Elemental Wars.

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Chapter 3. Preperations

Rose's View

"So Icenax, what did you want to talk about?" I say as I walk inside closing the door. He picks something up and hides it behind him.

“Well…. Since it is valentine's day I thought maybe…..” He lowers his head apparently nervous. He hands me a little box. “Happy Valentines day” I take the little box and open it, Inside is a necklace that’s painted red and blue in the the amulet in the middle is a dragon in mid take off. My jaw drops and I look up at Icenax, His face is one of uncertainty. I smile and hug him crying.

“Ummmm…” He slowly hugs me back and I just stand there crying.



“You are a spoiled brat who doesn't care about anything!! Why can't you go back to your village, besides everyone else would be happier if you just left." One of the Ice villagers yell at me, while I stare in horror. “B-but I don't see what's wrong with adding blue flames to your houses, it's perfectly safe-"

“Perfectly safe?! You almost set the whole garden on fire!!"

“But it was only an accident. I honestly didn't mean to set your garden on fire. Honestly!" I try to explain, while the woman starts again.

“We'll if was on accident, that means that you don't deserve this necklace of the villagers, and you certainly don't deserve to be here!!"

The woman rips my necklace off, and storms off quickly. I walk to a bench and start crying.

“Are you okay?" A boy asks me and I look up. “I don't know. None of this makes sense."

I say, keeping my head partially in my hands. “Well, everything will make sense soon enough. And every worry you have will go away." He says.

I nod and smile. “Thanks, umm." “Naximillion, but you can call me Icenax." I nod. “Thanks Icenax, I'm Rose." We shake hands.

“Nice to meet you Rose." I smile and nod. “Nice to meet you to Icenax."

He nods.

“Rose? It looks like you're missing something." “Oh yeah, my necklace." He nods. “Did the village people actually give you that necklace?" He asks and I shake my head no. “My mom gave it to me for a sign of power and peace."

“Sounds like it’s really important to you, Let me see it I can help.”


End Flash Back

"It's not the original but I hope it will do."

"I love it, Will you help me put it on?" He nods and I turn around to allow him to put it around my neck, When he's done I turn around and look down at it I start to tear up again and hug him once more. Crying.

"Where did you find this? It's almost a perfect match to the original." He smiles with pride.

"I made it." My jaw nearly drops. That is just.... So sweet...

"It's amazing th-thankyou." I keep crying and hug him tighter. "I can't believe you went to all that trouble for me.." He hugs me back gently.

"It wasn't any trouble" I break from the hug.

"I almost forgot to give you your present," I go over and take a long rectangular box out from under my bed. "Mettala Helped me make it. I hope it's ok." He takes the box with a smile and inside he finds a sword in a scabbard the scabbard is decorated with blue stripes extending from a snow phoenix, he put the box down and drew the sword the guard piece of the sword was decorated in similar fashion to the scabbard and the blade glowed with a frosty magic.

"Woah, This is amazing." He sheaths it and hugs me again. I'm a bit startled but hug him back after he finishes hugging me he asks me who enchanted it. I told him that Mettala showed to a few refugees from our kingdoms and that one of them enchanted it with a flurry spell.

"Me and Mettala made the actual sword though and... It'd like it if you'd please keep it with you so I know your... safe..." I say the last part a little quitely but I can tell he heard and he hugs me again.

"I will. So what does Flurry do?"

"The enchanter says it would take Elements that are strong in the area your in and combine them with yours."

"Nice. Thank you Rose. I love it."

"Let's try it out!" I suggest. We go to the training area and I set up some dummies for him. First he tries the regular sword stuff. He slashes at a few targets and manages to cut two clean in half at once! After that he tries the flurry out and it picks up some loose rocks and launches it at the dummy which makes it explode!

"Wow. Maybe I should save that move for an Emergency." I nod. "I'm gonna keep my other sword on me so I don't overuse this one. Thank you again Rose." I smile and Hug him again.

"Your welcome. Now lets go find the others."


*Mettala's View*

“Where are we going?" I say, a bit tired, and curious.

“Well we are going to keep on walking around until it is time for us to go back to the castle, which could be either in a half an hour or ten minutes." Gust says.

“Can't we just rest for a few minutes? My feet are killing me." Gust nods and we both sit down, one using the other as a pillow.

“Maybe once we get to the castle, I'll give you a foot massage."

I smile and look at Gust.

“Really?" I say, a bit overexcited and Gust laughs a little.

“I said maybe." I pout a little.

“You're one of a kind my Mettala." He says and I smile.

“I wish every day could be as calm as this, instead of worrying about fighting."

Gust nods in approval.

“Yeah, we can only wish and sometimes wishes come true."

I lean my head on Gus's head and about to fall asleep when I hear a loud “ahem" from the corner, then wake up right away.

“Oh, umm hello."

I sit up against the cave wall, and Gus does the same. The boy waves and says a small

“Hi". The boy looked more than a young trainee.

“What's your name?" I ask him.

“My name is Sam-Andrew Nate Diesel." Both I and Gus glanced at each other. “Sam...Andrew...Nate?"

“Yes. Sam-Andrew Nate Diesel. My birth parents named me Sam and my adopted parents named me Andrew. Yeah, it's bit of a weird name."

“No, no it's a great name. Right Gust?" I elbow Gust.

“Of course. Anyone who's first name is either Andrew or Sam is great. Especially when you have both names."

He smiled.

“Thanks. Umm can I ask you a question?"

“Sure" Gust and I almost say at the same time.

“What is your name, and is it short for something?"

I answer first. “Well my name is Metallica, and this is Gustavius."

“Hello Gust and Mettala."

We both wave.

“May I ask another question?" He asks a bit quietly.

Gus answers this time. “Sure."

He nods and says,“What are you doing So far away from the town on Valentine's day?"

We both look at each other. “We were training, then we thought to let our friends have some time together and catch up." The boy nods and smiles.

"What are you doing so for from town?" Gust asks the boy.

"I..... I Don't know one of my friends told me to follow him through the tunnels and we got separated He's still in there somewhere...."

"Well Which tunnel maybe we can help." I offer, My heart skips a beat when he points to which tunnel though. "Gust I'll take a look can you get this boy home?" He nods and he guides the boy back to town while I make my way to the RATS tunnel. I wish Rats meant the man eaters on the way here but I know full well this is much much worse. I hear something resembling a squeak only much louder and then a scream and I don't care anymore I run in and soon find the boy cornered by three Rats the size of bears! The boy has his head buried between his legs crying I snap and make three earth pillars pop out of the ground impaling the rats in the head I then rush in and grab the boy before running straight towards the exit but I find at the exit the biggest rat I've ever seen. But I won't be deterred I summon a giant bear made of stone and fight it off from the exit I then run towards town. After I drop the boy off at the medic I send a messenger to his parents and go to find Gust I manage to meet up with him and tell him what happened.

"I told you we should've closed off that tunnel." I nod and we do so. Then we start walking back to the castle.


Icenax's POV

Me and Rose had found a guard and he pointed us towards the direction the others were, We met them half way there and started talking about our days. After a while we sit down.

"So what's the plan for the rest of the day?" I ask.

"Lets get some rest for now." Gust suggests and we all agree so I go back to my guest room for a good night's sleep.

few hours later

My dreams seem quiet and peaceful. It was soft, and calm...until it hit me.

“Gust, what in the world are you doing?!?" I look at him, to see him shoving his hand in his pockets.

“Well, I was just preparing for battle. You know, making sure everything is in place." He replied, a bit calm, and a bit unsure of what he was saying.

“Alright, hurry up now and get going." He nods and I walk away. I make sure everything is ready and then I say,

“Okay everyone, it's time to get ready to go!! " I look around me, and I see that I'm missing someone.

“Has anyone seen Gustavius?" I say and everyone shrugs. I groan and signal the ship driver to sail away from the shore. Once we have sailed we almost reach the Fire castle.

“Okay everyone, get ready to fire!" I say almost in a whisper, but loud enough for the people of my crew to hear. We get ready to fire, but then the Fire castle opens a cannon, and fires flames. “Crew fire!!" I yell to them, right before the flame hits the cannon. We fire, and get hit by the cannon, while the castle gets hit too.

“Okay crew fire again!" Before I finished the sentence, the Fire castle releases two more flames and it hits us, making me pass out....

“Icenax, wake up. Icenax?" I feel someone shaking me awake and I open my eyes groggily.


“Yea Icenax, it's me."

“What are you doing here?" I say rubbing my eyes.

“You had a bad dream, Icenax. But everything is okay."

I sit up, and look confused.

“How did you get into my room, My door was locked?" I say looking around.

“Well, I kinda...burnt your door down." I laugh a little, while she turns on the light.

“Oh well, I needed a new door anyway." She laughs too.

“So I just did you a favor."

"Yep. Are you ok?"

"I'm ok you just worried me, Will you be alright?" She asks worried.

"I'll be fine sorry for waking you"

"It's ok. Sleep well." She starts to turn around and leave.

"Wait!" I call out running towards her I'm not sure waht to say. So I just hug her. "Stay safe." I whisper she hugs me back and for awhile we just stand there.

"You stay safe too Icenax. May I go to bed now?" I nod and let go and go back to bed. She goes back to bed too.


The next Morning

I wake up before everyone and got bored so I started to make breakfast. By the time I almost finish cooking, I hear a door open, then close. I hear someone say,

“Good morning," while I put the last piece of bacon on the tray. “Morning Mettala." She nods an sits, as I put the tray on the table. “Are you hungry? I made enough food for everyone." She nods, and takes her share of the eggs and bacon. I sit in my chair, next to Mettala, and then I hear two more doors open and close.

“Good morning Rose and Icenax." I turn and Rose replies,

“Morning," as Icenax just grumbles a reply. Rose sits down and Icenax follows.

“There is enough food for you two too." I say, and they take food, as I take a bite of my food.

"Thanks Gust." Rose said with a smile.

"You're welcome. So do we actually have a plan other then attacking them at the same time?" I ask. Icenax gets up and comes back with two maps.

"I thought you'd never ask." He says with a smile. He finishes his food and sets up the maps. One of the Ice castle and the other of the fire castle. He points to a hill a good distance away from the castle.

"There's a hidden entrance in a cave on this hill. Half way through," He moves his finger halfway between the hill and the castle,

"You and Rose will find a bunker with supplies. Then you'll take the path the rest of the way into an entrance into the Library. The on the other end of the Library is a secret passage directly into the Throne room."

“Okay, what else?"

Icenax continues, “Once you get to the End of the library, Conceal your weapons so Lanche doesn't take you by surprise. Walk out slowly the into the throne room. Then if the room seems clear, then hide behind something and wait about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, Lanche should come from the other side of the thrown room. Once Lanche comes, you have to catch him off guard, so just come out after he dismisses the guards, that way only you three will be in there. Got it?" Rose and I nod. “Good. While you two are at Lanche's castle, Mettala and I are going to the Fire castle and we are going into a small village nearby and from there we do relatively the same thing as you two, ."

Everyone nods. “Okay, let's get going." Icenax nods.

"Lets do this."

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