax’s room, Picturing his face at the letters implied message. I know laughing at his embarrassment is mean but those two are just so cute! Although sometimes it gets frustrating when the fact they like each other is painfully obvious to me and Gust but they’re oblivious! I shake my head and focus on my task of getting out of yelling distance from Icenax’s room. He’s usually quiet about it but Rose isn’t, which is why I asked Gust to leave her letter. I walk back to the room me and Gust share. When I open the door I find Gust already there to me relief. “So I take it you weren’t caught?” I ask.

“Yep, You?”

“I wasn’t either.” We high fived.

“Alright now let’s hope they’re in a good mood or we’re never gonna hear the end of this.” I nod and we sit down on the bed.

“So……” I kick the air a little. “Speaking of Valentines day being tomorrow….”

“You're not getting your present early Metalla.” Gust said cutting off my question. I try to give him a cute pout.

“You're no fun…” He chuckles.

“I know I’m not.” I punch him lightly in the shoulder and hug him.

“Do you think it’ll work?” I ask him hoping it will.

“I hope so, if not well…. They are not gonna be happy with us.” I nod with a shiver.

“I hope they aren’t too mad. We both know how powerful those two can be.” He nods.

“I agree, but it’s pretty late we should sleep.” I nod and we go back to sleep.

The next day,

I wake up, smelling something sweet. I yawn and stretch.

"What is that smell?" I’m about to stand up and Gust comes in, holding a tray of food.

"Sit back down Metalla, you will get breakfast in bed today." He puts the tray down and sits next to me. "Happy Valentine's day." He kisses my cheek and hands me a glass of juice. "I don't want to have to spend this day without you, and this day shouldn't be about battling." I nod and take a piece of pancake. "Yumm." Gust smiles and takes a piece of bacon. "I deserve some food too." He says as he eats it.

"Gust?" I say, looking at a piece of pancake on my fork.

"Yes Metalla?" Gust replies as I take a bite from the food.

"Do you think everything would be peaceful, once we find Flame and Lanche?" Gust looks at me.

"I sure hope so Metalla."

Avalinius Lanche at The Ice Castle

I wave of the last of the filthy commoners for today. Ugh… How could Naximillion deal with these fools.Well at least he’s in his cell… That’s unguarded and really weak and…. Maybe I should check that cell. I get up from Naxi- My throne and run to the cell. When I get there I find the door gone and the cell empty. “GUARDS!” I yell out with enough force to cause an avalanche and two guards come running. “Where is the prisoner?” I ask glaring at them my abnormal hazel eyes trying to bore through them. The first guard hangs his head and I can tell I’m not going to like his answer.

“H-he uhhhh….. He…”

“Yes spit it out.” I demand my already aggravated tone becoming more so.

“He left sir. About two weeks ago…” The second guard says this so quickly I almost wonder if I misheard him. I severely wish I had.

“WHAT?!” There’s a distant thunderous noise assuring me I had caused yet another Avalanche. “Forgive us sir we thought you knew.” The both hang their heads. I sigh.

“Which direction.” I didn’t ask if anyone tried to stop him, I knew the answer to that.

“Straight east sir.” I let out a frustrated groan.

“Straight for Roselyn then. How fast?”

“Walking sir, Pretty calmly.” I shake my head. “Knowing Icenax he took some short cut. His fastest recorded time getting there in a hurry is three days…. Send a messenger under a truce flag to Balacia. Let her know that I must talk with her immediately.” They bow and run off to go do so. I sigh and walk off to the throne room. “This isn’t good. I hope Balacia gets the message soon.”

Gust’s view, an hour later

"Everyone ate their food, so maybe we should go to somewhere relaxing, or do something relaxing?" I suggest, while putting the leftover food away.

"Sure, maybe just sit on the couch and play a game? Or go outside and play sword games and not forget what we are supposed to be doing?" Rose says a bit upset. She crosses her arms while Icenax mumbles

“sheesh” noise, and Rose elbows him. I look away, to look at Mettala, and she looks a bit worried.

"What's wrong, Mettala?" I say, whispering to her, while trying not to make anything else awkward.

"We all try to push all of the stuff that is going to happen, but we should be worried, instead of relaxing?" I nod, and say,

"Of course we should be worried. Today, isn't one of the greatest days to be worried. But we will take care of everything. One of these days we will fight to stop this war. But today, we should relax and save our strength for the battle ahead." Mettala nods and puts her head on my shoulder.

"Yeah, today we should relax, even after we ate our huge breakfast." I smile and put my head on hers. Icenax stands up and excuses himself leaving the three of us alone in the kitchen.

“So…. What do you two have planned for Valentines day?” Rose asks looking a bit upset.

“We’ve already down our plans for today.” I reply. “Why?”

“N-no reason!” Rose looks away looking quite embarrassed Me and Mettala share a knowing smile.

“Is there someone you like Rose?” Mettala asks and the floor is suddenly the most interesting thing in the world to Rose. She mumbles something neither of us can make out. “What was that?” Mettala asks Rose.

“I said “No I was just curious….” I look at Rose and I can tell that wasn’t all. But knowing Rose that was all she was gonna say with me in the room so I pulled myself away from Mettala.

“I’m going to go check on Icenax, you girls stay here and relax.” I get up and exit the room. I walk around and ask one of the guards where Icenax is. He points me in the direction of the blacksmith shop. When I get there I see Icenax bent over using tiny tools to chip and hammer on something. “What are you doing?” I ask. He looks over his shoulder at me, his very pale face covered in sweat.

“Like you don’t know.”

“What do you mean?”

“You expect me to believe Mettala left that note without telling you?”

“Oh… To be honest I didn’t think you’d react.” He smirks

“Sorry to disappoint “ He continues to work.

“Need any help?”

“No thanks.” He plops the hot metal in the water. “It just needs to cool now. How about some training?” I nod.

“Sure, I’ll make sure to go easy on you.” I say jokingly

“Right back at you.” He says with a laugh punching me lightly in the shoulder. We walk of towards the training grounds. when we get there we take off our usual sets of armor for more basic ones. We also switched out our weapons for more basic wooden swords.When we’re done with our preparations we walk onto the field.

Metalla's View

"Rose, you can tell me. Nobody is here besides me and you." I say, while Rose nods.

"Alright, fine. I'll tell you. It's someone that we kinda know-"

"It's Icenax isn't it?" I cut her off. She stares at me with an awe face, and I wait until she replies.

"Ummm......uh....." She starts to say, as her face turns a bit red with blush.

"It's alright, Rose. Besides, it's great to like Icenax. You both would seem to be a perfect couple."

"Really?!" Rose says, a bit excitedly. I nod,

"Of course, Rose. I think that he kinda likes you too". Rose smiles and nods.

"Yeah, I do attract a lot of people." I nod, and laugh a little.

"That, you do." Rose and I start laughing a little, and then we hear some noise outside. "What are those boys doing?" Both of us run to the window to see them training.

"I wonder who would win?" Rose says.

"Maybe Gust, he is pretty strong."

"But Icenax can freeze his sword to the ground."

"But, Gust can probably pull his sword from the ice." Rose shakes her head.

"This is just plain silly."

"Eh, at least they are training instead of fighting." Rose nods her head.

"That, I do agree on." We see Gust and Icenax coming towards the door.

"Do you guys wanna train?" Both of us look towards them.

"Sure, but get ready to get your butt beaten by two girls." They start laughing, while Rose and I grab some training weapons, and walk outside with Icenax and Gust.

Icenax’s view

When the girls are done getting ready we walk out into the field again “Alright, the rules are; wood swords only, Magic is allowed but only weak attacks,. If you go outside the red ring you're out, last person still inside wins.” They all nod and we get in our positions. “BEGIN!” I shout and Gust wastes no time in trying to knock us down with a blast of air, Rose falls over but stays in the circle while me and Mettala stay standing I charge at Mettala and freeze the floor below her when she tries to brace for my attack I just give her a gentle push and she slides out of the ring. I turn around to see Rose going after Gust with fire blast after fire blast, I run over to her and swing my sword at her she blocks and lights my sword on fire we start going at it Slash, dodge, slash, dodge, until Gust tries to sneak up on her and I shove him out of the ring with a blast of ice Rose takes the opportunity to push me back and launch a blast of fire I intercept it with a blast of Ice and water falls to the floor of the ring harmlessly

“I got you now.” Rose says as she walks towards me the heat from her continuous blasts making me unable to make ice, But just before she can push me out of the ring, water grabs her from behind. “What?!” It flings her out of the ring and I laugh victorious.

“I learned a lot in fifty years.”

“I can see that But how…” Rose said looking confused. Gust and Mattila's faces matched hers and I smirked.

“It’s a long story.” I say scratching the back of my head.

Flash back- 45 years earlier.

I was sitting in my cell, contemplating, when one of the castle servants Avalanche enlisted passed by my cell, He looked at me and I understood the look of disdain that was etched to his face. “This is all your fault” I just look at him. He wasn’t a big man maybe five six, tanner than the usual. The reason he’s a servant is because he’s unable to control Ice. A bit mean of Avalanche, But looking at him now…. There’s something different I can’t put my finger on.

“I know.” His face softens a bit but still anger is evident. “You're a bit odd.” I say. He looks at me questioningly. “Your told that you have no magic yet it surrounds you.”

“Are you messing with me? How can I have magic I can’t even control an ice cube.”

“Perhaps that’s the problem. You're trying to control the ice. Maybe you need to try a different element.”

“Like what? There’s only four.”

“Maybe not….” He looks at me questioningly.

“What do you mean?” He asks intrigued.

“Water is melted ice. Ever tried that?” He raises his eyebrows.

“No…. I haven’t even considered it….”

“Well what’s stopping you?” I asked him

“Well, Not much water here….” I melted some ice and showed it to him.

“Here” He looks at it and reaches his hand out and moves the water slightly.

“There you go.”

End Flashback.

Rose’s view

After Icenax finished his story we all washed up, Icenax said he wanted to talk to me later. I wonder what he wants to talk about?

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