A Story Well-Travelled

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Chapter 25: Emerson

A memory finds me as it rises to the forefront of my mind, a remnant of some ancient event in my life. In the memory, Mom tells me a story about a land with twisting streets and extravagantly colored buildings and a seven-columned house where leaders rule the world. She tells me all about the quirky things that people wear and all the wonderful things that you can buy in a store with a magic card connected to all of your money. While she leaves out the darker, gorier details of this faraway land, I now realize that she was describing Resdon. She dropped crumbs for me throughout my life, hinting about her murky past, but I had never realized it. My life has been tragically void of epiphanies until recently.

Then the memory starts to fade away. I grasp in the dark for some part of reality, and it just so happens that I find voices in the dark.

“Take her blood.” A deep voice says.

“Right now?” A feminine voice replies, sounding distressed.

The deep voice replies, “We need the magic! We need it now.”

Something sharp sticks into the crook of my elbow. I want to tense up and I want to flinch, but my languid body is limp and unmoving. What has been done to me? Why can’t I move?

Emerson?” Finally, a voice I recognize. My mother is crying and calling my name. “Emerson!”

“Shut her up.” The feminine voice from earlier says. “I can’t believe they got out. We should’ve made Soren pay for that.”

“Well,” The deep voice says. “She did have to stay behind in a self-destructing dimension.”

More voices join the exchange, but I’m quickly slipping away. There is no “what,” “when,” or “where.” There is only a simple thought: it feels like a nice time to fall asleep. There’s little I can do to ignore the voice.

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