Silver Swords and Hungry Werewolves [The Curse Of The Redhood Book One}

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Chapter Two

I sighed as I stared out of the window and took in the familiar sight of trees, nothing but trees; my Grandmother had been true to her word and grounded me. She even went as far as locking my doors and windows.

“I need to get away from her.” I groaned as I leant against the window and closed my eyes the stony silence was broken by the clock ticking on my bedside table. My eyes snapped open; I could have sworn I heard someone calling me. I watched in horror as Flint ran out of the forest covered in blood, his blue hair glinting in the evening sun.

Birch was in hot pursuit brandishing a tire iron. I ran to my door and started pulling at it, I kicked it in frustration and ran back to the window. Flint and Birch were wrestling with the malevolent object. I turned looking for something to help me, blue glittery paper caught my eye, I grabbed it and headed to my chest of draws ripping them open looking desperately for something to help. My door was unlocked and shoved it in my pocket as my Grandmother burst in.

“Get away from the window.” She shouted at me and pulled me across the room away from the window. I caught a glimpse of Flint being smacked over the head by Birch as she pulled me away.

“FLINT.” I screamed, my Grandmother froze and stared down at me.

“You’ve spoken with him.” She said with dangerous authority. The next thing I know she was pulling me down stairs bumping me on each step to the kitchen; she pulled back the kitchen rug and turned on me her eyes blazing with furious disgust.

“What has he told you, I have to get the true Alpha to make you talk, he won’t be so kind.” I swallowed and started stuttering did she really want to know Flint said he liked my art work?

She gripped my arm and shook me, yelling that I had to tell her. Tears flooded my eyes and escaped down my cheeks as she yanked me up by my shoulders. She turned to the floor and pulled at a loose floor board which uncovered a handle, then pulled and a huge gaping hole opened up in the floor. She grabbed me and pushed me into the hole, I yelped as I landed and my arm at an awkward angle. She slammed the door shut and I heard a lock slide across.

The space was dark and damp, I could barely move.

“Let me out!” I yelled hammering my fists on the door; hot angry tears flowed down my cheeks.

I started to panic; I needed to get out of here. I ran my hands against the walls trying to find a weak spot and was relived to find one of the walls was made of planks of wood. I shook the planks hoping they’d come loose, the rotten wood bent under my weight, I grunted in frustration and moved so I could kick at the planks. After a few kicks they started creaking and I heard the wood being to splinter and gave one finale kick. I inhaled and screamed at the same time resulting in a harsh high pitch sound as the wood splintered and sliced deep into to my leg, I sat still unable to move as pain clawed its way through my body. Heavy footsteps and strange voices snapped me into survival mode; I crawled through the new space until I found a drop down.

I slid on to my back and slowly dropped down hissing as I landed on my leg. The tunnel had widened out and I could sit up, a tiny trickle of light shone brightly in the pitch black, I shuffled to where the light was coming from and squinted my eyes so I could see through it. Two men were stood on the lawn one man was tall and broad shouldered, his hair was dark black and he had it styled so it was slicked back. He was wearing a grey tank top and green combat shorts, his face was chiselled and perfect, he had an eyebrow bar and a green tag with a serial number in his right ear. The other was a few feet shorter than the first man, and an unconscious Flint lay at their feet.

“We should tie him up, he might escape.” The shorter man looked down at Flint whose face was facing me.

“Oh Flint.” I whispered to myself. I started looking for something I could use to loosen bits of the wall hoping to make the hole bigger, all I gathered was dirt. I groaned, and lent against the wall.

“The paper.” I pulled the shiny blue paper out of my pocket and held it up to the tiny slit of light.


Run, Meet you at the forest rubble.


“I really hate you right now Flint.” I peered back out at the front lawn. The two men were still arguing over what to do with Flint, I stared at him wondering what I should do.

I jumped as Flint’s electric blue eyes snapped open and looked directly at me, he winked and jumped up startling the two men. Blue mist started surrounding the three men they’re surprised shouts were the only thing that broke through the fog. I stared in wonder as the fog lazily drifted over to me and through the tiny gap.

I stared wide eyed as the fog seemed to solidify in front of me and slowly form Flint. I felt my mouth drop open.

“That did not just happen.” I whispered feeling my chest tighten as I began to hyperventilate he cocked his head.

“What?” I started wave my arms around but there wasn’t really enough room.

“YOU TURNED INTO BLUE MIST.” I screeched making Him raise any eyebrow and laughed.

“How do you travel?” He chuckled playfully I scoffed at him.

“I walk, with my legs.” I muttered sarcastically he shifted uncomfortably squished in the tiny space.

“We need to get out of here, he’s too close to use and I need you to get to the Guard, train you up for your Redhood duties.” I frowned.

“I’m not moving until I get answers, I’m not running away with a stranger on some quest because I’m the only answer to your problems who’s this he, is he the Alpha my grandma was talking about.” He chuckled darkly and grabbed me around the waist.

“Sweetheart, you don’t have a choice.” I screamed as my body started to dissolve around me I became a glowing red pulse. I couldn’t deal with it and started fighting Flints hold on me as we floated through the tiny hole and drifted towards the forest.

I finally twisted out of his grip, It was the most painful thing I’d ever felt, a scream made me jump, I didn’t realise until the ringing stopped that it was me. Flint was stood above me muttering to himself, my skin began to glow purple and huge tears in my skin grew smaller. I lay still not trusting myself to move.

“This can’t be real.” I said out loud as tears fell down my cheeks. Flint’s jaw tensed, he reached out and brushed the tears away.

“I’m afraid it is, you’re mother… do you know who she is.” He asked gently, I shook my head.

“My parents are dead.” I snapped Flint’s eyes seemed to blaze with fury.

“No, they are very much alive.” He said awkwardly I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath.

“Why aren’t they here?” I whispered Flint removed his hand from my cheek.

“Because, your father is with his Darkling, and you’re mother is in hiding from Rosanna and her pet wolf.” He spat my grandmother’s name as if it tasted bad.

“What’s a Darkling?” Flint Smiled and pointed to himself.

“I am, I’m a Demon.” I laughed and sat up.

“Are you for real, you’re a nut job.” I stood up and went to walk back to The Old Cottage, I stared in horror as the man from before started ripping his flesh from his bones and grew fur. I turned to Flint.

“Ok, um I’ll come with you on one condition.” I said bravely Flint swallowed and looked across at the man.

“What?” He stood still waiting for my reply. I looked down at my feet finally finding the confidence to stand up to someone.

“Take me to my mother and tell me everything you know.” Flint flicked his hair out of his eyes and turned to the forest. I stood still; the man was now a huge black wolf.

“Are you coming or does the idea of being dog food appeal to you?” I ran to Flint who was now just past the tree line.

“I’m not doing whatever the hell we just did to get out of the house.” Flint rolled his eyes.

“I couldn’t anyway, the only reason I got in was because Rosanna’s getting weaker.” I had to jog to keep up with his long strides.

“Weaker?” I asked He nodded and started walking faster.

“She’s a several hundred year old witch, will you hurry up we need to get to the barn before Zevy’s dog catches us.” I started running, a few minutes later we reached the burnt down rubble surrounded by my purple flowers, Flint jogged to the middle of the rubble, I followed quickly and accepted a handful of the flowers.

“There Wolves-Baine, if it touches’ them… it burns them, like Bleach on a human.” He pulled me behind him as a large black wolf with blue eyes strolled through the clearing.

“Ha, Flint still not strong enough to run from her?” I gasped as a strong booming voice echoed through my head.

“How did…” I turned to the Demon to ask but Flint just sighed and put up a hand to stop me from speaking.

“You’re parents are guards, a guards’ job is to protect its grace from damage, some of you have the task of protecting Sacred graces, because you are a Guard you can hear their voices even when they become animals.” The wolf laughed as he circled the rubble and looked me up and down.

“Sure you got the right girl Flint, she’s very….. Well she’s not really anything special is she?” Flint shrugged.

“Well she’s something better to look at than you.” Flint said and looked at me to back up his comment. The wolf’s laughter sounded like a strangled howl, I didn’t believe Flint that a plant could keep a large talking wolf away from us, the wolf froze and stared at me.

“I can smell her fear Flint, she’ll taste good.” He licked a dribble of drool from his lips and I swallowed my fear in a large gulp.

“What do you want from me.” I snapped angrily making the wolf smile.

“Ahhh it speaks.” Flint pushed me behind him as the wolf stepped uncomfortably close to the purple flowers.

“Will you stop engaging in conversation with the dog, it’s stupid?” Flint whined in a childish way.

“Some breeds of dog are very clever Flint.” Flint frowned at me, I pointed to the Wolves-bane that circled the rubble pile and at the woods. A small smile played across Flint’s face so quickly I wasn’t sure I had really seen it.

“Not that one dumb as a post.” Flint said in a matter of fact tone, I shook my head.

“I bet he can even understand what we’re saying.” Flint snorted and looked down at the wolf that was now growling quietly at Flint.

“That is one of the dumbest animals I ever met, I bet his wolf doesn't even understand him, let alone us.” With a final growl the huge black wolf hurtled himself at the space where Flint should have been, at the same time Flint dived for me and knocked us out of the circle of wolfs-bane, suddenly finding himself trapped the wolf began to howl and yelp as he tried to get to us.

“Can’t he just jump out?” Flint doubled over laughing.

“Nah, it’s too big to get enough height and there’s not enough space for him to run at it.” He gasped, after a few moments he recovered himself, politely blew a kiss to the wolf and strode of into the forest.

“Nice to meet you Mr Wolf.” I smiled at him and ran to catch up with Flint.

After an hour of trekking I decided that Flint had got us lost.

“Do you know where were going.” He didn’t acknowledge me. Instead he walked faster; I sighed and decided to walk in the opposite direction towards the bridge.

“Do you know where you’re going?” He asked sarcastically.

“I’m going to the bridge, it’s the only way to get out of the town.” Flint raised an eyebrow.

“If we go that way were going to get caught….. don’t tell me you can’t swim.” I flushed a deep red colour.

“I can but not well enough to get across the whole lake.” Flint nodded and indicated for us to continue in the general direction that lead to the lake.

“Well, we need to carry on before the other wolves catch up.” I nodded and for a while we were both silent.

“Would you like to ask more questions… I mean part of the deal was I tell you stuff.” He shrugged as if he didn’t really care.

“My Mother, tell me about her… please, I don’t even know her name.” Flint smiled as his eyes glazed over for a few moments.

“Your Mother is called Sophia, she was a dear friend to my brother.” I smiled.

“I knew she’d have a lovely name, not like mine.” Flint stopped.

“Why don’t people call you phoenix?” He helped me clamber through some nasty looking thorns.

“Because that’s what Grandma’s always called me… why?” Flint chuckled.

“Your Mother named you Phoenix, she was so happy when you were born.” I snorted.

“Happy enough to leave.” Flint sighed and shook his head.

“Zevy found where you were all hiding.” I looked up at him questioningly he shrugged and stopped as we came to the huge lake. Flint dived in and resurfaced a few metres away; I sighed and did the same. The water was freezing, all at once my body tensed up.

“Here let me help.” Flint laughed when he saw me shivering, his eyes flickered blue, his pupils disappeared and his whole eyes were just … blue, soft blue swirls weaved their way towards me, when they connected with my skin they began to glow and warmth spread across my skin.

“How do you do that?” Flint grinned and lifted a hand out of the water, suddenly his hand was engulfed in the most beautiful blue flames, they swirled and licked their way up his arm, almost playfully.

“I’m a fire demon, bringing warmth and understanding since the dawn of time.” I giggled

“So you’re a dinosaur?” He scowled at me.

“I’m not that old.” I nodded and we began to swim across the massive lake with renewed vigour, when we were halfway across, splashing sounds alerted us that someone was near. Flint glanced over his shoulder and swore loudly before pulling me close to him.

“Don’t scream.” My eyes widened as he wrapped his arms around my waist like he had earlier.

“Wait, woah woah.” I couldn’t help but scream, the pain was excruciating, unlike the first time I knew what was going to happen, I could feel each part of my body melt away and split apart and then I was nothing but air.

I tried to speak but I couldn’t find my voice , I watched in amazement as we whizzed past the trees, it was the weirdest sensation, like falling but floating at the same time. After a while Flint placed us down, this time he put us back together slowly allowing my body time to adjust.

“Next time you don’t have time to ask if I want to do that, please just assume I’m going to say no.” I gasped as I ran my hands up and down my body making sure I was all there. Flint laughed as he watched me.

“Well come on there’s a motorway down that hill, I’m gonna teach you how to hitch hike.” He grinned at me before dragging me away from my home and towards an unknown world.

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