The Princess Child

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The Gigantic Wolves

The wolves slowly creep closer to me and I should feel scared, but I don’t. The wolves don’t seem scary to me. Sure their abnormal height and sharp teeth make them look scary, but their eyes make them look intelligent and curious. Despite it being real really dangerous. I reach out my hand and touch the nose of the biggest wolf. As soon as I touch it all the wolves bow down in front of me, like they knew I was royalty.
“Sooooooooo coooooool!” I squeal in delight. Me, being the child that I am, decide to jump on the largest one’s back and say, “Forward, and over the mountain!” As soon as I get on the wolf rolls his eyes (He thinks I didn’t see him, HA, he thought wrong). The largest wolf was unlike the rest with its silver coat and eyes, ” I’ll call you, Silver.” I decided.

“Ah, kids” Silver chuckles. And this time, I didn’t hear him. By the time we reach the top of the mountain, its already daylight, and i’ve already taken about four naps and sang all the camping songs I know. Then I realize, that I forgot my the bottom of the mountain. As soon as I realize this I jump off of Silver’s back and start back down the mountain, but not before I am yanked back by Silver. He then points his muzzle towards two other wolves who have my bags.

“Oh, sorry.” I say sheepishly. We, and by we I mean me and the wolves, head down the opposite side of the mountain. But when I see a clear path down the mountain, I get an idea. I lay down, and then roll down the side of the mountain. Just for fun I decide to scream “WHEEEEEEEEEEE!” I continue to roll faster and faster, until I’m going so fast i’m too scared to stop. Then I’m heaved up very violently.

“What’s wrong with you!” Silver yells, “Do you know how dangerous that was!” I want to respond and say I’m sorry, but the fact that a wolf is talking to me hasn’t quite registered yet. The wolf is talking. The wolf is talking.


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