The Sphere of Eternal Life.

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It's a power if in the wrong hands could cause devastation, so all care must be taken to secure the artifact before this happens. Professors Wade, Brook and one other are on the hunt for a myth, a legend to prove its existence and to stop it falling into the wrong hands. They must push through dangerous jungle terrain, forgotten tribes and an ancient temple in order to find the prize they seek.

Adventure / Romance
martin harris
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Chapter 1

" Good morning Professor Brook, Professor Wade, is everything set?" I questioned. " I, think I have everything." answered Brook. " Good, let's get going then. Time waits for no one." I said as I smiled. We loaded everything onto the van and started off for the airport. " What happened to Professor Slade and Ali?" enquired Wade. " Oh, they said they'd meet up with us at the airport." I replied as I looked to him in the rear view mirror. As we arrived at the airport Professor Slade and his assistant Ali were waiting for us at the main entrance. I pulled into the drop off zone and we unloaded everything out of the van onto baggage trolleys. After parking the van I made my way to the others and we all checked in, collected our passes and made our way through security and boarded the plane. Making ourselves comfortable and ready for take off the flight attendant announced a twenty minute delay as there was slight traffic build up on the tarmac. We eventually left Sydney airport and began our journey for Buenos Aires where we were to catch another plane.

After sixteen hours in the air we finally landed in Buenos Aires where we had a three hour wait for our next flight. So, being the curious bunch we are Professor Brook, Wade and myself hired a car and headed into the city while Professor Slade and Ali decided to stay at the airport. We pulled into a market area a short walk to the city centre. The market was a bustling place with stalls of all kinds, selling artifacts, locally made items and differents types of foods. Brook and Wade went in one direction and I headed off in the other. " We'll meet back at the car in one hour!" I yelled back to them.

Several minutes had passed since we split up and I felt myself being immersed into the surroundings of the market with the smells of exotic foods. Something had caught my attention and stopped me in my tracks. It was the feeling someone was following me so i turned to see but no one was there so I kept walking. Still with the feel of someone there I turned the corner and hid behind a paling fence. I stood there for a moment looking between the gaps in the fence to try see this person, but still nothing. The I was grabbed from behind, a hand over my mouth and my arm was pulled back. " Stop," I begged, " You're hurting me." Then the stranger spoke in a deep husky voice, with a russian accent. " Good, then you know I'm serious. You and your friends had better stop your journey, if you don't you will not be so lucky next time." He had let go of my arm and mouth and pushed me into the wall. I turned to see who it was but he had vanished.

I straightened myself up and started my way back to the car looking around at everything and everyone as i went. I could hear the sound of footsteps behind me, so I picked up the pace and went faster. Still hearing them i began to run, I could see the car so I turned to see who was behind me and in doing so I ran into someone. I struggled to break free of his hold, he pulled me closer and repeated. " Hey hey, Calm down, calm down." I looked up and saw it was Professor Wade. " What is it? What's wrong?" He spoke in a concerned voice. " We must go, someone knows we are here and what we are looking for." I puffed out between breaths. The three of us got into the car and headed for the airport. We arrived at the airport ten minutes later to find Professor Slade and Ali nowhere to be seen, we looked around for a moment and then a messenger showed up and told us the two had already boarded the plane and are waiting for us. We took our seats and prepared for take off.

As the plane started moving I took a deep breath and slowly let it out, Professor Brook touched my hand and said. " Everything should be fine now," in a deep calming voice. Three hours later we landed in Rio De Janeiro and all five of us collected our equipment and baggage and walked to a private hanger for our charted flight to Manaus. We put our gear down outside the office and Slade went in to see if our plane was ready. He returned to us fifteen minutes later and said. " Well, I have some bad news. It seems our plane won't be ready for at least two days." " This is bullshit." Brook kicked one of his bags, " we were told it would be on time and no delays." So again we picked up out bags and made our way to the Linx Hotel that was situated near the airport. We all made our way up to rooms on the third floor taking three rooms on the floor. Professor Wade and Brook at the start of the floor, Slade and Ali at the other end and my room in the middle. All those hours of traveling I was desperate for a hot shower.

I entered my room and just dropped everything beside the bed, such a relief to see a bed and to look out a window where nothing was moving. I turned and fell across the bed and just lay there a few moments relaxing and thinking of what the next few days would bring. I slowly dragged myself off the bed and opened a window as it was tremendously hot. I unpacked some clothes and went into the bathroom for a relieving shower, I turned on the taps and started to undress. As I was about to step into the cubical I realised I didn't bring my brush so I went back into the bedroom to get it.

I came back into the bathroom and opened the shower door and took a step in. Sitting in the corner of the cubicle was a Brazilian Wandering Spider considered the worlds most deadliest. I froze in place feeling my heart beat louder and the pulse in my neck get stronger. The spider began to rear up in an attack stance, I slowly backed away and as I did the creature using its rear legs lunged forward and making itself appear larger. As I jumped back I tripped on the shower cubicle edge and screamed as I hit the towel rack and landed on the floor. Out of nowhere Professor Wade came running in, I pointed to the spider and so he killed it and threw it out.

He turned to me and wrapped a towel around me and helped me to my feet. Pulling me close to his chest with his arms around me his breathing was soothing and the strength of his arms was comforting. " Better?" He asked as he held me tight. " Much better, thank you. How the hell did that get in here?" " I don't know, but something about this isn't right. First the encounter in Buenos Aires and now this, I'm starting to think you may be right, that someone is trying to stop us."

Wade went back to his room and I cautiously finished my shower. Half and hour later I dressed and went out for a walk, as I really needed to get out of the room. On leaving the hotel I bumped into Professor Slade. " Would you care to join me for some lunch?" he asked I hesitated for a moment, smiled and said yes. We walked down the street a short way and came across an outdoor cafe rather quaint openair tables with a kiosk style kitchen. We sat at a table and ordered some drinks and food. We sat there for a while drinking, Slade then put down his drink and placed his hand upon mine slightly looking down and said, " I think you are the most attractive woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing." I choked a little on my drink and replied, " Ah; thank you. We'd ah, we'd better be getting back to the others, they'll be wondering where we are." I held my breath and let out a sigh and sculled the rest of my drink. We left the cafe and made our way back to the Hotel.

As we were crossing the driveway that lead under the Hotel a car came racing out towards me, I froze as it came closer and Professor Slade yelled, " Look Out!" He ran towards me and pushed me out of its path we both landed in the garden next to the driveway. As the car sped around the corner we climbed out of the garden and dusted ourselves down. " Sorry about that, are you ok?" he asked. " Yes, I think so, just a bit scratched. What the hell is it with people trying to kill me." I replied as I kept brushing off the dirt.

I went up to my room to get a fresh change of clothes Professor Brook and Wade came into my room. " We just heard, what happened?" Brook asked with concern. " Someone is trying to stop this expedition." Wade said as he sat on the edge of the bed. Ali then came into the room and asked, " How is everything going?" We all turned and looked at him like he was stupid. He then said as looked at me, " What the hell happened to you? You look like you got pulled through a hedge backwards." " I was almost run down by a car." I pulled a twig out of my hair. " Are you ok? Did you get a good look at the driver?" he questioned me. " No, it was going too fast, it's kinda like a blur." " Anyway, who ever it is, they are trying to stop us from finding the sphere." Wade said standing up.

Ali then left the room and Wade watched through a crack in the partially door to see Ali go back to his room. " Well I think we all better get some sleep." I suggested. So the two Professors went back to their rooms and I sat on a chair looking out of my room to the street below trying to figure out who or why these things were happening.

I climbed into bed and eventually drifted off to sleep. The night air was so hot and heavy through the night I threw off the sheet as it was too much to have anything on me. As I rolled to the other side of the bed I heard a noise on the balcony outside my room. " Is somebody there?" I called out. I waited for an answer but there was only silence, so I tried to go back to sleep. I then heard the sliding door in the living room open, so I took hold of the vase beside the bed and crept into the living room. I couldn't see anything so I closed the doors and went back to bed. Almost asleep I was disturbed by another noise, this time it was in the bedroom, through the haiziness of sleep I could see a figure standing over me. He pulled out a gun, my eyes widened as he came closer, as I rolled out of the way, the gun fired, he missed and ran out of the room.

Professor Brook, Wade and Slade came running into the room. With some tears and sweat running down my face I sat up and pointed to the door. " He; he ran out into the hall." Brook and Slade both ran out into the hall to look for the intruder, and Wade went into the bathroom and brought me a glass of water. " Here, drink this." He quietly spoke. " Thank you." I began to sip the water. A few moments later the two Professors returned. " Brook, Slade, ah you both better get some sleep, I think I'll sleep on the lounge incase our stalker tries again." Instructed Wade.

Morning came and I got myself out of bed and ordered breakfast for myself and Wade. After breakfast we all met in the Hotel Lobby and when to the airport for our plane. Professor Slade went into the office to check on the progress of our plane and it was ready. We loaded our equipment and language onto the plane and took or seats. The pilot started the engines and we lifted off for our next stop, Manaus.

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