Elemental Wars.

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Chapter 4. Complications

Gust's POV

“You did bring extra food and water right?" I say, walking towards the small hill Icenax told us to go in.

“Of course I did! What kind of person doesn't grab extra food for the journey?!" Rose says.


“Don't answer that." Rose snaps, and pulls out the food from the backpack. “I told you so." Rose says, and I scowl, trying to be friendly.

I look around and see a small cave inside the hill.

"Come one I think I found the entrance." I call to Rose over my shoulder waving her over and walking into the cave. We make our way into the cave and find a torch on the wall at the entrance of the tunnel. Lighting it we start walking down the tunnel.

“Gust, what do you think is in this passage since it seems like no one uses it?" I think for a moment,

“Maybe giant rats and spider webs?" Rose looks at me horrified and I laugh.

“Don't worry, I'm just kidding. Maybe the most we'll see are several spider webs and a maybe a spider are two." Rose takes a deep breath and nods.

“Okay, that doesn't seem that bad. Besides if I do see a spider, I'm making you kill it." I am about to argue with her then I take a giving up sigh.

“Fine." We keep walking for a few hours and finally reach the midway point.

Rose looks around.

“What are you looking for?" I say, catching her looking somewhere. “Icenax told us that the extra weapons are at the midpoint. We are at the midpoint and I don't see any weapons!" I look around too, and start walking forwards a little bit.

“I believe I just solved your confusion." I walk to a shelf of weapons, and Rose follows.

“What weapon should I get, the blade with the fire Phoenix or the blade with the red and blue flame blade?" Rose looks at both of them. “Maybe you should get both, there is two blade sheaths for your back, so you can carry them." I say and Rose nods. She removes her backpack and puts both swords in the sheath on her back. I grab the backpack and grab two look-alike blades and placed it in my sheaths on both of my sides, then I put Rose's backpack on my back. I also grab a bow and some arrows.

“Ready?" Rose nods and we start walking again.

We keep on walking until I hear a sound, almost like tapping, but rapidly. I turn around first seeing absolutely nothing, and Rose just turns completely white. “Rose?" I say and she points straight ahead. Then I see several red eyes in the darkness. It creeps out and I see one of the largest spiders ever. “It had to be a spider!" I remove my blade from my sheath and I hold it up. “You're ready to fight Rose?" She looks at me and shakes her head no. I sigh and aim an arrow at it’s head But Rose bumps me slightly and it hits the leg instead.

“HSSSSSSSSSSSSSS……” The Spider cries and looks at us angrily.

“Oh crap…..” I try to pull out another arrow but that was impossible since Rose had fainted and pinned my legs and my bow beneath her. Then I feel a slight down draft I look up and see a small crack letting air in from the top. I look around and see a stalactite that was pointier than the others so Putting my hand up I redirected the air current and gave it some strength pushing the spider up and into the stalactite killing it. Managing to unpin myself from Rose I get my bow back and carry her further down the tunnel away from the mess. I get to the end of the tunnel and try to wake Rose.

She opens her eyes slightly “Wha-?”

Mettala’s view.

“Where do you think the passage is hidden?" I say, looking around the bookcases for some clues. “Well from what I have learned, the passageway should be somewhere completely hidden. So try moving one or more things. Like a book perhaps?" Icenax responds. I nod and try moving several books one at a time, until I hear a creak noise.

“I think I found it!" I try to find the door that opened, and I motion Icenax over to the door.

“We go inside, and should we expect anything out of the ordinary?" Icenax looks in and shrugs. “Just to be safe, take your blade out of your blade holder." I nod, and remove my blade.

“Ready?" I say and Icenax nods. He goes inside the hidden corridor, an I follow behind him. I look around the hidden passage, and step over some spider webs.

“How did you find this place, Icenax?"

“Rose Drew it on a map. She said to look for a black book with a one word title."

“Ah okay then.” I walk further behind Icenax, and I hear a scratching noise, stopping me from walking.


“Yes Mettala?"

“Do you hear that?"

“Hear what?" Then I hear a different noise, but this one was harsher. I look around, holding my blade high almost parallel to my face. Then I see red eyes behind us, yellow eyes on the other side of me.

“Icenax?" I look around, and realize that Icenax isn't in front of me anymore. “Icenax?!?" Before I can finish looking for him the yellow eyed spider jumps at me. I pull some of the loose bricks down on it’s head, cutting it’s head off before it can get up. I turn to the red eyed spider when I felt a cold gust of air. Icenax is standing on top of the spider, sword completely through it’s head.

Icenax stands completely up and smiles at Mettala, “That was fun.”

I stare at him in awe, not knowing what to say. “You are insane." I say shaking my head.

“I know." Icenax replies. Icenax starts walking again, and I follow him until I see something, maybe a dim light ahead. Icenax lets me pass him, and I walk slowly until I see the door to the throne room. I open the door slowly and enough to see through it. I nod, indicating that the coast was clear, so Icenax and I walk slowly out of the corridor. Once we were completely out, we run quietly across the room, to a pillar we can hide behind. We wait for several minutes, then I hear a voice. “You seriously think you can hide from me behind a pillar?" Me and Icenax step out from behind the pillar to face Flame and a small army of Fire Kingdom Soldiers.

“I’ve been expecting you”

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