The Princess Child

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Silver the Talking Wolf

“You talk!” I shriek in delight.

“Yes I talk.” Silver says

“You talk.” I repeat. I was starting to sound like a broken record. How would you feel if an animal started speaking to you?

“Yes, we’ve established that we can talk, now can we get going, you want to get down the rest of this mountain don’t you. Or do you want to keep rolling?” Silver says with a chuckle.

“Sorry about that.” I say sheepishly. Silver didn’t sound mean when he asked the question, just amused.

“No problem Kiddo. Just don’t do it again, nearly gave me a heart attack, not good for an old wolf like me.” He says with a sigh. At this I arch my eyebrows in surprise. In the castle not even my father showed genuine concern for me, they thought I should just focus on being a princess. So I wasn’t used to this kind of treatment, nor had I been called “kiddo” before. We then resumed our trek down the mountain. By nightfall we had reached the bottom, and I was knocked out on Silver’s back. The next morning we made it to the town at the base of the mountain. When I spotted a hotel I immediately went inside to book a room.

“Hello sweetie.” the clerk said, “Where are your parents?” Oh fudgesickles, I forg-

“I’m right here.” Said a new male voice, which sounded strangely familiar. I look behind me to see a middle aged man in travelers clothes, with oddly familiar silver hair. I didn’t recognize the strange man, but I wanted to get a room so I went along with it. After the man got us a room, I asked “Who are you?”

“So you don’t remember our little escapade down the hill?” He asked with a chuckle. At that point I felt like my eyes were falling out of their sockets

“Silver?” I said. But my voice now sounded like a creaky door hinge. “You’re a werewolf?”

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