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By Jimmy Watterson All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Children


Think life in the ocean is easy? Think again. In this tale you will learn about the life of a fish and how it isn't as easy as they make it look. After the tragic death of Paul and Joe, (two close friends of Mark's), Mark decides that enough is enough. What was responsible for this horrible, fried, yummy accident you ask? Hooks. Hooks, hooks, hooks. They're everywhere. The human's #1 weapon and the fish's #1 fear. Join Mark, his family, and his community in this funny, action-filled, adventure as they try to stop human's from destroying their species once and for all.

Chapter 1: From The Beginning

It all began on a road, believe it or not. It was out in the pacific coast on a bright sunny day. Traffic was busy. People were rushing and leaving to go on vacations. You could tell that summer was just about to hit. Green, freshly mowed grass, with beautiful flowers portraying every color known to man. Driving down the road was a tan car with a green surfboard mounted on top. The radio was on and the car was playing a very catchy song. Inside the car was a family consisting of a dad, who was driving, a mom, a son, and a creature whose head was sticking out of the window as his hair swooshed back and he lapped up the nice, fresh air. Now, who am I? Well...I’m a fish, a parrotfish to be exact. You probably weren’t expecting that but it’s true. My name’s Mark, Mark the Fish, and yes, fish can talk.
The family was going to an ocean, and more importantly, my ocean. When they got there, they opened their car doors and the creature then jumped out of the car. He raced and did laps around the car making this loud, annoying, indescribable noise that I can still hear to this day. The dad got out and opened the car trunk. Inside was a big, white ice chest that he then lifted out. The son and the father both got out three folding chairs, two fishing poles, and a tackle box. Next, the dad shut the car trunk and then started to set up his fishing pole as his son set up his.
Now, just to be clear on this, I am only telling you all of this so the rest of the story makes sense. In reality, humans disgust me. They are constantly eating and shoving junk in their mouth. What are Pringles anyways!? The worst part is that they like my species for the main course! How crazy is that!?
The dad and son placed worms and a hook onto their line.
From where I’m from, worms are the best thing there is. They are delicious. Oh, I love worms. My mouth is salivating just thinking of them.
The worm went deeper and deeper into the ocean and the father and son waited.

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