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Jeffrey the Bat 1 The God of Storms

By Jeffrey Drummond All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Adventure

The Calm Before the Storm

On Planet Chauren of the Emobin Galaxy, there lives a blue bat. He has black stripes running all across his body: one on each of his shoulders and wrists, one on each of his thighs and shins, a black X going across his back and chest, two thick marks under each eye, and a black mark going around his eyes and across his body. This blue bat’s greatest strength is that he can fly at the speed of sound and has super acrobatic abilities and reflexes to match.

One day, as he was flying through the sky, the clouds started to gather up and become dark and heavy. Just as he was about to return course to his home, he looked down and saw a girl lying down on the ground. She looked injured.

So the bat swooped down to the ground and put his hands underneath her body. He turned her over so that he could see her face; upon revealing her face, she was revealed to be a butterfly. Then he lifted her head up to his, and he whispered, “Hey, are you okay?”

The butterfly groaned, and she slowly opened her eyes. “…what…where…where am I?” she asked slowly. She slowly stood up while the bat helped her to her feet. “Who… are you?” she asked him.

The bat smiled. “I’m Jeffrey: Jeffrey the Bat.” He did a few inverts through the air to show his agile abilities, and then he landed light as a feather in front of the butterfly. “So what’s your name?”

The butterfly thought for a moment, but she frowned. “I don’t have a name,” she said softly. “All there is to know about me is that I’m a magical butterfly with the powers of a fairy, and I don’t have anywhere to go.”

“So you have no idea what you should do?” asked Jeffrey. “Well, maybe I could help you.”

The butterfly looked up, her eyes lit up. “Really?” she asked, “You’d really help me find my true purpose for being here?”

“Definitely,” smiled Jeffrey. “The first thing we need to do now is to give you a name.”

The butterfly couldn’t think of her own name, but she did manage to see a flower lily on the ground. She picked it, and she smelt it contentedly. “Ah,” she sighed, “I just love the smell of a flower lily, don’t you, Jeffrey?”

“Yes I do,” said Jeffrey. “Now how about we go look for a place that you can call home, Lilly?” He started to walk in the direction he was flying, but the girl stopped him.

“‘Lilly’?” she pondered.

“Well, I’ve got to call you something, so what do you think?”

The butterfly smiled. “Yeah, Lilly, Lilly, it’s a perfect name for me!”

“Great. So come on, I’ll bring you to my home.” Jeffrey then took off flying, faster than Lilly had ever seen.

Lilly felt left behind. “Hey!”

Jeffrey slowly came back. “Whoops, my bad,” he chuckled. “Grab my hand,” he told Lilly.

So Lilly held onto Jeffrey’s hand, tightly so she wouldn’t fall behind, and Jeffrey took off flying again.

Lilly felt a little worried. “I’ve never flown this fast before,” she called.

“Don’t worry,” Jeffrey called back. “Once you start flying on your own, you’ll be able to fly as fast as me. Go on and give it a try!”

So Lilly took Jeffrey’s advice; she flapped her wings as hard as she could, and she managed to pull up alongside him. Then she let go of him and kept on flapping—she was doing it!

“I’m doing it!” gasped Lilly. “I’m flying as fast as you, and I’m not even using my magic!”

“It doesn’t take magic to fly at the speed of sound,” replied Jeffrey, “it takes wings and a determined soul.”

Lilly knew Jeffrey was right, so she kept flying with him. But when she noticed the clouds getting darker and heavier, she was worried. “It looks like it’s going to rain really hard,” she told him.

“Well, then follow me,” replied Jeffrey. “I’ve got to get home before the weather gets any worse than this!”

“What is wrong with the weather?” asked Lilly.

“It’s hard to truly figure out,” answered Jeffrey. “All I know is that all week, the weather seems to have gotten out of hand. It’s supposed to be spring, but the sun hasn’t been shining very much, and it feels really cold one day and then hot on the next.”

Jeffrey and Lilly kept on flying so fast that everything around them was almost a blur. But suddenly, Jeffrey screeched to a halt; Lilly stopped right next to him, puzzled. “What’s the matter?” she asked.

“I think that this unusual change in weather condition daily might be an omen for what may happen,” Jeffrey replied quietly. “However, it usually never happens like this, so if I don’t know why it’s like this, then it must not be good.”

Jeffrey then noticed that his friend looked lost in thought. “What’s the matter, Lilly?” he asked her.

“I think I’ve heard of this kind of situation before, but I’m also unsure if it’s really true,” answered Lilly.

Then Jeffrey looked up again. “The clouds up above us look thick with rain—much thicker than usual for this time of year.”

“You do have a point, Jeffrey,” replied Lilly. “It must turn towards the out-of-control atmosphere that’s happening up in the sky.”

Jeffrey stepped aside and looked Lilly in her eyes. “Lilly, I’ve noticed that even though I just met you, you seem to know much more about the whole conflict about the weather than I do.”

Lilly felt a little nervous. “Are you jealous?” she asked him.

Before Jeffrey could even answer, Lilly saw something falling from the sky. “Look out above you!” she called, and they both jumped out of the way just in time.

The landing thing was a large hailstone. Once it hit the ground, it shattered open, and shards of ice flew all over the place. Each time one of the shards of ice hit the ground, a large body of ice covered the area surrounding it within a 10-meter radius.

Jeffrey was able to dodge the ice shards easily because of his speed, but Lilly was not as agile as him. Instead, she used her magical powers to stop the ice in its tracks and prevent it from hitting her.

Jeffrey noticed this and gasped. “Wow,” he said, “I didn’t know you could use your magic to protect yourself, Lilly.”

“It’s not exactly perfected yet,” Lilly replied. “I have only started using my magical powers. Because I haven’t adjusted to my powers yet at all, I’m still vulnerable to the ice hitting me. All I can do is try to regenerate myself as quickly as I can, but because I’m still learning to use my magic, I’m not really good at it.” Sure enough, Lilly tired herself out and was unable to keep protecting herself from the ice hitting her.

The ice shards did end up hitting Lilly, but they didn’t freeze her. Instead, they just hurt her really bad. And when she suffered enough hits, she fell to the ground on her hands and knees. She was so tired that she could barely even stand.

By now, all the ice projectiles had been sent away, so Jeffrey turned his attention to Lilly. “Are you okay, Lilly?” he asked her.

Lilly struggled to lift her head up. “I’m badly hurt,” she coughed. “The ice managed to scratch me and hurt me so much that I can’t stand up on my feet.”

“Can you still fly?”

Lilly tried to use her wings, but they were injured too. Luckily, her magic was still able to help her fly. “I can’t fly using my wings,” Lilly replied, “but I can still use the rest of my stamina to power up my magic so I can fly.”

“Come on,” Jeffrey said, “let’s get to my home so Lizzie can heal you up and then you can rest. Besides, we still need to think about what is wrong with the weather.”

So, with her magic being the only factor that could make her still fly, Jeffrey and Lilly flew off together towards Jeffrey’s house.

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