Silver Swords and Hungry Werewolves [The Curse Of The Redhood Book One}

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Chapter Three

We ran, my heart was pounding faster as the black wolf burst through the undergrowth and thundered after us and an unbelievable speed , there was no way we could out run the huge beast. As we got closer to the highway it pulled back slightly.

"Flint we can't get away from him." I gasped as I looked at Flint who was pulling his hood over his head so it covered his eyes.

"We'll be ok; he can't get to close to the mortals..... Unless he loses his temper, then we need to get outa here fast." I nodded and glanced over my shoulder, the huge wolf was pacing an invisible line he snorted and yipped in frustration as Flint dragged me further away from him, a small ginger wolf hesitantly hurried out of the forest and skulked up to the huge one, he lowered his body to the ground and attempted to get his attention. The Black wolf snapped violently at the smaller wolf who cowered away from him.

I tripped slightly as my feet hit the raised edge of the road; we clambered over the railings that ran across the roadside. A flash of black caught my eye, the huge black wolf was thundering down the hillside towards us. Flint yelled at me to move, I spun round and ran after him, I could feel the seconds ticking as the wolf's paw prints got louder.

Flint pushed me in front of him, every time I slowed down he would push me forward, my chest felt like it was going to burst, my lungs ached for air that slipped through my lips as soon as I took a gasping breath. Flint pulled me to a stop as a silver Ferrari with yellow flames and tinted windows pulled up next to us. The windows rolled down and a small heart shaped face with big brown eyes and purple hair popped out of the window.

"Yo Flint, Somber said to pick you up." The girl popped the door open for him to get in, he slide into the car and indicated for me to follow. The girl looked me up and down, my clothes were torn damp and coated in blood, my black hair hung limply in thin rats' tails around my shoulders. She raised an eyebrow as I got in.

"Dam girl, what'd them shoes ever do to you?" I looked down at my beloved red knee high converse, they were ruined. I flushed as she laughed and started up the engine and sped away leaving the huge black wolf behind at the edge of the road.

"This is Liv, Liv this is Phoenix." Flint Nodded his head towards me, I smiled shyly at her she nodded and speed down the road.

"Is she a demon?" I whispered to Flint as he inspected the job he'd done on my newly healed leg, Liv laughed harshly.

"Sorry toots, I'm a full-fledged Vampire." I blushed a deep red as she winked at me in the rear view mirror.

"She belongs to Somber." I raised an eyebrow and looked at Flint blankly.

"Belongs to Somber?" Flint nodded and sighed.

"Yeah, um, When Vampires make Re-borns or bloodlings they mark them, claiming them as there new children and they show that they accept responsibility for the Re-born." I nodded taking in what Flint had said.

"What happens if they’re not claimed?" Liv growled threateningly her face rippled gently and became more angular, her ears became pointed at the ends and her eyes grew a red ring around her pupils, I blinked and she was back to normal, the only evidence of her changing was a churning uneasiness that sat in the pit of my stomach.

"So how's Somber?" Flint practically yelled trying to defuse the tension, Instantly Liv's deadly gaze shifted from me to Flint becoming friendly again.

"He's mad that you took so long to get her out, you cut it fine Flint, any later and He woulda got her." Flint chuckled.

"Yeah well, Stupid mortal kid found me waiting for Pho in the forest." I glared at him; he held his hands up making Liv chuckle.

"He's not stupid!" I hissed at him, Flint rolled his eyes and slid back into the seat leaving very little leg room so I had to sit with one leg tucked under Flint's.

"Look the kid hit me with a tire iron, so excuses me if we don't snuggle up and become best buddies." I rolled my eyes at him and turned to look out of the window wondering where on earth I was going and how I'd managed to make two new friends in a matter of hours.

"We’re here!" Liv sang as she pulled up in front of a white building with painted blackboards over the windows. I got out and waited for Flint to slide out. The front doors were pushed wide open and a huge muscular black man a few feet taller than Liv strode out, he swept Liv into his arms the way a father would a young child. He gave Flint a "manly" hug before setting his eyes on me.

I gazed up at his Grey eyes, I felt tiny as he stood over me, he ran a large hand through his long hair and grinned at me, all the fear of the stranger and the new place I was in vanished as the dangerous look on his face melted into a gentle and friendly smile.

"Phoenix, sweetheart......... come here child." He pulled me into a bone breaking hug, I could feel every muscle in his body ripple as he lifted me a few inches of the floor and dropped me down again.

"You know me... you know my real name?" The man laughed and placed a huge hand on my cheek.

"I'm Somber, I was good friends with your parents, remember the day you were born like it was yesterday." I blinked rapidly in shock; I had no idea what to say. A million question rolled around my head fighting with my tongue over which should be asked first.

"You knew me before my parents.... Well I have no idea what happened, my Grandmother told me they died and Flint said they were chased off." I gasped letting the reality of today sink in. Somber shook his head.

"Rosanna, nasty piece of work that one, she's not your Grandmother." He said with disgust as he guided us into the blindingly white building.

I sat down and accepted a drink of water from Liv while I looked around the room. It was a simple black and white club with a black and silver bar covered in mirrors and a over dramatic stage that commanded the room. The dance floor was made of large slick shiny black tiles that had reflective shards of mirror that caught the bluish lighting and glistened brightly. I was sat at one of the many clear plastic tables and chairs that were made to look like rippling water.

"Right then, you guys all right?" Somber asked as he came back into the room. Flint was leaning against the nearest wall sipping his glass of water. He nodded at Somber but stayed silent, Somber indicated for Liv to sit down next to me.

"I need you two to listen carefully, ok?" I glanced at Liv who was frowned before nodding respectfully at Somber.

"Right, you are a Guard and a Guards job is to protect a Grace or Darkling." Somber looked at me expectantly, I hesitated before asking my questions.

"Why am I a Guard and what's a Grace, a darkling's a demon right?" Somber shrugged before continuing.

"A guard is something that is created from gold dust that's collected from the gold planes where the Good souls go after death; a greater being or darkling, demons, elves, werewolves that sort of thing use silver power which is .... Well bad, evil in a way but they themselves aren't always bad. Flint for example probably won't kill you. This power is collected from the silver planes... the souls there aren’t evil but have struggled through great darkness and hard times... we need balance and those souls that create or live in the dark planes balance perfectly with those in the golden planes. A grace is rare, some specially chosen Guards are picked to protect them because they are the only things that keep peace between houses and by houses I mean each family of ever creature and within each race you'll have thousands of houses all over the world." Again Somber waited patiently for me to take in what he said and decide what I wanted to ask him.

"Gold dust?" I asked finally, I was a humanoid creature created to protect something important. That much I understood. He chuckled.

"Yeah it's a long story, basically there's this oak tree that grows in the golden planes, supposedly touches the sky and heavenly guards live in a city built into the tree they create or collect gold dust which allows Guards and other blessed creatures certain powers. A lot of your kind don't ever age because of the gold dust well that and you're kinds beginning to die off because of awful rulers like the elders... it's why you hardly ever find guards just wondering around. There's a place called the dark fortress no one knows where it actually is but they mix gold and silver dust to make bronze power which is what darkling's use. They are your garden variety, ghosts, ghouls, general things that go bump in the night, without it well they cease to exist. Silver power is created by everyone but the Guards, Sacred Grace's and earth Witches, and most people can't see it because it just morphs into auras..... Guards are assigned to those who create too much silver power, it doesn't matter what they are, if they make too much silver power they get a guard to help Keep control of them." I was sat silent taking in what I was being told, no one in the room moved for what seemed like hours, Liv was the first to break the silence.

"Why does this involve me?" Liv asked with a sarcastically bored tone, Somber looked over at her with sad eyes but didn't answer her; instead he fixed me with a hard stare as if begging me to ask more.

"My parents what happened to them?" I asked hurriedly.

"Your father is an important Guardian; he's guarded hundreds of important people, Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare..... He's dramatic, likes the arts. Your mother's been in hiding since Zevy attacked you at three years old..... Do you remember that?" I looked up at him but shook my head.

"I remember grey eyes and howling then my grandmother grabbed me but every time I try and remember it's like... a huge cloud of smokes filled my head." I struggled to find the right words to describe what it felt like but Somber nodded as if he understood me, Liv cleared her throat and raised a delicately painted eyebrow.

"Again why do I have to hear this?" She groaned at Somber who sighed and turned to face Liv, he gazed at her before shifting guiltily in his seat.

"If there is a certain greater creature that has broken the laws for a certain amount of time then a secondary law is put into action. In order to keep peace there is a member of each breed selected to surrender their oldest... well creation, there has to be a member of each breed of being at the side of the Guard to help protect the sacred grace. I'm sorry but when he reacted badly to the claiming...... that meant you were the oldest." Somber looked down at his hands, Liv stood up and slammed her fists on the table shattering it into tiny shards of plastic, Flint dodged around her and pulled my chair out of the way sliding me over to the wall where he had been stood.

"YOU MEAN THAT BLOOD TRAITOR, THAT BEAST, HE PUT THIS ON ME.... THIS IS THE SECRET THAT YOU KEPT FROM ME ISN'T IT, THE ONE HE TOLD ME TO ASK YOU ABOUT, AND HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS PUTTING ON ME!" Somber didn't look at her, instead he stood up and walked to the other side of the room and let Liv smash his beautiful Club to pieces.

"ENOUGH YOU BARBARIC BEAST" Flint screamed at her, his eyes flickered blue like they had before when his pupils darkened and vanished, his veins began to glow turquoise green and blue flames licked their way up his fingers. Liv stopped her rampage and looked at him.

"You knew something like this was a possibility, you could have had to defend the club from Zevy at any point... Pho has to kill Zevy with no training, unlike you; she has to fight him.... Our whole world depends on her; you should be honoured to fight with her." The two were chest to chest and I could practically feel the anger vibrating of them, Flint's flames had grown and were now dancing dangerously up his arms and rustled through his hair. Liv's face rippled in a sickening way, her features became angular and deadly. She reminded me of an elf except for the pointed fangs that flashed a brilliant white.

Somber did nothing he just sat down next to me and stared at me expectantly, I frowned, was he expecting me to sort this out. Clearly seeing the confusion he indicated for me to head towards the others. I hesitated before standing up and walking over to them. I just stood facing them, I had no idea what to do, so I just stood there staring at them in awe. They were the most beautifully fearsome beasts I'd ever seen. Each creature deadly with power that rippled around them making the hair on my arms stand on ends. Eventually they both calmed down and turned to me, both slowly changed back to their normal complexions in front of my eyes. Somber stood silently and walked to Liv.

"I choose him for this, you.... You I choose because my un-beating heart ached when I heard your cries; unloved and abandoned, I couldn't leave you like that, I chose to save you because you needed me right when I found you child." He placed a hand on Liv's shoulder and tilted her head to look at him. Liv gazed up at Somber who carefully placed a kiss on her forehead. He let her pull him into a tight hug and I was sure if she could cry she would have been sobbing into his chest.

"What do we do?" She asked him simply seeming to accept her fate. He smiled and headed into the back of the club and came back out with a large wooden box. He spun it round in his hands so I could open it. I carefully opened it. In side sat on a bed of red velvet was a black plated gun with silver detailing around the edges.

"I don't know how to use it." I whispered shyly, Somber chuckled and gave the box to Liv.

"Take her outside and teach her how to shoot, don't worry about her aim, she should be a natural." Liv nodded and cradled the box carefully and motioned for me to follow her through the back of the club. I glanced at Flint who ushered me out of the building after Liv.

"Flint." I looked up at Somber and accepted a broom from him. We started cleaning up the mess, knowing Somber, he'd be open tonight as usual. Once we cleaned away the debris we put out new chairs, I sat down and watched him fix a hole in the wall.

"My girl best be alright at the end of this." He said to me without turning around. I sighed and flick at a fake flower that sat in a jar of unneeded water on the table.

"Somber we both know they're going to struggle, this isn't their fight, they.... the're children, far too young... not powerful enough to go up against Zevy and it's going to get worse they still have a few more children for their bloddy army." I muttered, Somber finished what he was doing and dusted himself off.

"I know that... you know when I find Butch I'm gonna kill him and when I get my hands on the Elders, how could he force this on her... how could they force this on us?" Somber put his head in his hands. I hesitated before replying.

"He attacked us when I was getting Pho outa Applbry... Somber I don't think he did it to hurt her, I just think the thought of power... being stronger than he was already appealed to him, she's always been your favourite it probably didn't help" I said gently.

"I know, I pushed him constantly he was strong and powerful... but Butch was afraid of his capability's.... Liv, I can't stop the girl sometimes... I mean you saw what she did to this place in a few seconds." He stared over the bar the both of us spending a little time to think of our time fighting together, how many friends we lost to Zevy. The Elders demanded new blood each time a Redhood was born and Zevy loved the thought of new blood to spill. But it wasn't just our friends we lost... the night he took Butch broke Somber, but not as much as it would break him to see Liv lost to the darkness as well. Our superior hearing picked up on a few shots shattering targets in the distance.

"She's different from Sophia." I said calmly as I thought over the distinct difference between Sophia and her daughter, Somber looked up at me and laughed.

"Yeah, Sophia'd sit, do what she's told... never question anything, just get the job done, find a way to keep us all alive even when there was no hope left... but she'd get it done." Somber chuckled as a fond smile played across his lips.

"Pho.... She fights it, every fibre in her body's telling her to give into all this... she fights what's natural to her, like she wants everything to go back to when Rosanna had her lock up in that damn town." I ran a hand through my hair and looked over at Somber who was staring into space.

"You heard from Sophia?" He finally asked, I shook my head.

"Nah, Forest said she's in hiding somewhere, dunno apparently Hunter saw fit to protect her but didn't care enough to find the bloody Guard that was supposed to be protecting the Redhood he's got stashed away in that stupid castle." Somber growled at me.

"Careful now, that's one of my blood kin." His voice rippled with a sort of seductive authority that had most creatures following his every whim. Over the years I'd gotten used to his powers and they became less effective.

"Nice try old buddy.... Not gonna work." I smirked at him and turned my head as the girls entered the room.

Somber and Flint looked at me expectantly, I was an amazing shot and I have to admit... I loved it.

"It was amazing, two goes and I was better than Liv, she even said so herself... although she was pretty hard to beat." I added feeling that if it came down to it I'd all ways loose to Liv's superior fighting skills. Both men laughed as Liv flopped down on one of the comfy looking bar seats.

"She tired you out huh squirt." Flint winked at Liv who replied with a throaty growl.

"Were gonna go get her some new clothes." She suddenly declared and grabbed my arm dragging me out of the room down a corridor and into a beautiful black and red bed room. There was a simple single bed that was covered in scatter cushions and a large overstuffed two-seater sofa next to four huge book cases. I gawked at her book collection.

"Most of them are original, hand written copies." Liv said happily as she sized me up and saw me staring at them; I nodded slightly dazed by the sheer volume of books in front of me. I soon turned my attention to the young vampire who was whizzing around her room trying to find clothes that would fit me.

I inspected her closely she looked no older than sixteen, seventeen at a push. Her hair was a mixture of blue and green but it was mostly died purple she had it tied up in a short ponytail giving her heart shaped face a more fragile look. She had a light silver scar on her back when she bent over, she caught me looking at her.

"Sorry." I muttered, she shrugged and pulled the back of her top up and showed me a huge silver scar that ran from the bottom of her spin upwards across her left hip and across her ribs.

"Vampires don't actually heal at super-fast speed, even if we drink blood.... We don't live forever either, just longer than mortals... It's actually an illness so i'm really just a human but with an incurable disease." I nodded and sat down on her bed.

"But wouldn't you age?" I said absent minded as I picked up a very reviling green dress with a very large hole where the back of the dress should be and dropped it back onto the bed with a look of disgust.

"We do but a century to us is about a minute and a half.... I think; I didn't really listen to Amethyst." She said dismissively. My curiosity was instantly alerted by the new name.

"Who's Amethyst?" I blurted out. Liv grinned and grabbed a photo frame of her chest of drawers and handed it to me.

Liv was stood in a forest hugging a beautiful woman. She had flawless olive skin and huge green eyes that looked as if they held a thousand secrets, her dark brown/blond sun kissed hair curled and waved wildly around her. She was happily clutching Liv in her arms.

"She's the one who tough us... me... when I was first made. Sometimes she takes in Re-borns who have been abandoned by their maker.... She said I was lucky that Somber wanted to keep me.... He always had trouble with... with my blood brother." I didn't want to push her forwards on what happened seeing as last time he was mentioned she tore down half the building. I could sense her tensing up so I tried to distract her and get more answers.

"What's a blood brother, and what does she teach you?" I asked smiling up at her, Liv grinned and vanished into her closet for a moment before returning with a pair of burgundy red converse, a black leather jacket, some light wash skinny jeans and a simple white top. She handed them to me before answering.

"Blood siblings are different from real siblings, real siblings are biologically related, Blood siblings are related by their maker... they are joined together by the blood of the maker." I nodded and let her lead me into a bathroom that was directly outside of her room and hurriedly got changed; she smiled approvingly at me as I emerged.

"We need to do something with your hair." She said before dragging me back into her room. I let her fuss around me before she settled back down.

"Amethyst teaches us how to fight and control ourselves, Vampires have heightened senses and can jump and run better than mortals, I needed more help than...... well I'm faster than normal which made it harder to control my fighting style, there's only so much Amethyst can do, that's why Flint and his brother Forest started training with me, there Evapeleration makes them harder to hit.... Somber says one day I'll go so fast I'll out run myself." She said the last part with a slight chuckle as she combed through my hair and tied it up in a neat loose French plat at the back of my head.

"Evapler-wahh?" I asked my mouth failed to form the right word and just tripped over my own tongue instead. Liv giggled but tried to hide her amusement.

"Evapeleration it's more commonly known as demon travel, that thing they do when they explode." She explained, I scowled at her before explaining how we escaped from Applebry, she crinkled up her nose when I told her about the Evapeleration.

"Done!" Liv declared proudly.

"Wow... I look awesome!" I squealed before coughing and trying to retain my usual composure. Liv grinned happily and we headed back into the main area of the club.

"Flint never said he had a brother." I said to her as she led me through the maze of corridors.

"Oh he's got loads of siblings, there really rare cause there earth demons, they are like the embodiment of humanities qualities, you put them all together and you have the baser needs of a human." I looked at her utterly confused she didn't seem to understand that I had no idea about this world she fitted so perfectly into.

"Flint's a fire demon, that's not a human thing." I pointed out, She rolled her eyes at me.

"Sure it is, passion is represented as fire, so is anger, bet when your near him you feel a little attracted... that's his fall out powers, like if he focused his power on you you'd be completely under his control." She said in a matter of fact way as she arched her eyebrow at me. I nodded showing her that agreed with her.

The Men were sat talking to each other but both looked up at the same time as we approached.

"Wow, Phoenix, she sure did a good job on you, not that you weren't cute before but now you look ready to kick some wolf ass." Somber chuckled as he saw me; I smiled shyly and looked down at my feet.

"Liv found me some clothes." I said helplessly at Flint who nodded appreciatively at my outfit I rolled back and forth on the balls of my feet, I wasn't really sure what to say now the room had turned quiet. Flint coughed loudly drawing the attention of the room to him. A very large fat pigeon with a green tag was sat on a furious looking Flint who had a piece of paper in his hand.

"My brother thinks it would be a good idea for us to visit him, before we head up to Amethyst for your training." He said through gritted teeth, he held up the paper to show us. Somber chuckled at him before turning to Liv.

"Go pack some things." Liv vanished and reappeared before my eyes seconds later, she was now holding a huge rucksack that was stuffed with her belongings and one that she handed to me.

"Now remember, be careful, take it slow......" Liv wrapped her arms around Somber's neck and kissed his check.

"I know, I know and all ways win never back down, I got it.... Can we go now, I wanna see Forest and Amethyst?" She asked as Somber kissed her forehead and let her vanish through the doors. He pulled me into a hug before checking my rucksack was packed properly.

"There's some clothes, food and weapons in there." I smiled and thanked him before following after Liv.

"Flint, if anything happens to Liv...." I flinched as he grabbed me by the neck and lifted me of the ground before fixing me with an icy stare and setting me on the ground again he didn't need to say the words, I knew what happened to people who crossed Somber.

"I'll do my best, but it's not her that's important Somber." I said carefully He nodded and sighed before shaking my hand.

"Good luck old friends, may the gold dust light your way." He bowed and laughed when he saw my un-amused expression.

"Why do you always make me do this, I hate formal good byes." I let my eyes flicker blue and swirling fire gather at my feet as I bowed to him, completing the formal goodbye.

"That's why Flint." He said as I straightened up.

"That's the last time I'm bowing to you." I huffed at him before following the girls outside.

"Where are we going?" I asked Flint for the fourth time, we'd been walking for four hours, it was starting to get dark and I was getting tiered, my feet hurt and Flint was being a pain as usual.

"Where going to see my brother." He sighed, he knew that it wasn't the answer that I wanted but I couldn't tell if he was winding me up or purposefully avoiding the conversation. Liv was skipping alongside Flint happily humming to herself; apparently the long walk had no effect on her as she was bouncing around like a baby rabbit and was alert to everything around her.

"Why are we going to see him?" I asked yet again, Flint ignored me again as he hung back to help guided me through an over grown patch of brambles and thick thorns that oozed yellow goo before pushing past Liv and vanishing into the forest.

"Where's he going?" I turned to Liv who raised an eyebrow in her usual fashion and rolled her eyes I stumbled a little and grabbed Liv's arm to regain my balance.

"Bloody hell you really are behind on your training, can't you see in the dark?" I looked at her for a moment trying to guess whether she was joking or not.

"No, most people can't." I muttered to myself. She snorted and shook her head before following Flint and vanishing as well. I stopped walking and stood still, they had left me in the woods, with no idea where I was and a huge werewolf chasing after me and it was almost pitch black. When it was obvious they weren't going to come back for me I stumbled through the woods in the direction we had been heading all evening.

There was a rustling behind me. I froze. They had left me alone in the woods and there was something behind me that probably wanted to eat me. I lurched forward and started running blindly through the woods, luckily I'd become adept at running through woods as a child, or so I thought, I caught my foot on a twisted knot of wood and flew forward, Flint appeared out of nowhere and caught me, his arm was around my waist as he tried to steady me. My body warmed instantly to his touch and Liv's words about baser instincts danced seductively at the fore front of my mind.

"Where did you guys go?" I snapped as I pushed away from him trying to reclaim power over my own body by putting a greater distance between us, he shrugged and grabbed hold of my arm and steered me through the forest, eventually we came to a huge clearing. Flint let me go and pointed to patch of singed grass that was still smouldering.

"Were at a place we call the Heaven, the only way to get into the Heaven is by using Evapeleration." Flint looked at me carefully, I sighed knowing I didn't have a choice in the matter.

"Just get it over with." I mumbled, he turned me so I was facing him completely and placed both his hands on the small of my back. the flood of feelings came back but the more I concentrated on separating Flint's power from myself the less effect the demon's fallout power seemed to have.

"Relax; there you go, now concentrate on your body being light and weightless." I did what Flint told me, this time I could feel a soft tingling sensation in my feet, my eyes grew wide as my skin began to glow a faint gold colour. My breath quickened and a knot of anxiety twisted in my stomach. Flint bent down so he was at eye level with me and stroked my hair.

"Hey, hey keep calm its ok, trust me the more you do the easier it gets, I once met a Guard who could do this without a demon's help." His words were an attempt to resettle me. I tried my best to stay calm again Flint straightened up and positioned me so I was facing him. The tingling sensation began again. I closed my eyes and concentrated as the sensation spread up my legs and through the rest of my body, the next thing I knew I felt like I was floating through the air. I started to panic as a sensation that can only be described as what being shoved in a tiny box must feel like. I tried to keep calm and eventually I felt normal but I was too scared to even check.

"Pho, you can open your eyes now." Flint muttered gently tapping the end of my nose with his finger, I opened one eye and gasped at how close Flint was, he looked a bit worried but he relaxed as I started looking around the room. For a minute I thought we were still in the same clearing until I realised the trees were much thicker and taller, I craned my neck so I could see the tops of the trees, the linked together to form a beautiful ceiling effect, the branches and leaves twisted and intertwined with each other making a wooden chandelier.

It was then I noticed that we weren't stood in a clearing at all, we were in a huge room made out of hundreds of trees that twist and threaded around each other. The room was lit by a blue floating orb about the size of a tennis ball that flitted brightly around Flint's head, the light softened and floated gently through the air and floated around my head. I felt a sudden urge to touch the orb as my hand got closer the light flickered away from my hand. My heart started beating fast when four tiny cat like paws pressed gently onto my hand. The light vanished completely, leaving the room in semi darkness.

"Flint... what is this?" I hissed trying not to freak out the tiny four legged creature, It was different shades of blue all over, thick fur covered it's body except for its chest and eyes which were covered in purple and blue scales, it had a long snout that looked like a dragons, it's ears reminded me of a border collies, its tail was longer than it's body and had wrapped itself around my wrist but looked like a lions tail. The thing was looked at me happily; I held my breath as it licked the tip of my nose.

"That's a Wildling and he's a darling isn't he?" Flint scooped up the Wildling and fussed over the tiny creature. The Wildling wiggled excitedly and leapt out of Flint's hands as soon as it was in the air ignited into a light blue glowing ball. It flitted around my head in the air but didn't come to close again.

"Does he scare you?" I looked up at where the strange voice had come from. A man who looked a little like Flint was stood in a corner of the room. I gasped as he held his hands out to the Wildling and his face was lit up. His eyes were a bright shade of pink mixed with flakes of green, his face was slim and angular and his dirty blond hair was long but tied up with a string of ivy.

"N..N.. No." I stuttered feeling very childish under his gaze, I fiddled with the shiny silver zipper on my leather jacket. He stepped in front of me with a few swift footsteps and grabbed my face by my chin. His eyes narrowed as he inspected me closely before shrugging and wondering of. The Wildling attempted to follow him but he put his hand up in front of the tiny creature stopping it in its tracks.

"Stay with her Kegan." The Hovering light flickered slightly but soon did as it was told when the man fixed it with a stern stare. The Wildling Floated over to me, the man made sure the creature wasn't following him before vanishing deep into the Beautiful building. I stood staring after him completely forgetting the Demon stood by my side.

"You know he's trying his best to make friends, it's not nice to ignore him." I jumped when Flint spoke again startling the Wildling and sending him shooting upwards. We both stood staring at him as he circled around the chandelier shaped tree that hung about sixty feet above our heads.

"Nice one Newbie." Flint sighed before cooing to the trembling figure which had finally settled down.

"I'm sorry little thing please come down." I called out feeling awful for scaring him, Flint snorted and looked at me.

"He's called Kegan, it means little flame and he's a fire Wildling... their often confused with willo-wisps." He looked down at me expressionlessly. I rolled my eyes and pushed him out of the way.

"Kegan, I'm very sorry I scared you sweetie, please come down... you can have a cuddle, and I'll scratch your belly." Kegan started to glow slightly as he levitated but didn't move, I glanced at Flint who shrugged.

"I'll carry you around in my pocket and you can eat anything you want?" I said hopefully, a blinding streak of blue light zoomed across the room with a small whooshing noise, I giggled as the tiny creature stuck his snout in the pocket of my jeans trying to bury himself into my pocket.

"Here, you're bigger than I thought." I said as I picked him up and placed him on my shoulder, Kegan wrapped his tail around the back of my neck and settled down.

"Well that's was faster than I thought." I jumped resulting in an irritated growl that sounded like a puppy from Kegan as he slid of my shoulder and into my hood; Flint grunted at the Man who had reappeared next to me, I noticed green and rose pink smoke fading away into the semi darkness.

"Are you Flint's brother?" I asked abruptly, the man nodded before looking over at his brother who was doing his best to avoid his gaze. Flint's brother indicated for me to follow him. He led me down a small flight of steps and down a dark corridor that was lit with other small balls of light.

"Are they Wild..." I asked slightly dazed by the warm glow the tiny creatures were giving off.

"Wildling, yes." Flint's brother snapped hurrying along; I jogged slightly to catch up, Kegan rubbed sleepily against my check.

We walked in silence until we came to a larger door. I looked behind me for Flint but he hadn't followed us.

"Where's Flint?" I asked quietly, the man shrugged and opened the double doors. He led me into a huge room with white walls and cream coloured tiles; there were huge bay doors that opened out onto what I could make out in the dark a beautiful garden. Flint's brother was stood awkwardly in the door way as I inspected the room.

"This isn't like the room we were in earlier." I said out loud, more to myself than the silent man. I inspected a beautiful painting of a black hair man dressed in a white and gold formal dress suit with his arm around a smiling lady who had blond hair that curled and tangled down to her waist, she was wearing a long white and gold dress and around her shoulder was a small blue Wildling with its long tail wrapped around her left arm.

"This room was created with Gold dust, not by Demon power." I looked up at Flint's brother who was stood a few feet away from me gazing longingly at the painting. He tickled the top of Kegan's head who yawned lazily.

"Do you want him back you seem rather fond of him?" I smiled at him and attempted to remove the sleeping Wildling from my shoulders and give him to the smiling man. Kegan looked rather offended but decided he'd rather sleep than be removed from my shoulder.

"Oh no, he's yours.... I mean he belongs to your family.... Never mind, just look after him... please." I nodded and stroked Kegan which made him purr like a cat.

"What's your name?" I asked finally getting control of my shyness.

"Forest, you need to be at the entrance hall tomorrow, Kegan will take you if you can't remember the way." He replied simply before hurrying back over to the door. He stood awkwardly as if he wanted to say something but decided against it and practically running out of the room and slammed the door behind him, leaving me in pitch black.

"Oh great, I can't see, I don't know where I am, Werewolves and vampires are real and my Grandmothers friend with a psychotic werewolf who wants to kill me....." Kegan sneezed and sat up before rubbing his head against my check.

"Exactly, Kegan." A deep chuckling rumbled through the room, I froze and raised my fists hoping whatever it was wasn't as dangerous as everything else I'd met today. The silence that followed the laughter was worse than the actual noise, every second that passed by without revealing the darkness's secrets made me more nervous.

"You know Kegan would light up your room if you asked him." I jumped and practically tripped over my own feet when Flint's voice boomed through the room. He caught me by the hips and set me on my feet without letting go.

"But he's sleepy." I said simply, Flint snorted and lent his forehead against my temple, Kegan became curious and snuffled at us before pushing his way between me and Flint trying to gain my affection.

"See he's not sleepy, he's lazy; teach him well now and when he's fully grown he'll do whatever you want without question." Flint's hands vanished from my hips and I was suddenly aware of how cold it was. I carefully pick Kegan up and held him up to my face.

"Can you glow please Kegan?" Kegan snorted in stubborn refusal before snaking out of my grip, I could hear his little paws pattering away as he scuttled across the tile floor.

"KEGAN." Flint appeared close to me again, His skin began to glow as blue swirls flourished across his skin. I stared a little in awe as his turquoise flames glowed in the darkness. Kegan didn't reply instead a huge flare of blue light lit up the small creature who was cowering away from Flint in the furthest corner of the room causing me to flinch at the sudden brightness.

"You didn't have to be so rude." I said sternly hurrying over to Kegan and fussing over him, he made strange chirping noises when I scratched the scales just above his eyes.

"Well, you should speak with more authority, gets things done." He snapped back. I scowled at the demon who muttered something under his breath. I sat down on the bed that sat in the middle of the room and sorted through my bag. Kegan hovered curiously around my head as I pulled out a pair of cosy looking pyjamas. I turned to as Flint to leave while I got changed but the only evidence he had been there was the silvery blue mist slowly fading into nothingness.

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