The Princess Child

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As I run away from the castle I can feel the blood pumping in my vanes. I take a quick look behind me to see if I’m being followed and can see the two guards I passed on my way out riding horses to catch up to me. Luckily for me I just reach the town, plenty of places to hide. Just so I don’t stand out I put my cloak on to cover my hair, my sacks of clothes and food thumping on my back. I see a dark alley and I duck into it. A few seconds later, the guards ride past me on their horses. They weren’t going to catch me anytime soon.

As soon as I make sure the guards are gone, I come out of my hiding place and look for a place that sells shoes. In my haste to escape I had forgotten some walking shoes. I then found the shoemakers shop. As soon as I walk in I look for some boots that would fit my tiny feet. Then I notice that everything in this shop seems to sparkle. Not like a freshly cleaned store sparkle, a magical sparkle.

“Can I help you young miss.” The Shoemaker says. I turn around to see the Shoemaker holding a freshly made pair of boots, just around my size.

“Hello Mr. Shoemaker, could I buy those pair of boots you’re holding.” I say.

“Why would a young lady such as yourself need a pair of boots.” The Shoemaker says. He asked the question, but his tone suggested he already knew. I was still skeptical if he knew my identity or not, so I decided to lie. I already had it all planned out, after all I had been planning my escape for years.

“Me and my father are travelers sir, my boots got damaged when we were scaling a mountain and we came to this town to stock up on supplies.” The lie comes out of my mouth as fluidly as drinking water. The shoemaker chuckles to himself, almost as if he knew I was lying and found it, amusing?

“Sure young lass, we’ll go with that story. The boots will be 5 gold coins.” The Shoemaker says. His words surprise me and I immediately tense up. The Shoemaker notices this and says “I have a lot of runaways who come to my shop looking to buy boots, you’d be surprised to find out how many of them forget to bring theirs when they run away from wherever their from.”

“So 5 gold coins.” I say as I pout. If only we didn’t so many perceptive people in this town. I hand him the coins and take the boots. I then make the trek to the mountain that is north of our town. By nightfall I make it to the woods at the base of the mountain. Pretty good progress if I do say so my self. I start a fire and melt one of the loaves of cheese onto a loaf of bread. How can I start a fire if I’m a pampered princess you ask? Well, I would have Crumble teach how to make a fire under the pretense that I was going to help him cook one day. I take a bite of the cheese bread and sigh with content. This was my favorite snack in the castle. I stop my reminiscing when I hear a rustle in the bushes. After a few moments with no sound, I go back to eating my cheese bread. Then I hear it again, and this time a whole pack of wolves come out of the bushes. But these weren’t your ordinary wolves. These wolves were three feet tall, and came up to my chest. If I didn’t run for my life now, I would get eaten alive.

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