The Sprunkwick Chronicles Hidden Foes in the World of Gears, Grime & Wonders Book 1: The truth from down below the Surface

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A Post Apocalyptic world Clashes with Victorian Steampunk... Seven Empires, Seven different worlds, all shoved into one planet. Can a ragtag team of misfits keep it from falling apart. Alice has been on the run all of her life, but has never fully understood the reason why. Only that she has been marked for death with the emperor's brand because of what her father gave her to keep secret from everyone. That was the same night she met a very evil man that branded her, and kidnapped her father. Now she lives in hiding with her uncle, his first mate, and a snobbish elite they picked up on the way. Bogart was the emperors son, living in a world of technology and beauty. But one day his world was thrown upside down as bright light flashed into the sky changing everything, forever. Now he is forced to find away to go up to the first empire, or what is better known as the crust, to find a stone that they believe was taken from the ground that started the destruction of his world. Can Bogart find what he's looking for in a world he doesn't even know. Will Alice find out the truth of the secret she carries? Two worlds come colliding together in a thrilling journey as Alice and Bogart find one another, taking their friends along for the ride.

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The first Empire, or know to some as… The crust

The world of Vattertouris was a beautiful place despite the harshness of the land. Everything organic on the planet was dressed in different hues of blue. From the three moons that shined bright a night sky, the dirt, the tress, even the grasses and rocks were different variations of blues. The only thing that had its own unique color was the bright orange sun above.

Now in this land sat a mountain rage known as the Barren mountains. They were called thus because nothing could grow on its purplish-blue terrain. There no shrubbery, no trees of any kind, and no animals could dwell there. With no vegetation on its large cliffs… the wind always swirled the dirt around and into the air.

But what these mountains lacked in wealth on its outer skin did not matter. For deep inside the core of the mountains grew a multitude of gold, silver, and jewels of the deepest purples and vibrant yellows. But there was something more precious, and even more sought after even more than all of the other riches and that was… the blue coal.

At one-time there was a great war over the infamous blue coal. The empire had fought along with the elite against the commoners and peasants of the upper crust for control of the mines. The little people didn’t want the blue coal to fall only in the hands of the few with power. For all who did a hard day’s work knew that the elite didn’t not think of the common man, but only sought to better only themselves instead of the many.

Years had passed as the battle raged on, that is until one day, in one swift strike, the Empire won its victory. With their conquest complete and them having control over the flow of riches, and blue coal, the emperor, along with the elite, set the commoners down a path to poverty that has reigned over them ever since.

Many had tried to take their lives back, but when such incident happened the elite would squash any attempt in the vilest ways. That was when the empire came up with a new form of law that would govern over the multitude of commoners. These law men were to be set up in every territory, and over every section of the world. And even though these law men could govern the lands, they still took orders from the emperor himself and the elites below him.

And this is where we come back to the Barron Mountains, and more importantly the Duncome Minds. You see under the towering peaks of the mountains, sat the little mining town of Smugwater Township. It was the only place in the first empire that was rich with the much sought after blue coal.

Mining of the Duncome mine was extensive and large metal pipes were placed in the ground to give the miners ventilation while they worked in the depths. But the rickety pieces protruded from the sides of the cliffs that were closest to the village, letting the smoke and debris spewed its murky filth upon the villagers. Every day the people of the town tried to keep the soot free from their homes but with little avail. Instead their lives were world cold, dark, and dismal as the black snow fell upon the town.

It was in this particular township that the Shaw was given reign over its people. The Shaw were known for their cruelness and unforgiving stature when it came to their rules of law. Every morning before the bright sun had even risen, the Shaw had the men and woman. And children travel up the long winding paths to the entrance to the Duncome mines.

Men, woman, and even the children, of Smugwater readied themselves piling on their gear of ventilator packs, there goggles with the luminescent lights that are attached to the sides, long black leather gloves to sort out the coal and jewels amongst the rubble. Even the children were dressed to help work alongside their parents. Even the infants are strapped to the mothers in a linen like bundler that keeps the soot and dust free from the baby’s lungs.

The miners had lost all hope of finding a better life for their families and their children, until a rumor started of new lands where they could be free. These rumors told of empires that dwelled deep within the core of the planet, and people hope swelled once again.

With the empires main resources of getting coal looking for ways to escape… the emperor and the elite came up with a plan to settle the munity in the harshest of ways. The empires guards went to every city, every township, every village, and posted a warning to all who went down the path of what they considered, treason.

Any who believes the outlandish rumors and lies of these other empires, and therefore brings chaos to the communities of the first and only empire with such falsehoods, they and their entire family shall be dealt with… severely.

It only took one incident of a man calming that he had seen other kingdoms to have the Shaw swoop in and have a public hanging. Not only of the man who made the accusations, but of his wife, eldest son, and his mother-in-law. After that, any others who had dreams of finding a way to leave for a brighter future, soon vanished.

But there was one whisper still giving hope to a few who tempted fate. It was said that a miner heard one of the Shaw talk about a stone that was to me more powerful than anything on the planet. It was said to be small, powerful, and supposed to shine like the sun even in darkness. It was named, the creation stone.

Many said that the person who had the stone in his or her possession… would rule the world. And in secrecy many of the elite had bought favor with the law in many mines looking for the stone. Even the miners dug for the stone, but far from the law men’s eyes.

For many, many, years the miners of Smugwater searched for the creation stone, but it was never found. And after time many forgot of the whispers of hope, change, and happiness, and instead bared with the best they could with the daily grind of life.

And this was how the first empire was for longer than anyone would like to remember. The emperor and the elite in the upper social circles ran the world for many, many, long years without provocation. But all that was soon to change, and that change came in the form of one sick little girl with bright diamond white eyes.

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