The Princess Child

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A child princess who is unsatisfied with her life, goes out of her castle for the first time to find adventure, and when she does it's more magical and mysterious than she could have ever imagined

Adventure / Fantasy
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My House

I am a princess. I live in a big grand castle, have servants wait on my hand and foot, I have the most luxurious meals, and yes my parents are the king and queen of a kingdom. This must all sound wonderful and grand to most people, but not to me. To me being a princess means I can’t have any fun. I’m stuck all day doing lessons and learning how to be a “proper princess”, and never once have I gone outside. I’m only 9 years old, shouldn’t I be able to bask in the sun and have some fun. The kids in the kingdom aren’t much better. I can see them from my room window. When they’re outside, they don’t play. All they do is wait for their parents to finish their business. When I try to talk to them, they say, “My parents say it is uncouth to roll in the grass, so I won’t do it.” People! We are children, we’re supposed to roll in the grass. What is wrong with the people of this kingdom, I think.

“Pppprrrrriiiiinnnnnnccccceeeeeessssss!!!!” My servant calls. I am interrupted from my thoughts by the calls of my window. As my servant finds me sitting on my bed looking out the window she says, “Oh, there you are princess, you need to get to your evening lessons.”

“I don’t want to go.” I say as I pout. I try to be as childish as I can be, hoping one day that they’ll oblige me and allow me to do what I want for once.

“I’m sorry princess Serita, but you have to go to your lessons, king’s orders.” At the mention of my father I suddenly get up and head for one of the lesson rooms. Whatever the cost I didn’t want to meet my father, he was a very scary man. My legs started to hurt from walking so much. My house was huge and the lesson rooms were on the other side of the castle. In between were ballrooms, galleries, luxurious bedrooms and dining rooms. All decorated with fancy ornaments and made out of expensive materials. Suddenly I had an idea. I raced off leaving the servant behind to stare at my orange red curls as I tear down the hallway. I made three left turns and one right turn and found myself back at my room. The servant wouldn’t catch me, she was new and didn’t know the castle very well yet. I, on the other hand, have been studying this castle since I could walk. I could escape easily, this time.

I go into my room and pack a bag full of extra clothes. Light ones in case it’s hot and warm ones in case it’s cold. I also pack five pairs of pants and a huge sack of gold coins, just in case. I open my door just a smidge and peek outside. No one is in my hall yet, good. I step out of my room and head towards the kitchen. Can’t go on an adventure out without food. I brought a whole other sack for it. As I’m racing down the hallway I see two maids come out of the kitchen door. Time for a detour, I think as I take a sharp left and go around. The hallway I took brought me behind the two maids and I sneak in the kitchen quietly. Around this time of day(it’s the afternoon)Crumble, the cook, takes his afternoon nap. I quietly tiptoe around the counter to the cupboard and stuff ten loaves of bread and cheese, five cookies, and a goatskin of water into my sack. I then tiptoe back out of the kitchen, make sure the maids are gone, and then race down the hallways to the front door of the castle.

The front door of the castle is exactly that a door. A really big one, but still, it’s just a door. Not a drawbridge with a moat under it, a door. I hear the door open and I quickly hide behind one of the statues. I hear metallic steps and I know it’s the guards who are coming in. As soon as the guards pass by my statue, I race out of the door just before it closes. I keep running since I know that there are still guards that guard the door. But I can’t help but feel so free. I’m finally outside! I can finally run in the sun and see the grass myself! I’m finally free!

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