The Young Foreigner [The Sahara Chronicles #1]

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Part VI: Trust

Elmeida could find no words of speech in this moment of surprise. She stared dumbly at Yor’s expectant face.

Finally, she blurted, “What?”

Yor smiled, almost amused at her innocence. “Well, all I’m saying is that I want to know more about you.”

He gazed at her face, which, to his slight amusement, changed many expressions all at once, till it finally settled upon a sign of neutral acknowledgment.

“All right,” she said at last. “But, you must be warned that it is not something you’re going to like.”

Yor nodded. “I guessed as much, as I observed you these past few days,” he agreed. “Well, I still want to hear it.”

“All right then.”

Elmeida closed her eyes and spread her arms wide. Yor noticed that her lips were moving in some sort of incantation he wasn’t familiar with. He at once grew cautious. It hit him for the first time that this young maiden may not be as delicate as she seemed on the outside.

As he watched her actions, he suddenly realised that his surroundings had changed. The home of the Hudsons disappeared in pitch darkness. He looked around him and saw that everything around him had disappeared, except…

Except for Elmeida Yuri.

Yor tried to hold his shock in. He sucked in a breath and gulped. He looked at his strange companion once more: she seemed to be suspended in thin air, with a red bubble around her. Her dark brown eyes were closed, as though in meditation.

A moment later, she opened her eyes. A small smile spread over her face.

“My apologies for this sudden invasion into your mind,” she said. “But, I want to show, rather than tell you, my story.”

She looked at the expression on his face.

“I see you’re afraid,” she noted. “It’s all right. We can do this when I gain your trust.”

Yor thought about it then. He remembered that this strange maiden in front of him was Alia and John’s niece. Alia and John had been nice and trustworthy enough, and they seemed to trust Elmeida as a family should. So, maybe it would be okay for him to trust her as well.

Well,’ he thought. ’I just hope nothing will happen in the process. It’s just a story, isn’t it? How hard is it going to be?

Aloud, he said, “I think I’ll be fine.”

At this, Elmeida looked up. She saw that Yor had a friendly expression on his face now.

Does he really trust me?’ she wondered. ’I hope he does… I mean, he is The One, isn’t he?

She smiled at him. “All right. Let me take you through my memories as I remember them.”

With that, the blackness around them faded away…

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