Elemental Wars.

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chapter 5

Elemental Wars Chapter 5

Rose's View

I wake up with my head hurting a bit. “What happened Gust?" Gust helps me up. “Well, we have been attacked by giant spiders.."

I look at him unconvinced. “Really?!" He nods. My eyes widen in shock then I see the light by the door.

“How did you get me over here?"

“I carried you."

I nod. “Thanks."

“No problem."

I stand up fully, and I pick up my sword from the ground.

“Ready to go?"

Gust nods and we walk through the door.

Once we walk through the door we look around at first and then find a hiding spot.

“Ready Gust?"

Gust nods at me. “Ready Rose."

We hear the doors slam shut and only one pair of footsteps walking towards us.

“You two can come out now."

Gust and I walk out from our hiding spots with our swords in the air just in case.

“What are you two doing here in my castle?" Avalianius Lanche snickered.

“We're here to stop you."

Lanche laughs.

“Stop me. From what? I did absolutely nothing wrong."

I raise my blade higher.

“You did nothing wrong?" I start to get a bit angry.

“I did nothing wrong."

I muffle a deep breath.

“Nothing at all? You haven't looked outside the palace have you?"

Lanche smirks. “Of course I haven't. Besides I don't need to go outside the look how peaceful the world is."

I take a step towards Lanche keeping my sword raised as Gust follows behind me.

“Peaceful is anything but the world right now Lanche. Either way you're going to lose the war."

Lanche laughs a bit evilly. “But my dear, it won't be me who will be losing this fight."

I get my sword in ready position and I try to strike at Lanche.


Gust stops me by standing in front of me.

“We don't want to make the war worse."

“Gust the war is already worse. What difference would it make if I strike at Lanche."

“Rose you are getting on Lanche's level. Just relax and let me handle this."

I take a deep breath and nod. Then I walk backwards down the throne steps.

“Someone is afraid of a little competition?"

I keep on taking deep breaths to relax myself.

“Lanche, you need to end this war now." Gust says, taking a step up the steps.

“And what happens if I didn't?" Lanche remarks as I clench my fists trying to hold in my powers.

“Not ending the war means destroying everything and everyone including you. You should stop the war."

Lanche shakes his head.

“I don't give up on something that is already halfway finished. Even though I like to keep my life, I like to be on the winning side more."

Gust keeps on walking up the steps and until I realize it, I'm following Gust.

“What happened to the good side Lanche?!? What happened to doing what was right??"

Lanche starts to stand up from his throne. “I was always doing right Gustavius. I was always on the good side. It's just you that is on the wrong team."


He nods and walks towards me.

“Lanche you have no right to tell us we are fighting for the wrong team. For all we know, we are fighting to end the war but not to create it a bigger mess. We are fighting for the good side and always will. You Lanche are just so wrong that you don't even know what you are going to do after the war."

Lanche is now the one who clenches his fists.

“Don't you dare tell me that I am fighting for the wrong team."

Lanche unclenched his hands and he stared at me. I ready my sword as he picked up his own. But instead of striking at me, he used his power of ice and rocks and sent them towards Gust's direction. Before Gust could do anything, he gets knocked out cold....

I turn towards Lanche but he ran into a hidden corridor, so I ran after him. We reached a hidden room with several blacksmiths and their forges working extremely hard. On a podium behind Lanche is a pendant blue and silver suspended in thin air.



Icenax’s View

“..... Is that possible,” I said Looking at the Gold and red pendant behind Flame, She had knocked Mettala out in the throne room when I took out her guards. The blacksmiths ignored us, working tirelessly as if that’s all they could do making a soft orange glow around the room.

Balacia smirked sword still pointed at me. “No idea but the power it has will be mine when this war is over.” Her eyes were a unusual dark red.

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