Love On A Motorbike

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A young woman decides to go on holiday against the advice of friends, She believes the young man to be genuine and trusts that the letter he gave her was from his mother and is a true declaration. 'Yes, they are fastened to my bag I always carry it with me usually but didn't need it this morning and I left it in the back hallway.' She scooted off down the hallway gathered her bag, giving a sigh of relief as she did glad Samik had entered the front door and promptly plopped it on the table in front of the detective showing him the two little bears that were fastened on the zip pocket of her bag.. Unclipping them she gave the two little bears into the detectives hands gingerly. He handled them warily, 'I think we need to make sure the diamonds are in them, we will need to split the bottoms.' looking up at Lisa's mother do you have something we can use to do that Mrs Walker?' 'Yes just a sec I have something in my work basket.' she said collecting her basket from behind the settee she came to the table and removed a seam ripper.' 'would you like me to do it?' 'Oh, yes please if you don't mind you are probably more familiar with your tools than I am,' giving her a quick smile and indicating the bears. Picking one of the little bears up she turned it around looking for the best place to begin cutting the tiny stitches. they have been well stitched she said showing the bears

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Samik

Samik Ishmael Mehmet stood listening with an attentive look on his handsome features, while his father Ishmael Mehmet issued his instructions. His father a rich and domineering Turkish business individual spoke to Samik in English believing that no one else in the house understood or spoke the language.

‘These, are the cheques and papers to be given to this person only’ he said and passed Samik an envelope with a name written on it. His voice was clipped and unemotional as he issued his command. ‘You are to establish a comradeship. With as many people as you can who are in these businesses, while you are in England. I have arranged for you to stay at a Hotel in Sheffield. In this envelope, are names of people I have asked him to introduce you to?’ he said pointing to the named envelope. ‘I expect you to bring me good results. You have a month in England.’ He gave his son a commanding look and put the papers into an attache case, before placing it on the table in front of Samik and walking out of the room. Leaving his son gaping into space.

Samik’s eyes narrowed as he watched the forceful figure march from the room. He knew his father to be a devious person, and that he also had his fingers in a great many deals. Samik knew only a few of them but his father’s power in the business community was well known. He was now his father’s only son. His elder brother, assassinated in the last year had been two years older than himself and he knew he stood to inherit his father’s wealth if he lived long enough. ‘He hadn’t any intention of ending up the same way as his elder brother,’ thought Samik.

Straightening his back, he walked through the great house; it resembled a mausoleum with its intricately patterned mosaic floors and heavy furniture. The house had passed down through many generations to his father and would have passed to his brother if he had lived. After that, it would have passed to his brother’s son, if he had had any but alas, poor Ishmael’s wives had not bred any males before his death.

Samik had lived in the great house with his parents and brother until their marriages had separated them. His mind splashed over the events of yesteryear as he remembered how they had explored the many passages and rooms. He smiled softly to himself, recollecting how the servants chased them away whenever they had tried to enter the no-go areas. Naturally, his brother was more inquisitive as he was the oldest, but he did not think either of them had ever managed to explore all the rooms in the great mausoleum of a house. He wandered along the passageways his mind drifting pleasantly as he made his way to his mother’s rooms.

Reaching the inner courtyard where his mother’s rooms were established, he opened an elaborately carved door and entered her chambers. A servant greeted him bowing low, he spoke to her briefly in Turkish, and she motioned him to follow her. Leading him along a dark intricately carved and carpeted corridor, to another ornately carved door, where the servant knocked and a soft female voice called, ‘Enter.’

Samik opened the door quietly to enter a round room. A luxuriously thick deep blue carpet covered the floor. Its entirety covered in intricately woven gold circles of eastern design. The design ran around the carpet until it reached a thick band of gold tassels that accentuated the roundness. The walls lavishly covered in cyclamen pink silk drapes rippled as water between the mirrored cabinets especially made for the room. These cabinets displayed a wealth of glass, ivory and jade ornaments, in complex animal shapes, which sparkled and shone in the subdued lighting.

Samik’s mother was a small person, with beautifully manicured hands. She sat reading a book and lifted her head enquiringly, as he entered the room. ‘Hello Samik,’ a smile of pleasure lit the perfectly made-up face as she carefully moved to a sitting position on the small brocaded couch.

Samik gazed affectionately at the face of his mother. She never seemed to age. Whenever he came to see her she always looked beautiful, a decorative delightful ornament. He knew that she must at least be sixteen years older than he. She had done her duty by his father, providing him with two sons. Nowadays, it appeared that all she cared about was her own body.

‘Hello Mama, are you having a pleasant day?’ he asked solicitously, his French fluent as he bent to kiss her cheek. He always spoke French when they were together, as it was her language and he knew it pleased her.

‘Yes thank you, Samik,’ she smiled sadly in reply. Her gaze flitted over the clean lines of the virile young man while her head was momentarily filled with thoughts of his brother. Thoughtfully she motioned him to a seat opposite to her own and smiled warmly at him trying to shake off the cloak of sadness that had enveloped her.

Samik she thought followed her line of genes. He was suave and as handsome as her French father had been, with his dark hair and eyes. Except that Samik’s eyes were as his fathers. A deep dark brown, that could suddenly turn as jet-black as cold stones when he was angry. She shuddered involuntarily pulling the fine silk shawl that hung around her shoulders closer. She nodded a grateful smile to the servant girl who had placed a tray holding two glasses of mint tea onto the small table between them.

‘Are you cold Maman?’ he asked gently, seeing her shudder and draw the shawl around her. He lifted his eyebrow inquiringly; it seemed quite warm to him.

’No,’ she smiled disarmingly as she gazed into his face. ‘I was just thinking about your brother. What are you doing here? You’re usually busy at this time of the day.’ She asked quickly, hoping to drop the reference to his brother she sank back slowly onto the couch. The glass of mint tea that the servant had brought in held delicately between her manicured hands. Carefully she sipped at the hot glass of liquid. The aroma pleased her and she gazed inquiringly at her son waiting for his answer.

Samik leant back cautiously in his seat, the delicate couch feeling inadequate for his size. He picked up the glass in its elaborate holder, deliberately warding off his answer, before smiling consolingly at his mother. ‘I came to say goodbye’ he said appealingly. ‘Just for a little while. Papa is sending me to England. I will be away for a month, on some business for him. I fly from Istanbul tomorrow.’ He smiled faintly, bending to place the cup on the table and avoiding his mother’s eyes.

’He speaks French beautifully’ thought Yvonne, ‘although he did have a slightly Turkish accent, it made him sound utterly charming.’ A tiny frown marred the carefully made-up face, as she leaned towards him worriedly.

’You will be careful Samik, if you need anything, you only have to telephone.’

Yvonne did not interfere in her husbands’ affairs. She knew him to be a ruthless man, especially where business was concerned. Yvonne had trained herself not to let her emotions show, and she gave no inkling to the son of her thoughts but she loved Samik non-the less. He was the only son she had left. She held onto him briefly as he said goodbye.

Samik was a foot taller than his mother was, and his eyes caught the tiny glint of a few strands of grey hair, which lay between the black, as she pressed her head shortly to his chest. She felt small and frail in his arms; he swallowed hard, before turning away quickly leaving her in the round room amongst her treasures, he made his way hastily to the garages.

Climbing swiftly into the black jaguar a frown of displeasure on his handsome features, he thought over his father’s instruction. Who were the men he was supposed to befriend? He wasn’t sure he was going to enjoy this trip to England. He had read some of the literature about the north of England. The many stone walls and bleak looking Yorkshire moors, with their purple heather, did not sound very inviting to Samik’s ear. He gazed around him at his homeland as he drove home, soaking up the view of Bursa with its beautiful landscapes, its verdant backdrops and attractively landscaped parks, and the colourful Mausoleums that housed limitless treasures, their exteriors flashing in the brilliant evening sunshine.

He drove steadily along a road lined with giant trees. They created an archway of greenery that sheltered the road. Making it a cool green haven occasionally splashed here and there, by sparkling sunlight. As he drove past the parks, he could see the gardeners working. Lovingly they attended to the bountiful array of flowers and bushes, creating a riot of colour, in the early evening sunlight. He had grown up, enthralled with Turkish history, his own family having a long line of descendants that stretched back centuries. This was his home, and he loved it.

Samik, at last, pulled into his own garage and turned off the engine. At the same time, he turned off the thoughts about Bursa, his father and business. Instead, turning his thoughts to the time he would have tonight, with his two beautiful Turkish wives.

Chapter 2 Miriam and Silvania

Sylvania and Miriam came from good Turkish families. They had both brought him large dowries, which had enhanced his standing, in his father’s eyes. His father had arranged the marriages, with families he was in business with. Sylvania was now nearly eighteen he thought as he left the garage and absentmindedly he shut the car door and hung the keys on a rack inside the garage where two other vehicles stood beside the jaguar, he had just parked up.

Sylvania had been promised to him from birth and he well remembered the day they were married. She had been fourteen, little more than a child, and she had trembled in his arms that first night like a tiny bird. He made his way predatorily across the intricately tiled courtyard of his home, the all-male animal. The two young women came to greet him, dropping their veils when he appeared without any companions.

Sylvania looked as innocent and childlike as she had that first day he had married her, although she’d had several miscarriages. The young face was delicate and waif-like beneath the black headdress, matching her small build.

He had been angry at first because he had wanted a son, but the doctor had told him that her body was too immature, and he must give her time. Her fine-boned body still appeared childlike and immature, although she was nearly eighteen; she appeared to be much younger.

Smilingly, he acknowledged the two girls as they walked towards him, but kept his thoughts to himself as he relished the coming night. With any luck, they would both become pregnant and he would have two sons born together. It was now well over the six months, that the doctors had said he must wait.

In the meantime, he had married Miriam although it did seem a little strange, he thought wonderingly, as he followed the girls into the house. It was six months since he had married Miriam and she hadn’t become pregnant either.

She didn’t seem to mind sex at all and was always quite willing to jump into bed with him. His eyes swept over the pretty girl, as she helped him off with his wearing apparel.

Her build was the entire opposite of Sylvania’s, robust and curvy; her limbs still soft chubby and childlike although her body was well developed and womanly. She chattered away prettily, asking if he had enjoyed his day relating the happenings around the home. Personality wise, she was very different from Sylvania, who was quiet and a little morose at times. While Miriam who was, the younger girl was bubbly and happy to accept her role as Samik’s wife.

His gaze fell on the fall of dark hair, which tumbled down her back, as she turned to lay his clothes on a chair. It was thick and luxuriant and hung below her waist, falling in soft waves, after taking it from the plaits she kept it in during the day. At night, when they made love he would wrap his hands into it, and hold her to him.

They had moved into the bathroom, which was mostly green marble. Fluffy white towels rested on several shelves, warmed by the sun, which filtered in through a glass wall. Here they could gaze out into a sunlit walled garden where flowers grew in an abundance of bright colours, surrounding a small fountain spraying droplets that flashed like diamonds in the bright sunlight.

The bath filled the middle of the floor. Quite easily the bath would accommodate four or more people and was one of the main reasons that Samik had bought the house. The cool green essence of the room made it an oasis after the heat of the day and Samik had made it one of the rules of his home; it was his wives’ job to bathe with him when he came home in the evening. He had taught them to scrub and wash him, as they would in the Turkish baths. Afterwards, they would give him a massage on the chrome and white leather table. They used the lavishly perfumed oils that glittered on the shelves in cut glass containers, to anoint his body.

Sylvania hated the ritual, and since Miriam had appeared on the scene had managed to wriggle out of it. However, tonight, just as she was about to leave, Samik caught her arm ‘You as well tonight Sylvania’ although he smiled seductively at her, his voice brooked no argument. ‘I have not tasted your delights for a while now, and tomorrow I go to England for a month. I do not want you to think that I am neglecting you.’ His voice was soft and husky, the thought of the coming sexual activities, deepening its timbre.

Sylvania turned her face away with a bitter look, she knew better than to let him see her. She moved away, to disrobe sulkily to a tiny silk shift that he allowed them to wear in the bathing ritual. Reluctantly she walked down the steps into the bath.

Two shelves on either side of the bath were adorned with every type of perfumed bath salts and soaps you could imagine in beautiful elegant cut glass bottles and holders in varying assortments of bright colours. One end of the bath, decorated with a huge gold coloured fish style faucet that leapt into the bath, while two gold shells turned the water on.

Sylvania poured the contents out of one of the blue bottles into the bath and adjusted the flow of water. The exotic odour of sandalwood and jasmine filled the air in the pale green bathroom, and she breathed in deeply, the fragrance helping to release the tension she felt at the coming night.

It was cool, welcoming after the heat of the day and Sylvania adored it when she could have the room to herself. She would lie, soaking in the bath, breathing in the intoxicating aroma of the perfumes and oils and gaze dreamily through the glass wall into the courtyard beyond.

Tonight, the suns last rays caught the spray of water from the fountain, playing the colours as if it were music. The beautiful dazzling array of rainbow colour’s bounced off the water enchanting her.

Samik thoroughly enjoyed this part of the day too, and as Miriam removed his last garment he walked in his nakedness to the bath, leaving his second wife Miriam to see to the depositing of his clothes. His body delighted in the coolness and freedom as he walked tall and proud his thoughts of his ancestral breeding. His lithesome body displayed in primeval glory.

The vision of torso and legs as he moved panther-like, towards the bath, the muscles rippling and undulating beneath the pale brown silky skin, excited Miriam. She watched him covertly, beneath the shimmering skein of black hair that had fallen across her face.

But Sylvania’s face showed her distaste, her lip curled and she turned her head away quickly before he caught her look of disdain. As far as she was concerned, he was just a man, and Sylvania had decided she did not like men.

He slid into the bath and sighed contentedly, ready to lap up the slavish attention he expected from the girls. They looked exquisitely beautiful, he thought lazily. Their bodies displayed to full advantage in the last flickering rays of sunlight as it spread itself into the room. The steamy heat molded the soft silk shifts to their bodies, creating a rainbow of colour in the last rays of the sun.

He sighed contentedly and laid back, a floating pillow beneath his head, the smells and sights assailing his senses as the girls softly soaped his body. Letting his hands slide sinuously up the silky insides of the girl’s thighs, he anchored himself. He felt the bodies of the two girls trembling, as his fingers entered them, and greedily he enjoyed the feeling of power that surged through him. He was definitely going to miss this when he went to England. He sighed for a minute despondent, and then quickly dismissed the thought from his mind, as he prepared to enjoy his evening.


Lisa Carter ushered the three girls out of the store before she set the alarm. ‘It wasn’t wise to let people see everything these days,’ thought Lisa carefully, she shut and locked the door on the cupboard after setting the alarm. Then picking up her bag with the takings in and the keys, she quietly closed the outside door. Then just to make sure, she double-checked the lock before she left for home.

The large complex building she was in housed many small shops on different levels. The front entrance had strong iron gates, locked at night. However, Lisa knew that this probably would not deter a burglar. He could easily hide away; there were many hideaways she thought gazing around the entrance he could then re-emerge, to do his business in the night.

The building didn’t shut until eight at night, but tonight was Friday and Lisa shut the Photoshop at six. She always looked forward to Friday night, it was disco night, and she and her friends had made it a regular venue to meet at Sam’s for the last few years. It was still busy around the complex at this time, with the many late shoppers, so Lisa didn’t feel so worried about carrying the takings from the shop about with her. She would soon be at the bank and able to drop them into the night safe. In the week, all the takings were kept in the safe at the back of the shop, until Friday night, when she had to deposit them. This wasn’t Lisa’s idea, it was the management’s, and it would have been banked every night if she could have had her way. She had brought the matter up several times at the monthly meetings but to no avail.

The company had two hundred and fifty retail shops around the country, and Lisa had worked for them since leaving school. This was the third shop that she had helped to staff and set up. I hope they let me stay at this one for a while, she thought, as she headed home. The other shops had been in rural areas around Sheffield, but this one was in the middle of Sheffield and easier for her to reach home.

Lisa slid the money into the night safe and breathed easier, she always felt safer once she had banked it.Giving a sigh of relief she hitched her shoulder bag higher on her shoulder and walked around the corner of the high street, to the car park, where she kept Daisy her little black Citroen. Her brother Adrian had laughed at her in amusement when she had named it Daisy. ‘It’s not a flower’ he had said.

‘No, and neither was the skunk in Bambi, but he was called a flower, and if I want to name my car Daisy, I will do. Anyway, if I’m right, your car has a female name too. Now what is it?’ she’d asked. She remembered he had looked a bit embarrassed when she had mentioned it, and he had grimaced, acknowledging his defeat and left her to it. She pummeled her memory again, as the conversation came back to haunt her, but she still could not remember the name he called it.

Her brow furrowed with thoughts as she unlocked the door and slid into the driver’s seat. She was grateful to him for helping her get Daisy back on the road and she smiled to herself as she drove home; she was lucky to have a brother like Adrian. He was a sprayer really but he knew an awful lot about the mechanical side of cars too.

She looked at the clock on the dash. She was meeting Emma at eight. If she wanted to get into the shower before Adrian, she had better get a move on. Putting her foot on the clutch and sliding the stick into gear, she pulled Daisy away from the lights and into the middle lane. ‘We’ll soon be home now Daisy.’

Chapter 4 Lisa's Brother

Lisa ran along the landing in her dressing gown, grabbed a towel from the linen cupboard and laughed at her brother as she shut the bathroom door on him. He grinned chuckling to himself as he returned to his bedroom. He had only done it to torment her, deliberately allowing her to reach the bathroom before him. It was a running joke between them. He was not meeting his friends until later when they would all be going out to one of Sheffield’s nightclubs.

His sister, he sighed softly wishing he could find a girl like her. She had spoiled him where other women were concerned, none of them seemed to have her vitality or temperament although they had their differences of opinion they still seemed to get on well.

He switched on the computer and clicked into one of the games, perhaps tonight he would meet someone. His thoughts about women, soon forgotten as the computer game absorbed him.

Meanwhile, Lisa had finished her shower and was thinking along the same lines. She stood gazing at her face in the mirror, rubbing her hair vigorously with the towel. ‘Why can’t I meet someone like Adrian?’ she whispered as she pulled a face at the mirror image of herself.

Two grey eyes flecked with green stared back at her with a heart-shaped face, a small nose and lush strawberry lips that begged to be kissed. The whole surrounded by burnished copper hair, which now represented a hedgehog, stared back at her. She pushed her tongue out at the image and brushed the unkempt hair before pushing it into shape. Then skipped back to the landing and pushed her brother’s door open.

She was surprised to see him sat at the computer. ‘Aren’t you going out tonight Adrian?’ He looked up, cursing under his breath as he missed a shot, then turned and grinned impishly at his sister ’Sure Sis just could not resist the temptation. I’m not going out until about nine-ish.’

‘Brothers!’ she exclaimed in an exasperated voice, and returned to her own room, wishing she could meet someone as companionable as Adrian. Then she scolded herself as she remembered her Grandmothers old saying. (If wishes were nuts, wouldn’t the kids fill their guts?) Smiling happily to herself as she remembered her Gran, she opened the wardrobe door and began searching for something to wear.

Emma knocked on the door, as Lisa came down the stairs dressed in a pale blue top and a short black skirt. She opened the door to let her in then carried on down the hall to get her jacket. Emma was a small dainty girl, who only just made five foot two, with piercingly blue eyes and black hair which Lisa new she coloured. The black extended curls bounced around an oval face, with an alarming amount of makeup around the eyes, and Lisa often wondered how she managed to get it all off.

‘Come on Lisa.’

‘My, we are in a rush tonight, are we meeting anyone special’ asked Lisa, giving her friend an extra hard look, as she finished pushing her arms into her jacket. She knew that once her friend started talking, she would rattle on like a fax machine, she never knew when to stop.

She was right; Emma gave her a running commentary on her life and doings since the last time they had met. Ending her monologue, by explaining that Marty had rung her and said he was bringing a Turk with him tonight.

‘He said his boss has asked him to show this Turkish fellow around, as he’s been sent to England by his father, to take care of some business for him. Martie’s boss is rather old to take him around nightclubs and that, so he’s asked Marty to take care of him. Apparently, this Turkish fellow’s father is a very wealthy businessman.’

Emma caught hold of Lisa’s arm as they alighted from the bus, the excitement glowing in her blue eyes. ‘I’ve never met a Turk before, have you, Lisa? I wonder what he’ll be like.’

‘I doubt very much if he’ll look like the ones we saw in the history books at school anyway,’ said Lisa trying to keep her face straight.

‘Oh, you! Silly’ exclaimed Emma laughing at the picture her friend had conjured up in her mind as they entered the Disco.

The magical atmosphere hit them full blast as they marched through the doors. The music was so loud; it battered at their senses, as did the smoke and smells that surrounded them. The pulsing strobe lights bounced off the walls and ceiling exciting the senses and filling their minds with the beat making their feet want to dance. Although the hall wasn’t yet full to capacity and people still streamed in through the doors, it was pretty crowded and Lisa and Emma had to squeeze their way past the dancing people to get to their usual table.

’Here they come’ said Marty. Whose real name was Jack Marshal he was the head salesperson for a large car sale firm in Sheffield selling Jaguars? Hence the reason everyone nicknamed him Smarty all though not to his face.

He always appeared well dressed his face thin and foxy looking, very quick on the uptake was Jack an intelligent knowledgeable person, the dark eyes never missing much. The dark grey suit and short cut hair complimented his appearance, adding to the look. The others looked up from the table as Lisa and Emma approached.

Mark Bullins, a computer technician, smiled at Emma longingly, he had been in love with her forever. He had a long face with fair hair that flopped down over his pale blue eyes, and Emma hardly thought of him at all. He wasn’t her type she thought.

The other people in the company were Nigel Foster and his girlfriend Samantha Marshal, who happened to be Jack’s sister. Craig Parsons and Tina Sanderson were the other couple and engaged to one another.

Samik watched the girls as they approached them. The small dark haired girl reminded him a little of Sylvania. He thought back to the last night he had been at home, reliving for a few moments the passionate feelings he had experienced. He had not enjoyed his two days in England up to now, feeling cold and unwelcome in this strange land. He had only agreed to meet the young Englishman because he didn’t fancy another lonely night in the hotel.

As the two girls came close to the table, he looked up into the face of the taller girl. The creamy coloured skin and copper coloured hair attracting his attention. She smiled and nodded, acknowledging the company, her strawberry coloured mouth opening to reveal white even teeth, and Samik experienced a raw sexual urge he had never felt before.

He jumped to his feet as they appeared in front of him, her beauty making him wish in those few moments he could have done as his ancestors would have. As Jack introduced him to Emma, he managed to clamp down on his feelings and took her hand kissing it charmingly. Introduced to Lisa, he held onto her hand longer than was necessary, lingering over it gently, as he kissed and stroked his fingers sensuously beneath her wrist.

Lisa felt a strange tickling sensation like butterflies invade her insides; she had never been the least excited by a man touching her before. She looked up into the dark face. He was handsome, she admitted grudgingly to herself. Then he caught her eyes with his own and she felt her knees weaken, mesmerized she felt drawn towards him.

Jack coughed and it broke the spell. She turned her head to gaze at her friends. Why were they all watching her? Suddenly she felt quite shy, which was unusual for Lisa, she had always felt quite comfortable in her friends’ company. Pulling herself together she smiled around at everyone saying, ‘Hi! Everybody’ trying hard to shake off the queer sensation she’d experienced when he touched her. She turned back to Samik with a slight smile. ‘I believe Jack said you were here to try disco dancing, would you like to have a go?’

’Certainly, My Cherie,’ the nuance in his voice in the way he answered her was evident, his French accent sending a thrilling ripple of excitement through her body. She began to take off her jacket and he leapt to help her. His hands slid sensuously along her bare arms, awakening in her a tingling electric awareness to him.

As Lisa and Samik walked out onto the floor Emma turned to Jack, ‘I think you have brought the prince, Jack.’

’What on earth do you mean Emma?’

’Well, didn’t you see the way they looked at one another? I think, if you hadn’t coughed, they’d still be standing there gazing rapturously into each other’s eyes. The sexy looking devil,’ she said, thinking that she wouldn’t have minded being in Lisa’s shoes herself.

’Yeah, that’s more like it,’ said Jack angrily ‘a devil, good looks and all that money. Did you see that suit, it must have cost a fortune, and his shoes are handmade you can bet.’

’Don’t worry Jack, it’s time someone woke up sleeping beauty,’ said Tina, who had watched the play between the two people thoroughly amused, and was wondering if Lisa was still a virgin. ‘She certainly acted like one’ thought Tina.

’Maybe, but I’m not sure it should be him,’ said Jack, jealously watching the pair of them enjoying themselves. ‘Look at that! he’s got more hands than an octopus has arms, he only met her five minutes ago and he’s touched more parts of her body than all four of us put together.’

’Now now Jack, don’t go spoiling your manners. You are supposed to be looking after him for your boss’ said Emma, amusement in her voice. ‘Anyway, you’ve never shown any interest in Lisa before. Come on, come and dance with me,’ and she took his arm persuading him onto the floor.

Jack gave in gracefully, making his way onto the floor with Emma. At least this way he could keep a closer eye on Samik. He wasn’t too sure about that character. They were all the same, the ones with plenty of money and he should know he had met quite a few, in his line of work.

His job and smart appearance had got him invited to quite a few parties and he hadn’t been impressed at the frauds and things that went on. Many of the young men and women didn’t have the resources to keep up and ended up on drugs, or in jail or worse still on the streets. Lisa had been a friend since school days, and even if she didn’t like him that way, it didn’t mean he shouldn’t keep an eye out for her.

’Come on Jack. Straighten your face up, we’re supposed to be having a night out, and Lisa’s not as daft as you think, she’ll soon set him straight if he starts anything.’

’That’s okay for you to say’ said Jack watching Samik as he danced with Lisa. ‘But I’ve never seen her look like that before. Just look at her. She looks as if she’s in outer space or something.’

’Come on,’ said Emma and pulled him alongside Lisa trying to make them a foursome. Just then, the music came to a stop.

Samik glanced around him, immediately aware of their intentions. He smiled at them both, hoping to allay their suspicions and said pleasantly. ‘Would you like a drink?’ although he asked Emma and Jack his eyes hardly left Lisa. Emma quickly chimed in with.

’Yes please, could I have half a larger?’ he gazed across at Emma giving her one of his flattering smiles, then turned to look Lisa straight in the eyes.

’You Lisa, what would you like?’ the innuendo was there in his voice as he stared deeply into her eyes. She wasn’t quite sure what he meant, but the way his hands made her feel as he slid them sensuously up and down the inside of her arms was indescribable. The way he looked at her made her feel unreal and tongue-tied even shy, which wasn’t like her at all. Shaking her self mentally she tried to gather her wits so that she could pull her self together as Emma suggested.

’Wakey, wakeeey, rise and shine, are you still on this planet Lisa? The man wants to know what you want to drink.’ Lisa gave her friend a dreamy look and turned back to Samik.

’Oh, er just a coke please Samik.’

’Perhaps you would like something a little stronger in it Lisa?maybe A rum ?’ he asked quietly his mouth near her ear. His warm breath fanned her neck and his accent sent thrills running up and down her spine.

’No! Err, thank you,’ she answered quickly. She felt drunk already and she hadn’t had anything yet, she smiled disarmingly hoping no one else had seen her confusion. Jack watched her, was this Lisa? she’d always appeared to be so reliant and self-assured now here she was acting like a schoolgirl with her first crush.

’Shall we fetch the drinks Jack?’ he asked. Giving the young salesman an assessing look, he steered him rapidly towards the bar. He had noticed Jack watching him with Lisa and didn’t want him putting any ideas into her head about him while he was away. Recognizing the signs of jealousy that Jack displayed, even if Jack didn’t realize them himself, he led him off to help him with the drinks, and the girls returned to the table.

’You’ve taken a real fancy to Samik haven’t you? Can’t say I blame you. He’s good looking and rich. The sort I wouldn’t mind myself actually,’ said Emma with a tinge of envy in her voice.

’It’s his voice, as much as anything, I think when he speaks and the way he looks at me with those brown eyes. I feel all funny inside as if I’m melting. I’ve never felt that way before. I used to think people were stupid when they said things like that but now I know it’s true.’ She gazed at her friend with a bewildered expression on her face, unable to take in the feelings that had engulfed her.

’Well don’t get carried away and do anything silly, he’s only here for a couple of weeks.’ Emma stared at her friend worriedly. ‘It does happen you know this love at first sight thing, trouble is it’s usually lust and it doesn’t last. You have to take it slowly and see. It may just fizzle out in a couple of months. It’s probably because he’s foreign its sort of woke up your hormones.’

’Oh it’s alright Emma, don’t worry, I can take care of myself.’

’Huh! Famous last words’ said Emma her voice tetchy. ‘I’ve heard it all before and then three months later their pregnant.’

’Not me,’ said Lisa, ‘I might think he’s great but I intend to get married a virgin.’

’Yes, and I might have believed you at one time, but when those hormones start their rampaging it can make the best of us change our minds. Take my advice, and don’t get into any tight clinches on your own with him. I would say he is very experienced sexually,’ Emma said with conviction and she gave Lisa a telling look as they reached their table.

The rest of the evening passed in a dreamy haze for Lisa. Samik had conveniently moved his chair nearer to her side and skillfully manipulated her entire attention for the evening, the rest of the company forgotten as they chatted away.

’What time is it?’ asked Lisa and she turned her wrist over to gaze at her watch, suddenly realizing, that the number of people in the room was beginning to thin out around them.

’Perhaps, you would allow me to take you home Lisa If you must leave?’

’No. It is kind of you Samik, but Emma and I usually share a taxi home, and I couldn’t let her down.’

’Then I will give you both a ride home,’ he stated, turning to look at Emma for confirmation.

Emma had already telephoned for a taxi. Realizing that Samik had conveniently monopolized Lisa’s attention for the rest of the evening, she had been expecting this development and was taking care her friend wasn’t led astray.

’Thanks, Samik, but I’ve already ordered the taxi; he should be here any minute.’ She smiled at Samik brightly. He tried hard not to let her see he thought she was an interfering nuisance but the smile he returned didn’t quite reach his eyes. Emma was astute enough to witness the slight tightening of his face muscles even in the dim light.

Samik turned back to Lisa a crestfallen look on his face. ‘Then perhaps you would permit me to take you for a meal one evening?’ he asked, and he smiled appealingly at her.

Lisa thought quickly if she had any brains she would tell him to meet her at the disco next week when her friends were there. She knew the feelings Samik had stirred in her could easily take over, her cautious side came to the rescue. After all, he was only here for a couple of weeks; it would be stupid to lose her head.

Emma passed her, her bag. ‘Come on Lisa, the Taxi’s here.’

Lisa smiled apologetically at Samik. ‘I have many things to do next week Samik. Perhaps we could meet here again next week? We all come every week, bye’ she smiled at him consolingly as Emma pulled her away.

’Phew! I thought you were never going to leave him. You’ve got work in the morning and it’s gone one o’clock’ said Emma annoyed with her friend as they relaxed into the leather seats of the taxi.

’Sorry Emma,’ replied Lisa hardly listening to what Emma said. Her eyes were staring dreamily out of the taxi window ‘he was so, fascinating.’

’Fascinating, well he definitely had you fascinated I thought for a minute there, that you were going to take him up on his offer. Drive you home! Take you to dinner! Do not forget what I told you, Lisa, his sort would have you eating out of his hand in a couple of hours. Jack, has been telling me all about his sort, very interesting information I can tell you. You should be careful, some of them already have a couple of wives back home, and your something new to him. He’ll have you kidnapped and carried off before you can blink.’

’Now you’re going too far Emma kidnapped and carried off. Where do you think we are, Arabia, this is England.’

’Yes, maybe we are in England but these things do happen you mark my words lady the way you were draping yourself all over him on the dance floor. It’s a wonder he didn’t drag you off to some hotel and he probably will, if he gets the chance.’ Emma was getting angry with her friend because she had heard some of Jack’s tales about drugs and the poor girls that had been turned into prostitutes. ‘Your hormones are ready for galloping with that Samik, so you’d better watch yourself.’

Lisa stared at her friend in astonishment. ‘I didn’t drape myself all over him. Did I?’ she could not believe what Emma had said.

’Yes, you did. Everyone wondered what on earth had got into you tonight. I thought at one bit, that Jack was going to drag you off the floor. Even he couldn’t believe his eyes; he asked me if you were on something.’

’Jack did!’

’Yes, and Mark, you remember Mark, you know the fair-haired fella, computers.’

’Okay, okay, you don’t have to get mad,’ said Lisa becoming a little exasperated with her friend’s attitude. ‘Anyway, I think Mark fancies you actually. Therefore, why should he make remarks about me?’ asked Lisa, finding it annoying that all her friends had been talking about her. ‘Seems like all you lot have done is watch what I’ve been doing all night and criticize me.’

’Well, what did you expect us to do you were the one he monopolized all night,’ said Emma, beginning to laugh at her friend. Lisa began to see the funny side and eventually ended up laughing too.

Chapter 5 Friday night

Lisa practically pushed the girls out of the shop door. It was Friday night and all week she had been thinking about Samik. Every time she thought of the way he looked at her with those big brown eyes, it had made her feel weak. The way she felt when he touched her ‘was it just because he was foreign and so excitingly different from the men she knew? Would he come? She felt a moment's panic. What if he didn’t come?’

She had spent more of her hard-earned savings that day, in her dinner hour than she had ever done, except for buying Daisy. ‘That red dress would come in for her holidays anyway’ she thought, ‘and the shoes and underwear.’

She checked the alarms and the doors twice, she was feeling so excited she couldn’t concentrate properly. Carrying her bags and parcels, she trotted down the road to the bank. Placed the bag with the money in it on to the chute and watched it slide into the slot. Round the corner to the parking lot, jump into Daisy and she was on her way home.

Lisa’s mother happened to see her walking down the path with her parcels and opened the door for her. ‘Hello love, you’ve got a few parcels there, bought anything nice?’

’Yes, mom’ and she waved the carriers at her mother happily.

’I’ve bought a new dress, shoes and underwear.’

’Oh, are you going somewhere special then love?’

’No mom but there might be someone interesting there tonight.’

’Just as long as you’re careful love’ her mother admonished her. Giving her a soft smile as she passed her to trot up the stairs, perhaps she had met someone at last thought her mother. She had noticed the growing excitement her daughter had projected over the last few days and hoped he was someone good enough for her. She was inordinately proud of her son and daughter. Not many of the youngsters that lived around them were as brilliant as her two she thought happily and left her daughter to it.

Lisa slid the dress over her head and ran her hands down her body to straighten it out. The material was bright red and had a slinky soft feel to it that felt good to touch. The skirt flared out from the waist but because the material was soft, it hung, folding around her hips in pleats. She stood for a minute to admire her reflection in the mirror then moved quickly, the dress moved with her, forming itself around the soft shape of her body emphasizing her femaleness.

The excited feelings inside her seemed to have taken over her skin as well as her mind, her femininity exuded from every pore of her being. Never before had she felt so utterly alive and feminine.

She swiveled around from the wardrobe mirror to the dressing table. The short skirt swung around, revealing her long shapely legs, as she bent to pick up a lipstick. Sweeping the lipstick across her mouth, she finished her attire with a quick spray of perfume, before shutting the bedroom door and heading for the stairs.

Adrian was returning to his room after his shower. His eyes widened as he took in his sister’s dramatic change of appearance, and unconsciously he let out a soft whistle. She smiled at him sweetly, and he suddenly remembered she was his sister. ‘Watch those men tonight sis, you’re looking real good.’

’Thanks, Adrian, don’t look so bad your-self’ she said. Giving him a cheeky grin and a pretend poke at his bare stomach, she swept gracefully down the stairs past him. She was pulling on her coat when Emma knocked and she quickly opened the door.

’ Already tonight I see. Looking forward to seeing that sexy Samik are we?And we have a new dress for the occasion I see u-um, better keep a tight reign on those hormones of yours tonight girl, or all your plans will be down the drain.’

‘It’s all right Emma,’ said Lisa her voice slightly tetchy. ‘You don’t have to get on your high horse about it. I know, so what! I’m feeling good, and I’m looking good my brother tells me. I’m also dying to see Samik again. I admit it. It’s the first time I’ve met anyone remotely interesting, but it doesn’t mean to say I’ll forget all my plans for a white wedding and the rest.’

‘Yeah, well. We’ll see’ said Emma, as they climbed onto the bus. The bus was full and Lisa didn’t have to put up with any more of her lecturing or her usual chatter, she was grateful. Sometimes she rattled on forever about nothing in particular and Lisa needed the time to marshal her thoughts and her feelings. Her stomach felt full of butterflies ‘would he be there?’ she wondered.

The friends pushed their way through the crowds of people across the dance floor and Lisa could feel Samik’s eyes as they followed their every move. Her body seemed to move towards him of its own volition. Suddenly she became aware of a strange feeling it was as if she was a fish and he was winding her in on the end of a line. She shook the feeling off and saw him stand to greet them, his outstretched hands and dark brown eyes commanding her attention. She couldn’t ignore him it would have been rude. A little reluctantly, she smiled lightly at him and then turned her head to acknowledge the friends they usually met every week.

‘Hello everyone, Samik,’ and reluctantly, her heart beating fast, she gave him one of her hands. He held onto it, pulling her gently closer to him and bent his head to whisper in her ear, saying ‘There’s a seat here Lisa, can I help you with your coat?’ Without appearing rude there was nothing, she could do about it. So she allowed him to help her remove her coat and as his hands touched her skin the tingling excitement grew again in her stomach, just as it had the week before. Quickly she sat down managing to squash the excitement she felt as she gazed around at her friends. She didn’t want them all talking about her again. Mark was pulling a chair up for Emma, and Jack was talking to his sister and her fiance.

‘Where did you say you were going for your honeymoon Nigel?’

‘Tenerife I think, what do you say Samantha?’ he asked her bringing her into the conversation with a smile.

’Yes. It’s as good as anywhere else. We had a lovely holiday there last year. What about you Jack, have you decided where you’re going yet?’

’No, afraid not, what do you say Mark. Emma, Lisa,’ he asked giving them all a glancing look as he reeled off their names. ‘Are we doing the same thing, as usual, this year or not?’

‘What do you usually do?’ asked Samik curiously.

‘We go camping in the Lake District,’ explained Jack, giving him a cold look in answer to his question. ‘We have, for the last two years, anyway,’ he said softly murmuring the last word to himself.

‘Yes, but if you remember Jack, we thought of trying Spain for a change. It rained most of the time last year and we all said we wouldn’t mind trying somewhere a bit warmer for a change’ exclaimed Mark pointedly.

‘It would make a change, what do you think Lisa?’ asked Emma gazing at her friend expectantly, as she gave Lisa a crafty look and said, ‘Or maybe, you’d fancy Turkey for a change?’ Lisa blushed at her friend’s sly remark, but Samik thought it an excellent idea and began immediately to promote his country.

‘Turkey is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and I would very much enjoy showing you around my country, Lisa. I could probably arrange for you to stay at my mother’s home. If you think you would like to come.’ His voice coaxed and his eyes spoke volumes as he gazed longingly into her eyes.

‘It would probably be very different and exciting to go to Turkey, but I really don’t know you well enough to decide on something like that yet Samik. Surely, you must realize that,’ she begged softly as she gazed into his handsome face. Everyone at the table sat and listened anxiously as she gave him her answer.

‘That’s put him in his place for a bit’ thought Jack thankfully. ‘Fancy that daft bat, Emma, setting her up like that’ and he breathed a sigh of relief until he heard Samik reply.

‘I know, but I do have another three weeks here and I hope you will allow me to get to know you better,’ he said, smiling seductively at her. ‘At least, let me take you out for a meal tomorrow, please. Then we can start getting to know each other.’

‘Hell, that’s done it,’ thought Jack wishing he could have throttled Emma.

‘Okay I would love to’ replied Lisa who was by now sick of her so-called friend’s attitudes. There they all sat around the table soaking up every word that passed between her and Samik as if they had nothing else to do. ‘Shall we dance Samik?’

‘Of course, if that is what you wish my Cherie’ and jumping up, gave her his hand and led her onto the floor.

‘That’s done it!’ said Jack savagely to Emma as soon as they were out of earshot. ‘Why did you do that? You played her right into his hands.’ Emma shrugged complacently.

‘She say’s she can take care of herself, so!’ and with that, she turned to watch the dancers. Jack gave a resigned sigh and sat back in his chair wondering what more he could do.

Lisa danced happily with Samik. Her body feeling alive as they made their arrangements for tomorrow. It would make a change for her to have him all to her self and she wouldn’t have to put up with her friends prying eyes either, thought Lisa gratefully.

Samik relished the thought too, thinking over his plans for getting her to Turkey and away from Jack. He must play it cool, she was very wary and although she was naive, she wasn’t a fool. He must be careful and not let his desire for her overrule his head. He twisted her around and bumped their bodies together, instantly aroused as he felt her shudder delicately against him. His lips whispered softly against hers like a shadow. She leaned closer to him, drinking in the expensive cologne he used, her senses reeling. Samik felt her aura change and smiled secretly to himself, soon my little petal soon.

’Would you like to have a drink and a rest for a little while Cherie?’ he asked softly. She gazed up into his brown eyes, her own opaque green grey pools, as she felt herself drowning in her feelings, and sucked in her breath dreamily.

’Yes please Samik,’ and feeling slightly relieved for the respite, she made her way back to their table. Everyone was up dancing and she sank into her chair gratefully. Glad no one was there to witness the state she was in it would be time to make their way home soon and she would have to answer the non-stop questions from her friend. She looked up as Emma and Mark rejoined her.

’Where’s Samik?’ asked Mark.

’Getting a drink, why? Are you going to tell me to be careful too?’ rejoined Lisa, her annoyance instantly resurfacing again, because everyone seemed to be taking so much interest in herself and Samik.

’Do you think I need to,’ asked Mark mildly, giving her a quizzical look. His appearance was that of a small boy, asking his mother for something he knew she wouldn’t let him have, and Lisa suddenly felt sorry for him. Therefore, she tried to smile as she replied.

’No, thank you for worrying about me Mark, but I have already told Emma. I am quite capable of looking after myself, although none of you seems to think I am. And anyway, I don’t think he’ll try anything, he seems too much of a gentleman.’

’I hope he is.’ Exclaimed Mark quietly and returned to his seat as Samik reached the table, a tray full of drinks for everyone.

Chapter 6 Lisa's Date

Lisa stood under the canopy outside the disco. The sky was a dull grey blanket. The cold rain lashed it down, splashing off the edge of the disco canopy, a thin flat waterfall. It was a thoroughly depressing place to be when the Disco was shut. Notices peeled down the walls, dog-ends and litter pervaded the vicinity, she had never realized how dirty and ugly the place was before now and wondered if she ought to have let him pick her up from home. He had been perfectly willing to do so, the only trouble with that was she didn’t feel that she wanted to introduce him to her family yet. Also, she had thought it would be probably easier for him pick her up here, as he already knew where the disco was. He wasn’t late, it was she who was early, she hadn’t realized that to get here on time she would have to catch an earlier bus and stand and wait for him. She supposed she could have driven Daisy in and parked her up in the car park, but it would have meant not having a drink and she was sure that Samik would drop her off at home anyway. It was just the looks she kept getting from the men that passed that was unnerving her.

A black Jaguar pulled up to the kerb and she sighed gratefully, as she saw Samik get out and walk around the car to open the door for her. He helped her in, making sure she was all tucked in, before shutting the door and returning to his seat.

’The car’s great Samik.’

’My father arranged it for me. I have quite a fair amount of travelling to do, visiting my father’s business acquaintances while I’m here. But enough of that, you don’t want me to bore you with my problems. This is the first time we have been alone without your friends, and I want to relish it. I have been told of a place where we can have a good meal and a dance afterwards. It’s a private club that one of my father’s business acquaintances owns. So I hope you will enjoy it, Lisa.’

Lisa hoped she was dressed right she wasn’t used to going to private clubs. The pale green silk suit she wore was one of the most expensive things she owned and was what her parents bought for her, for her twenty-first birthday.

They drove through Sheffield towards Millhouses and she sat back, trying to relax in the soft leather seat, letting the smell of new leather and Samik’s cologne work their magic as she tried not to worry. Eventually a couple of miles past Millhouses Park they pulled into the drive of a large house. ‘It was certainly private,’ thought Lisa. They scrunched their way up a tree-lined drive to pull into a parking space opposite the front door

The rain had managed to stop and Samik was his usual gentlemanly self, opening the car door and leading her across the tarmac level ground. A smartly dressed young man opened the door for them as they approached leading them through to a large pale green reception area that was decorated with Mediterranean palms. A huge staircase faced them, leading up to, a gallery that circumnavigated the top of the room that was here and there punctuated by doorways, and the whole lit by a glittering chandelier. The attendant opened one of the many doors on the downstairs floor, leading them into a dining room. Lisa felt quite overawed as the attendant took their coats, and indicated a table for the two them.

’Don’t worry Cherie, you look very beautiful,’ whispered Samik noticing her worried look. ‘I’ll take care of everything.’ She listened attentively as he ordered in fluent French, wishing she had taken more notice when they had been given French lessons at school. The waiter brought the wine and Samik tasted it while Lisa gazed around her interestingly, studying the lavish decor.

The meal was fabulous and Lisa and Samik chatted softly getting to know each other as the wine flowed between the courses. A small group of musicians played dance music in one corner of the room and people of all ages and denominations drifted in and out sitting down to eat, or stopping to take drinks at the bar. As the evening drew in, someone drew the heavy velvet curtains and one or two couples left their tables to make for the highly polished dance floor between the tables.

The music was soft and rhythmic inviting them to dance and Samik eventually led her onto the floor. It was Samik’s turn to lead Lisa into the dance and he wrapped his arms around her holding her close. The music assuaged her mind and Samik’s cologne assaulted her senses as they floated effortlessly around the floor in full accord. It was late when they left the club and Samik eventually pulled the sleek jaguar up across from Lisa’s home.

The rain that had lashed down earlier in the evening had left the land smelling clean and fresh, and as they came to a stop, Lisa rolled down the window. She breathed in the cold fresh air, welcoming its cooling effect into the warm interior. After the intimate evening, her senses were running wild and she wasn’t quite sure what Samik would do next. They both turned to look each other in the eye, and Lisa spoke first, her words coming quickly.

‘This evening has been one I shall never forget Samik, thank-you’ and leaning towards him she pressed her lips to his cheek. His hands came up to hold her shoulders and he moved his mouth round to her lips. His kiss was soft and gentle. She felt the wanting in her body grow stronger. When he reluctantly but gently pushed them apart his temperature soared as he felt her softening. Given the chance, he would have ravished her there and then but now was not the time. His smile was cynical as he bent his head to get out of the car. ‘You will allow me the pleasure of your company again before I leave Lisa?’ he asked as he held the door open for her.

‘Of course, Samik, will you be at the disco on Friday? I know you are very busy with the business for your father.’

‘Yes, I hope so. Perhaps you have a telephone number; I can call you if I am free in the week. You will be free also?’ He was still holding her hand his fingers caressing her wrist as he gazed appealingly into her eyes. Nervously excited actually she didn’t know quite what she felt, but he wanted to see her again. ‘Do you have some paper and a pen?’ Samik smiled sadly and shook his head.

’I know.’ Diving into her pocket, she brought out a tissue and a lipstick and resting it on the side of the car wrote down both the shop number and her home number, before carefully folding the tissue and handing it to him with a small grin.

’There, you have no excuse for not ringing me now. Now I must fly I hope my parents aren’t waiting up for me. Goodnight Samik sweet dreams.’ Samik stood and watched as she ran across the street and opened a door, noting the number down in his memory. He now knew where she lived, if his first plan didn’t work. He drove away his brain ticking.

On Monday evening, Lisa arrived home from work to find a bunch of yellow roses and a note from Samik. (Thank you for a lovely evening; see you soon, Samik.)

‘So,’ said her mother, gazing at her with wide eyes, ‘who’s the young man that’s sending you these lovely roses, anyone we should know about?’ Lisa sat down on the kitchen chair after reading the note and putting the roses in a vase. She’d got over the initial embarrassment and although she was still grinning from ear to ear she could now face her mum. She gazed appealingly at her mother ‘what would she say when she told her he was Turkish,’ thought Lisa worriedly.

‘Well, I met him at the disco, a couple of weeks ago,’ she said, giving her mum a wary look. ‘Jack brought him. You know Jack, mum?’

‘Yes,’ Linda watched her daughter wonderingly. It wasn’t like Lisa to skirt around things, what wasn’t she telling her? ‘But, what’s he like.’ She asked bluntly.

Lisa gave her mother a searching look ‘he’s tall, err dark hair, brown eyes. He dresses really smart, and Jack say’s he’s very rich.’

‘And what else?’ asked Linda, scrutinizing her daughters face.

‘He’s um, Turkish Mum,’ she watched her Mothers face as she said it. It blanched, then quickly returned to normal, as she stared thoughtfully back into her daughter's worried face. ‘Better, not to let her see how worried she was,’ thought Linda unhappily, ’perhaps it would fizzle out. She’d heard some rather horrific stories about Turkish brides but it wouldn’t do for her to say much, she’d been that age herself once and knew how stubborn you could be, when you thought you were in love. ‘Is he living in England?’

’No Mum, his home is in Turkey and, he has asked me to go out there for a holiday. He said I could stay at his mother’s home. He say’s that Turkey is a beautiful place and he would very much like to show me around. What do you think Mum?’ she gabbled hurriedly. Suddenly, Lisa realized that she was thinking of taking a holiday in Turkey, and if Samik asked her to marry him, it would probably mean her leaving home and going to live in Turkey. She would have to leave her home, her mother, and her brother Adrian; did she really want to do that? Her mind sizzled as she waited for her mother to speak.

Linda did not know what to say for the best. She definitely didn’t want her daughter to leave England, and marry some stranger who came from a foreign country. There again, if this should happen to be her daughter’s choice. She would, rather they stayed friends. At least that way, she could stay in touch, if things did go wrong.

’The only thing I can really say Lisa love is we must wait and see. I have no objection to you taking a holiday in Turkey, or anywhere else, for that matter. You’re old enough to do what you like. Up until now, you have been a very sensible and reliable person, or you wouldn’t be where you are. You have an excellent record with the firm you work for; all I can say is do be careful and I’m always here for you no matter what happens in the future.’ She smiled warmly and rose to begin the evening meal, giving Lisa a quick hug as she rose to help her. ‘Don’t worry Lisa you’ll know what to do when the time comes love.’

Lisa spread the tablecloth out over the table and contemplated on the conversation with her mother as she laid the knives and forks out. Was she in love with Samik she had certainly never felt like this before?

Emma had said it was lust and just her hormones waking up. If this wasn’t love, thought Lisa wonderingly. Then what must love be like? She had only known Samik a couple of weeks and already her life seemed to be in turmoil. The telephone rang and her brother picked it up as he came in the door.

’Hey Lisa, there’s someone on the telephone for you’ he shouted and galloped up the stairs as she entered the hall, giving her a questioning look, before entering his bedroom. She picked up the telephone.


’Yes, Samik.’

’Did you like the roses?’

’They’re beautiful, thank you Samik.’ She was touched that he had rung as well and her voice was soft and dreamy, as she answered him, the sound of his voice inciting the memory of the way he had kissed her.

’I’m in London at the moment, then I have to go to Surrey, so I don’t think I will get back until Friday, but if things go well, I’ll see you at the disco. Bye Lisa, stay well.’ Lisa stood with the telephone pressed close to her ear, for a little while, before cradling it. Her thoughts were dreamy and erotic when Adrian came clomping down the stairs.

’Hi, sis said Adrian, who was that on the telephone? He sounded foreign, was it someone from work?’ She smiled softly still dreamy from her memories.

’No, someone who sends me roses,’ she said and hugged her thoughts to her self as she preceded her brother into the kitchen. Adrian walked behind her, wondering who the mysterious foreigner was and pulled a silly face at his mother, over Lisa’s shoulder, pointing at the roses. She smiled back at him and waved him into his seat.

‘Sit down Adrian and eat your tea.’ He looked at his mother cross-eyed and slumped into his seat. Lisa took no notice she was used to his silly play acting and had decided to ignore him, too caught up in her own problems to succumb to his tactics. Linda didn’t take any notice either as she carried on serving the lasagna she had made for tea and wondering what her husband would have done if he were alive.

Chapter 7 Damian and Eddy

Damien and Eddie eased the powerful motorbike up the steep incline the planks made into the back of the lorry. It was about three o’clock in the afternoon and the day was warm and sunny around the middle of June the sky a clear bright blue overhead. They were in a large dusty compound. The only noise, except for the two men talking, was the sound of a radio playing a popular pop tune that was coming from a two-storey building. This stood at one end of the compound that housed a large garage and offices. The compound stood on the edge of an industrial estate with access to the main motorway.

A little way off from the building stood two Lorries where two young men puffed panted and sweated, alternately pushing and pulling a heavy motorbike up a set of planks that led into the back of one of the Lorries. They were putting it onto the lorry in preparation for the return journey home. It had a small box sidecar attached that they had decided to leave on, it would hold their tackle for the return journey and help to keep the bike upright as it traveled inside the lorry.

The men slid their hands further up the ropes they had fed through two pulleys that were attached to the inside of the wagon, and then tied to the bike, getting a better grip. They heaved steadily, taking the weight of the three-wheeled beast, as the sweat rolled down their backs and the muscles knotted in their arms. The front wheel rolled slowly onto the lorry and they gazed at each other while a great grin of satisfaction spread across their wet faces. ‘Come on’ said Eddie, clamping his teeth together in preparation for another heave. ‘Another pull and we’ve got her.’

The heave ended up, with both men panting like mad dogs, sat on the floor of the lorry the bike between them. Eddie, his fair hair falling over his face as if it were a shower of rain, pushed the hair back over his head with a sweaty hand and raised his wiry body from the lorry floor. ‘Hopefully, it won’t be so hard to get off,’ he said thankfully as he slowly took the rope from his arm.

‘Naw,’ said Damien laughing at his friend’s dismal face. ‘It’ll just fall off like everything else does off the back of a lorry.’

Eddie looked up at his friend with a gormless expression on his face for a second, and then as the joke sank in, he leaned across and thumped his pal on the arm.

‘Prat!’ he exclaimed laughing and striding to the back end of the lorry jumped down. He gazed around the compound at the assortment of Lorries and the electrified fence as he did, thinking about what his friend had just said. They had worked for G. B. Berricks since leaving school, and some funny things had gone missing in that time he thought, shaking his head in wonder. Damien was right you never knew what would happen next.

He turned to watch his friend climb down from the lorry. Damien gave him a lopsided grin and rubbed his arm where Eddie had thumped it, thinking to himself he wouldn’t like Eddie to give him a real thump. He lifted one of the planks and began pushing it into the lorry, his back was to the sun, and the sun shining through the brown curls on his head turned it bright red. ‘Now we know where you get that temper from,’ said Eddie laughing, and pointed to Damien’s fiery head.

’What are you, on about,’ asked Damien putting his hand up and patting the curls on top of his head. It didn’t matter how he had it cut it still curled. It was a lifelong problem he’d had to put up with since his schooldays. At least the women seemed to like it he commiserated with himself.

’Your head,’ laughed Eddie, ‘it looks as if it’s on fire. It’s like watching one of those old-fashioned films where people had rays coming out of them, you’ve got rays of fire coming out of your head.’

’You’ll have lumps coming out of yours in a minute. Come on! Let’s get these lorries loaded.’ The muscles rippled under the sweat-stained tee shirts as the two friends lifted the heavy planks into the lorry. Fastening the tailgate, they clicked a couple of locks into the hasps. It didn’t do to leave anything to chance, although it would be locked in the compound until tomorrow. Then the two friends would be off to Africa.

’Do you, think we can manage to do it in a month this time Damien.’ Eddie asked, as he passed spares and tools up to Damien, who had now climbed up into the back of the second lorry. Damien eased himself out of his squatting position, straightening his legs out, as he thought about it for a minute.

’Well, it will probably take us a couple of days to get from here across to Spain. If we can manage to do three or four hundred miles driving a day, until we get to the port, I reckon, if everything goes to plan, we should be in Africa by Saturday or Sunday, which should, all being well give us a good chance of getting back here in a months time,’ said Damien hopefully.

’Yeh! That’s if the roads have improved at all. It’s a wonder we got there at all, with the trouble we had last time,’ Said Eddie, thinking worriedly about the potholes and tortuous roads that they had traveled on, on their last trip to Africa.

The two land rovers they had taken last time, had needed a weeks repair work on them when they finally arrived at their destination just to bring them up to scratch before they could leave them. They hadn’t been able to obtain any spares, on their last journey, so we're going well prepared for any emergencies this time, hopefully. Damien was taking his bike for the return journey because they had even had difficulty getting back.

The pair had no trouble repairing the vehicles, both top class mechanics, they knew their stuff. Gary, who was sending them on this trip, was the owner of G. B. Berricks haulage and distribution, and would not be sending them if he did not know they could do the work. They had both been in his employ since leaving school and Gary only trained and kept the best.

Eddie flipped the blonde wave of hair back over his head and jumped down from the back of the second lorry. ‘Think we should have enough spares there don’t you Damien?’

’Sure, what we don’t have we’ll have to go without or makeup. At least we’ll have more than last time’ he said, smiling readily. Then grimaced at his friend and said ‘Nothing could be as bad as that last trip. We can fill the water carriers and put them on tomorrow, we need to take it as fresh as possible. If we’re lucky, we may be able to get fresh again at the last stop before we get on the ferry. Let’s go and see if we can leave early. Are you taking Katrina out tonight?’

’Of course, Katrina’s planning for us to be married at Xmas.’ Damien pulled his face at his friend’s remark but didn’t let him see. ‘After all, it wasn’t Eddie’s fault that Vicky had decided to split with him,’ thought Damien affably.

’Are you coming with us? We’re going for a curry. I could ask Kat to bring her friend Joanne, make up a foursome’ he asked Damien, his voice hopeful. Everyone enjoyed his company, and Kat had said that Joanne would gladly go out with Damien anytime. Joanne rather fancied him it seemed. Eddie had broached his friend on the subject, asking him what he thought of Kat’s friend, but he had been noncommittal replying ‘she was okay.’

He knew Damien and Vicky had broken up just a month or two ago so didn’t push it. She had been living with Damien for about six months. Then one night he had gone home from work, to find, she had moved out lock stock and barrel.

There wasn’t a trace of her left behind, not even a toothbrush. Just a note, which Damien had shown to Eddie and all it had said, was. “Sorry, Vicky.”

Eddie had been upset and angry that she had done that to his friend. He began his own inquiries, asking among their friends and acquaintances, to see if anyone knew of her whereabouts and for a while, he heard nothing. It was a month later when he heard she had taken off with a French man. In the meantime, he had done his best to help his friend, by going on climbing trips which they both enjoyed, and inviting him out whenever he could. Damien was well liked, and most of his friends rallied round.

Once they had begun organizing the trip to Africa, Damien had seemed more like his old self. Charles Damien Brown, Eddie smiled to himself as he thought of Damien, his friend would punch him in the nose if he mentioned the name Charles he hated it.

’No, not tonight thanks, Eddie, you and Katrina need the time on your own. You’d better make the most of it,’ he said with a knowing wink. Katrina and Eddie had been going out with one another now for a long time, practically since school. They were buying the house they were living in and had everything planned out for the next few years. Damien knew that once Eddie was married he probably wouldn’t see him as much as he did now. He would miss his company they had been good friends for a long time and had had some real adventures.

‘See you at six,’ said Damien, struggling to get out of the seat belt as they pulled up outside his house. Eddie leaned across the car and gave him a pretend thump on the nose. Damien had hoped to be able to jump out of the car quickly because he knew what Eddie would do after he’d mentioned picking him up at six o’clock, but the stupid buckle had stuck. Now they were both laughing while Damien struggled with the belt. Eddie finally came to his help and pushed him out of the car. ‘Yeah, Ten you said earlier, you tried that one on me last time remember!’ Then he shut his mouth quickly. He had suddenly remembered that Damien had still been in bed with Vicky, last time when he had arrived at six, but Damien gave him a friendly push saying.

‘Sure Eddie. After all, you need your beauty sleep. Night pal, see you tomorrow’ and he shut the car door and trotted off up the path to the back door of his house, still laughing as he let himself in. He was really looking forward to the trip, living on his own was good sometimes but it also had its disadvantages.

He was used to the loneliness. He had only been fifteen when his father had died, and his mother had followed him three years later. That had left the two of them in the house just him and Toby, he still had a sister but she lived a couple of streets away with her husband and two children.

The dog Toby came to greet him, nuzzling his nose into his hand. He was getting on a bit now. His mother had bought him as a companion after his father’s death because she could not stand being in the house on her own. Damien knew what that was like, now he worried about the dog getting old. ‘Take you over to Sis when I’ve had a shower old boy,’ he said hanging the lead on the back of the door as they came in.

He got a tin of meat and some biscuits out of the cupboard and fed the dog. ‘Don’t know when we’ll get back Toby, hopefully, it won’t be any longer than a month,’ he said patting his head as he gave him a drink of water. ‘She’ll look after you and take you for walks. Don’t worry,’ the dog stared at him, and Damien shook his head. He could swear the dog knew what he was talking about, it was the way he stood gazing at him and gently waving his stubby tail from side to side.

He walked into the living room and switched on the television, the only modern convenience there. Then he crossed the room and pulled the maps and his passport out of their designated places in the cupboard, placing them on the old style coffee table that stood in the middle of the room. The whole of the room was furnished in an old-fashioned style, the furniture of an earlier era, from when his parents had first married.

His mind on the trip, he nipped up the stairs for the saddlebags for the bike. His clothes were already packed and he slid the maps and his passport into one of the pockets on the side of the bags. ‘That’s it’ he thought thankfully ‘everything is packed and ready, Africa here I come. Now for my shower’ and strolled off to the bathroom whistling happily.

Chapter 8 Turkey

Lisa began to collect her belongings together, ready for disembarking. The announcement had just come over the speaker system for everyone to put their seats up and put on their seat belts they were landing. A flutter of excitement began once again in her insides, as the plane bumped down on to the airstrip, they had landed. Would he be there to meet her, he had written so in his letters. Samik had made all the arrangements for her. He had also sent her a letter from his mother, to say she was looking forward to meeting her. Although Lisa had let Samik arrange things, she had insisted on reimbursing him for the air-fair to Istanbul as a matter of principle.

She followed the passengers to the doorway and then stepped back in surprise as the hot air greeted her. It was quite unbelievable after the air-conditioning in the plane. The smell that assailed her nostrils also took a while for her to believe it was as if the air itself was made of tobacco smoke, at first it seemed quite difficult to breathe. Although, by the time they had climbed on to the bus that took them to the air terminal, her lungs were beginning to adjust.

The airport was a bustle with people of every denomination from different lands all over the world. Queues ran everywhere, in different directions, and Lisa didn’t think she stood a chance of finding Samik in all the conglomeration and different nationalities of people. But suddenly he was at her side. His eyes swept over her, the anticipation evident on his face. ‘Lisa, it’s so good to see you, my Cherie. Are you well? Where is your passport? I’ll soon have you out of here Cherie. Hold onto my arm.’ Everything passed her by in a whirl of officials and politeness as Samik whisked her away.

Before Lisa knew it, he handled her gently but firmly into another sleek black Jaguar the same as he’d had in England and whisked her away, the smell of soft leather, polish and Samiks expensive cologne soothing her nostrils as she sat back, and prepared to be pampered.

After the journey and the rush through the terminal, plus the unaccustomed heat the welcome air conditioning of the jaguar came as a great relief. Lisa sat up and began to take notice of her new surroundings. The buildings that swept swiftly past were very different from home and her eyes could not take it all in. Samik tried to pick out one or two Mosques and the larger of the buildings when she asked him to, but driving was hectic and he really needed all his concentration. Lisa decided it would be safer to let him do just that.

They eventually pulled into an impressive looking drive through tall iron gates and swept past orange and lemon trees to pull into a large dark garage the size of a small car park. Lisa stepped out of the car and gazed around at a number of gleaming automobiles. Some of them appeared quite old although they all gleamed like new ones. ‘My father’s a collector’ smiled Samik in amusement at her obvious curiosity.

’Oh! All these?’ asked Lisa. ‘He must be extremely rich’ she whispered in awe and swallowed hard as she realized she was definitely out of her depth.

’Come my little petal, do not be afraid. My father is not here today but I would like you to meet my mother. Then I will show you to your room and you can refresh yourself for the evening.’ He led her through the gardens, which were a delight of colour and fragrances until they came to his mother’s favorite walled harbour. The fragrance here was heady with white roses, growing in abundance, some covering the walls, others standing in pebbled beds the harbor surrounding a tinkling fountain of sparkling water, where beautiful silver carp swam.

His mother sat on a small couch in an exquisite blue sari some embroidery in her lap. She looked up when she heard their approach and smiled warmly at her son and then turned an inquiring look in Lisa’s direction. Samik led Lisa to the couch.

’Lisa, my Mother. Maman Lisa’ he said in beautiful French.

Lisa held out her hand and began to thank his mother for her invitation. When Samik sat her down at the side of his mother and said. ‘I’m afraid my mother does not speak English I will tell her what you have said,’ and he began speaking to his mother in French again. Lisa wished again, that she had taken more notice in French classes in school, but had to smile and acknowledge what Samik was saying to his mother, even though she had no idea of what he was saying.

Eventually, his mother gave her an uncomfortable smile and Samik led her away through the gardens to the house. Lisa began to feel a little afraid as he led her along dark intricate passages through the huge house. Everything was dark and slightly intimidating, one or two figures seemed to scurry away before them, as they approached and put Lisa’s senses on alert system. She wasn’t easily made afraid and tried to shake off the feeling as they walked together.

Samik became aware of her tenseness and applied his charm. ‘My brother and I used to play hide and seek in these passages with the servants. There are probably still some that I have not explored, we used to be chased away when we went anywhere we shouldn’t. I am taking you to where my old room was. You’ll like it there it’s much lighter than this part of the house. I’m afraid the house is so huge, that you can easily get lost, so it might be advisable for you to stay there until I come for you.’ he smiled apologetically at her as he opened a door. The room they entered appeared to be a cross between a library, and a schoolroom. Shelves with what seemed thousands of books ran around the outside and two great tables stood in the middle with books piled in untidy heaps. At either end of the room were huge leather settees and chairs set in square formations around huge Marquette coffee tables. Here and there smaller tables with plants or huge ornaments were set and Lisa felt as if she were in a museum. ‘This was our schoolroom,’ explained Samik waving his arm around the room. Lisa didn’t know quite what to say, so she smiled softly saying’It’s very impressive Samik, you and your brother must be very clever.’ Samik's face fell, and he replied.

‘My brother is no longer with us he was killed last year on a mission for my father.’ Lisa’s hands flew to her face.

’Oh! I’m dreadfully sorry Samik.’ He saw her heartfelt concern for him and quickly came to her side, putting his arm around her shoulders. It was over three months since they had touched and the fire raced through Samik. He pulled her into his arms as the door opened. A servant stood on the threshold. He took hold of himself and turned eyes of black stone on the servant, issuing a savage command in Turkish.

Lisa had felt the magic too and smiled, all unknowing, into his handsome face.

’A freshen up would be good Samik?’ she said and he released her reluctantly he didn’t want the servants taking tales to his mother.

’I have asked the servant to bring some refreshments to your room. Here we are,’ and he led her into a large bedroom. This is the bathroom if you would like to shower and change, we will go out later. Your garments should have been pressed and hung in the wardrobes for you. If you need anything, please give this bell a ring,’ he said showing her, a long bell rope hung by the door. ‘Now I must leave you for a little while, I will be back here about eight o’clock. Please enjoy your rest.’ He gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek and left the room.

Lisa swirled around the room after kicking off her shoes, the place was as huge as a ballroom, their house would have nearly fit inside it. There were huge wardrobes down one side of the room with mirrors from top to bottom. A king size bed stood at one end draped with pale green curtains. A knock came at the door and she opened it. In the doorway stood a young girl dressed in a sari with a huge tray. Lisa opened the door wider and the young girl came in and placed the tray on a table inside the door and left. On the tray were three glass carafes with different coloured drinks in, and a dish of fruit that was also cut and beautifully displayed. A plate with a lid on concealed a display of tiny sandwiches. Lisa’s mouth watered at the sight realizing she was hungry then couldn’t quite make up her mind whether to bathe first or eat. She decided she could do both at once and took the tray into the bathroom. The sight of the bathroom again delighted her eyes and it wasn’t long before she was up to her neck in delightful smelling bubbles and tucking into the tiny sandwiches that the maid had brought.

Chapter 9 Eddy and Damian

Eddy and Damien were on there way back. They had delivered the Lorries to the Park after a very long and tiring journey. Luckily the Lorries had passed muster and had had to have only a few minor repairs before they had reached their destination. The Jerry cans of water and fuel had been a godsend as they new from there last foray into Africa.

It wasn’t always easy to find water and fuel on the roads as sometimes they would go across the country. They only had two cans one of fuel and one water they wouldn’t need as much with just the bikes but it would probably be wet flannel washes and no shaving till they reached Paris.

The sidecar and panniers were filled with what they had left and what they had acquired before leaving the Park and they had set off immediately after an early breakfast.

The first part of the journey took them through a small town where the roads were reasonable but eventually they came to a small village and the roads were more like farm tracks, eventually they stopped for a quick snack and then decided to carry on until the light began to fade. It wasn’t wise to carry on any longer as there didn’t seem to be any place on the maps that looked a good place to stop and they didn’t want to use the lights on the bikes because riding in the dark was not advisable. So when they reached a curve in the road that would offer them a place for the night they pulled over and decided to bed down for the night while they could still see what the ground and surrounding area was like.

The trees stood a way back and they gathered some firewood and after finding a couple of branches to sweep the area removed their tarpaulins and wheeled the bikes on to one edge facing each other corner-wise they pulled the tarpaulins over the tops of the bikes and anchored them down with some rope and tent pegs making a cosy corner for themselves. After lighting a fire, making a drink and frying some beans and sausages Eddy made ready for sleep while Damien kept watch, keeping the fire going in case of wild animals or snakes, a while later he woke Eddy and he took over until the sky started to lighten and he woke Damien.

Breakfast over they again set off for the coast. It was about another three hundred mile and they were hoping to make it to the boat so they could book a passage and spend the night on board; getting a good night’s sleep before arriving in Spain.

With rest periods and stopping for motorway and passports to be checked at various points, they were hoping to make it to Paris and the Euro tunnel in about four or five days at the most.

It was a good six hundred and fifty miles to San Sebastian on the border of France and Spain they would make it hopefully to Madrid stay at a small bed and breakfast they had used before and know the bikes would be safe to continue to the border the next day.

Everything went to plan until they reached Bordeaux when the sidecar decided to break one of the bolts holding it to the bike. All the bouncing about had eventually caused the bolt to wear until it had broken and poor Damien went head over heels luckily into the hedge where the grass grew quite high up the side of a small wall.

He wasn’t hurt and because of the quick stop the bike was ok too it did take a while to mend as they had some difficulty in getting another bolt Eddy going off to find a village where he eventually managed to get a couple of new bolts and return. After fixing the bike it was decided to stop for the night at the small village Eddy had found and they bivouacked in a camping field with some caravans and tents.

A family from England were parking there and when they realized they were English invited them to join them for a barbecue. The pair had a fabulous night playing football with the children and adults until it became too dark then they sat talking and telling them about their adventures.

Chapter 10 Visiting Turkey

Lisa was just putting the final touches to her makeup when Samik knocked on her door.

She shouted ‘Come in,’ and Samik entered he was in a beautiful cream suit and Lisa hoped she was dressed suitably. She wore the red dress she had bought and wore for the disco before she came away. When Samik smiled at her remarking that he liked that dress on her she felt happier and picked up the silk cream shawl she had brought with her and her bag before following him out of the door.

Samik had ordered a taxi and before she realized it they were walking into the restaurant. Lisa looked round in amazement hanging on to Samiks arm as the waiter led them to a table away from the crowd at the front of the restaurant to a private table. She let Samik decide what they would eat giving him full reign as she had no idea what the menu said.

After a lovely meal and a couple of glasses of wine, Lisa put her hand over the glass as Samik tried to ply another glass on her and declared she had had enough, feeling scared she would fall over her feet going out of the restaurant and make a fool of her self if she drank anymore. Samik called for the waiter and gave him instructions for a taxi, they were chatting away when the waiter came over to say the taxi was here and Samik gave him a surly look as he acknowledged him, and they rose from the table to follow the waiter out. At the door to his mother’s house, he handed her over the threshold giving her a light kiss on her forehead he left after telling her he would pick her up at nine o'clock in the morning.

Lisa was quite relieved as he left her as she had expected him to be a little more hands on after their evening out as most men would have expected a kiss and a cuddle. Samik entered the taxi and smiled knowingly to himself she would now not be on her guard so much and next time would probably be a little more willing to trust him.

Next morning on the dot of nine he was knocking on her room door; opening the door she smiled cheerily and motioned him in.

’Hi Samik you are prompt, just get my bag, am I dressed suitably for where we are going, you didn’t say so I hope I’m okay’

’You’re fine Lisa; I thought I would take you to see some of the Museums and Mosques today, I know you said you were interested does that jacket have a hood as when we enter a mosque you need to cover your head?’

’Oh yes, I especially brought this one as it has a hood and is nice and light.’

’Good, then we can be on our way.’

Bursa Samiks hometown was the proud custodian of a great deal of Ottoman History a booming industrial city with a population of over a Million spread over the lower slopes Uladagu also claiming fame to one of the highest mountains. Bursa is known fondly among the Turks as 'Green Bursa' its verdant backdrops of tree lined streets and lovingly tended gardens and parks it is a very attractive City.

They were on their way to see the Yesil Cami 'Green Mosque about a kilometer from Heykel built for Sultan Meh-met the first and finished in 1442 it is considered by some to be the finest Mosque in Turkey surpassing even the Selimiye in Edirne The exterior is delicately carved marble and the interior is decorated with blue green and turquoise tiles many with floral designs.Under the Dome near the entrance is a beautiful fountain carved from a single block of black marble.

Travelling further onto the market district at the heart of it is the Bedeston or the covered bazaar a labyrinth of streets alleys and passageways full of stalls selling copper. brass, gold,silver, carpets and leather goods as well as the things Turkey is famous for towels and Knives and Silk. Samik lead Lisa to the eastern to show her the Koza Han a two storied building where they bring the silkworm cocoons in June and September to sell to the silk traders.

Lisa enjoyed the market immensely where she was enchanted by some some of the small animal key rings and asked Samik to translate for her as she wanted to buy a couple turning to the merchant Samik translated her request and told Lisa they would call back later and pick them up after their meal at the Lokarta which happened to be a little further down the road.

After the meal Lisa was feeling a little tired as they walked back to the stall and collected the two little bears she had picked Samik rang for a Taxi to take them back to where he had parked the car.. On the way back the car was so comfy she fell asleep as the lights came on in the city.

Samik grinned happy the sleeping drought he had slipped into her drink had worked, as he pulled into his garage where two more cars sat. Taking the keys from a wrack near the door he opened the door into the walled garden and returned to collect Lisa from the car with her haversack the two little bear key rings clipped onto it.

Lisa Woke and wondered what was happening as she felt herself being bundled onto a bed.

'Hey! What are you doing? she said pushing herself up the bed on her elbows she began to get up.

'It's okay Lisa you were asleep so I carried you in' he gave her one of his charming smiles opening his hands towards her in a beseeching manner.

Lisa looked wildly around the room 'But this isn't my room' she replied perplexed looking at him warily.

He sat on the bed at the side of her and gathered her hands in his.'No this is my house I wanted you to come here for a few days I have to go away on business for my father again,I had all your stuff moved to this room.'

'You can't do that, I only came because you said I would be staying with your mother.I wouldn't have come!' she replied angrily.

'Come on Lisa your a grown woman,did you really think I didn't want anything else? I want you to stay here!' At that he grabbed her hands tighter and pushed them over her head pushing her down again onto the bed. 'Now I will do what I have wanted to do since I met you and he held her his mouth taking hers in a fierce kiss his other hand ripped her top from the neck down his other hand held her tight while he began unbuckling his belt and pulling it through the loops his hips holding her down while he began tying her hands together with the belt he began tugging on her jeans to release the clasp. but Lisa managed to pull her hands down and brought her elbow up to dig him in the neck before he could tie them properly and pushed with everything she had rolling away from under him to the other side of the bed. He was really annoyed now and he ran around the bed to catch her forcing her against the wall he held her body with his while he tried to wrench her jeans down but this was his undoing as Lisa lifted her knee up hard and walloped him under his chin causing him to bite his tongue. He then grabbed her breasts and squeezed hard making her scream. 'There Bitch! now you can stay here till I get back and we will see how you enjoy the next sparring match.' He marched to the door while the tears ran down Lisa's face as she tried to ease the pain in her chest.

He laughed sardonically and banged the door Lisa sobbed loudly as she heard the key turn in the lock.

Chapter 11 Journey Home

Damian and Eddy were well on their way home after crossing Spain they stopped in Bordeaux for a day and decided to have a rest where they could have a shower and put their dirty clothes in a launderette. Feeling better they found somewhere for a meal and a decent nights sleep in a small Motel they had found on their last trip, before they attempted to carry on to Paris and the Euro tunnel. the route through France from Bordeaux was pretty uneventful finding more camping spots on their way made things much easier and trying out some of the local foods en-route was a pleasure they both relished. On their last stop about fifty miles before reaching Paris they had a days rest wandering around and chilling out ready for the ride through Paris as they knew it would be a tiring experience and they would need their wits about them. Luckily this time didn't seem too bad but they were still glad to pull up at the small bed and breakfast they had used before enjoying a shower and rest before they began the next part of their Journey.

Chapter 12 Escape

Lisa lay on the bed after finding one of her tea shirts she packed the few things she had brought with her after emptying the wardrobe and drawers into her haversack but how as she going to escape from this nightmare she had let herself in for. It must have been an hour or so she had lain thinking how she could escape when she heard a soft knock at the door.

'Hello are you there?' Silvania whispered.

Startled out of her worrying Lisa crept to the door and whispered 'Yes who is it?'

'I am Silvania, I will come back later when he leaves,see you soon,bye.'

'Thank you please do,' whispered Lisa sitting back on the bed and rubbing her hands together hoping she wouldn't be too long.

It was probably a few hours later when Silvania returned and Lisa sat up quickly when she heard the key turn in the lock and Silvania stepped sideways through the door a glass of water and something wrapped in a cloth she gently pushed the door with her hip and placing the glass of water on the small table at the side of the bed placed a finger over her lips saying 'shush speak quietly I don't want Miriam to here us she doesn't know I speak English neither does Samik thank goodness.

She sat down on the bed and passed Lisa the cloth wrapped bundle saying, ' not much but I don't think we are supposed to know you are hear luckily I saw him carry you in and I heard your scream, I am sorry did he hurt you?'

'Yes!' whispered Lisa 'He tried to rape me but I managed to fight him off.'

'He is very strong I have learned to let him have his way and not fight back and then he leaves angrily and it some times evokes a few slaps but better that than the rape. I want to get away and I think you may do too?'

'Yes definitely, do you know how we can?'

'I have been watching and planning for a while and I now have a key for the garage door that leads to the street.' said Silvania.

'We could possibly get a taxi but where do we go ?' asked Lisa a frown on her face.

'You could go to the airport and get a plane home,if you have any money?' whispered Silvania with a hopeful glance at Lisa.

'Yes I have my bank card and a bit of cash on me.'

'Good, I have some money too and I don't want to be Samiks wife my father gave me to him in marriage I want to be a nun and a little further on from the airport is a nunnery I am sure they will let me in if I explain to them what has happened to me.'

' Are you really sure that is what you want to do Silvania? and thank you so much for the water and something to eat I was quite hungry and thirsty.'

'Huh that is one of his punishments he probably would have left you here with nothing to eat or drink until he returned,' said Silvania. Hurry! let us escape before Miriam wakes hopefully she should sleep till morning I gave her one of Samiks powders he sometimes takes to go to sleep with. Gathering her Haversack and handbag Lisa followed Silvania down the stairs and across the walled in garden to the garage door opening the door and crossing the garage Lisa wished that she was brave enough to take one of the cars and drive to the airport herself.

Silvania had given her a long black scarf to cover her hair and face to make her appear more native it wasn't long before a taxi came along and they waved it down. Silvania spoke to the driver and they were swept away to the Airport. Lisa passed some money to Silvania thanking her for her help and turned to dash into the airport giving Silvania a quick wave and wishing her luck.

The quickest plane out of Turkey was a flight to Paris an English speaking attendant told her and Lisa climbed aboard thanking her lucky stars that Silvania had wanted to get away too, she sank into the seat and pulled her seat belt around her. the flight calmed her nerves a little and she fell asleep only waking as the plane landed in Paris. He first thoughts on wakening was finding a way to the Euro tunnel. Again she was lucky as there were a queue of Taxi's outside on asking if he spoke English the driver smiled and said 'Sure miss where would you be Heading?

'To the euro station Please' she was edged into the traffic and before she knew it they were there. All she needed to do now was find the ticket office and her way to the platform for London where she knew she would be able to find her way home.

chapter 13 Meeting

After arranging for their bikes to go on the train and getting tickets they wandered around until they went into a cafe and ordered breakfast sitting down at a table to wait to be called.

Lisa sat in a far corner of the cafe at a small table her hands wrapped tightly around the mug of tea in her hands looking slightly grubby and neglected her eyes wary as she looked around the cafe. She cheered up instantly on hearing the young man at the counter speaking ordering his breakfast in English.

When they sat down Lisa approached their table timidly 'Hi I hope you don't mind me interrupting your meal but I have no idea of the train I need to catch to get back to London and I hope you can help me?'

'Of course, please sit down and join us are you an your own?'Asked Damian looking to see if anyone was watching her.

'Oh, Yes I had to catch the first plane I could out of Turkey and afraid the first one was the one to Charles-de-Gaulle airport here in Paris I managed to get a taxi here and I am rather desperate now to get home.All I want now is a shower and a meal I feel like I have been on the road for days she sighed deeply.

'Jeepers I;m sorry you do look a bit beat up that's a ladies room over their, perhaps you can have a bit of a clean up it will make you feel better I'm sure, we know what it's like we have been on the road for a while now and can't wait to get home. You go and have a clean up and I will get you a breakfast for when you return.

Lisa came out of the toilets feeling much better and joined the young men at their table introducing themselves after eating they made their way to the train. The journey didn't seem to take long with her companions relating their experiences and hiccups along the way and on arriving Damian asked where she was going home too, finding she lived in the next village they asked if she would like to travel home with them. '

'Well, Yes, please that's of course if I'm not putting you out.'

'No we just live in the next village it's only a couple of miles anyway would like to make sure you get home okay,'said Damian. Lisa followed them to pick up the bikes, when they started to move the stuff from the sidecar Lisa asked if they had another helmet. Eddy laughed and pulled another helmet out of one of his panniers.'Always carry an extra in case, here you are try this for size.' he said passing her a red helmet. It was a little on the large size but after wrapping the scarf Silvania had given her around her head it was quite a snug fit. It looked safer on the bike Damian had with the sidecar on and Lisa had taken quite a liking to him so volunteered to ride his bike.

Damian smiled happily he had taken a shine to the lass,thinking she was quite brave to have done what she had.

Putting her hands on Damian's shoulders she stood on the peddle and lifted her leg over the the other side, putting her arms around Damian's waist she snuggled up to hold tight she was a bit scared the first time on a bike. Giving Eddy a cheesy grin and a thumbs up sign he turned the key and waved his friend to take the lead. Eddy returned his friends thumbs up sign pulled on his helmet and kicked the bike into gear, driving away with a smile on his face glad his friend liked her at least he was more like his old self now thought Eddy. It was a four or five hour journey home at a steady speed they stopped for a meal and a rest after a couple of hours to warm up and ask how Lisa was doing.

Chapter 14 Arrive home

Arriving at Lisa's house she invited them in to meet he mother who was flabbergasted at her arrival and set about asking the boy's to sit down for tea. Thanking them profusely for bringing Lisa home safely although she didn't know how she had ended up coming home on a motorbike she was just glad she was home and safe. Before leaving they exchanged phone numbers and Damian asked if she would see him again so they arranged to see one another in a couple of day's when they had got over the journey.

Chapter 13

Back in turkey Samik arrived home expecting his usual of Miriam and Sylvania to attend his bathing ritual. Poor Miriam was dreading his rant and raves when he entered the bathhouse and only she attended him. She had hunted high and low for Silvania over the couple of days he had been away and entered the bathhouse on tenterhooks.

'Where's Silvania' he asked looking around for her.'She knows what I expect when I return from these trips abroad?'

'So sorry master I have been searching the house for the last two days but can't find her she seems to have disappeared.' she whispered cringing away from him as she expected the punishment he was likely to give her she backed away as he climbed out of the bath and began shouting and swiping the glass jars and towels around the bathroom, he put on a robe and dashed out the french windows into the garden and across the court yard. Climbing the stairs to the room he had locked Lisa in he was hoping that with no water or food she would be in a more receptive mood. Finding the door open and no sign of Lisa threw him into a rage that non of the servants had seen before.

Reaching his own room he sat on the bed his head in his hands as he realised the Diamonds had gone too. 'Oh my god what am I to do? those people will kill me like my poor brother'. thoughts of his punishment rolled around and around in his head until he remembered he, Knew where She lived, the ginger haired slut he would kidnap her get his diamonds and have his way with her. He began to plan his trip back to England Ideas swimming around his brain.

It was late Saturday night and Samik sat a few houses further up Lisa's street watching through the windows of a black jaguar for her return when a motorbike pulled up on the front and a tall man helped a young woman from the bike sliding his arms around her as he did so pulling her in for a kiss before climbing back on the bike and waiting till she entered the door throwing him a kiss and a smile. Pulling away from the kerb Damian noticed the black car with some-one inside watching him. Because Lisa had told him of the debacle in Turkey and Samik he rang as soon as he arrived home warning her to be on the lookout.'I don't have to be at work till nine tomorrow'said Damian I'll pick you up in the morning and take you to work and get back and pick you up when you finish I don't want him to catch you on your own Li.'

'Okay Damian I am a bit scared I may not be so lucky next time, see you in the morning, night and thank you.'

This went on for a few days they kept seeing the black jaguar following them around and Lisa was getting more panicky every day 'Do you think I should tell the police' she asked looking at Damian the question in her eyes.

'Well, it might be a good idea Li after all they might stop him following us I'm afraid to take you anywhere in case he tries to capture you, and we never get a minute to ourselves, you know that I am becoming mighty fond of you I want to hold you in my arms without someone watching us love.'

'That would be nice,' she gave him a tender smile. ' I have a day off tomorrow so I'll call in the police station and ask them what to do. I can drive Daisy there in the morning we don't usually see his car till later. I should be back in the house by dinnertime and mum will be home then. Will I see you tomorrow?' Lisa felt more and more attached to Damian and hated to have a day when they didn't see each other his sweet kisses and tender touching aroused her more everyday.'

'Yes love I will call about seven and you can tell me what the police say,' with that he pulled her into his arms their bodies meeting in a gentle kiss that quickly grew warmer. The thrills running up and down their bodies escalating and Damian wisely pulled away he needed her more each passing day he would have liked to roam his hands around her he could feel Lisa's body softening and closing around him, Gently he peeled her away breathing as heavily as Lisa while she gazed starry eyed at him.

'Tomorrow sweetness' he whispered and with another soft kiss he climbed onto his bike and drove away after making sure the door closed after her.

Chapter 15 Detective Marsh

Lisa entered the police station walking to the counter, asked the attendant if she could speak to someone about a car following her. He was a kindly looking older man manning the desk and he motioned her into a smaller room off the reception area pointing to a couple of chairs.

'Wait there Miss, I will get someone to talk to you.' about ten minutes passed and Lisa began to wonder when she would see someone when a Middle aged man walked into the room.

'I am detective Marsh, what is this about a man following you in a car Miss?'

'Oh, I'm Lisa, Lisa Walker and there is a man that keeps sitting outside my home in a black Jaguar his name is Samik and he keeps following me I am becoming rather frightened as he already tried to kidnap me.'

The detective sat up in his chair and taking a small book from his pocket began to write, 'Okay can you tell me how long this has been going on and when did it all start?' So Lisa began telling him how she had taken a holiday to Turkey believing that because Samik had given her a letter that was supposed to be from his mother and the way he spoke and dressed she had believed him to be a honorable kind of person, she felt foolish now thinking back he had seemed authentic and English in his outlook. When she began telling detective Marsh about the drugging and fact he had tried to kidnap her locking her in that room, she paused giving a small shrug the detective caught her quick intake of breath and the glassy look to her eyes. He gently asked a few more questions and from her answers deduced the near rape and told her she was very brave and very lucky that the Turkish girl had been brave enough to help her escape.

Returning home she made a cup of tea and sat down at the kitchen table thinking over what she had told the detective and wondering why Samik had followed her back to England.

She didn't hear the door opening so deep was her concentration when she felt two hands go around her neck startled she tried to jump up but his hands held firm and as she tried to struggle he just laughed and squeezed harder.

'Now bitch! where are my diamonds?'he growled in her ear.

'Diamonds! I don't know anything about diamonds she croaked while trying to pries his fingers from her throat.'

'Oh Yes you do! they are in those teddy bears that you carry around everywhere on the daft bag.'

'Uh! how was I supposed to know that?' she shouted as loud as she could trying to grab his hands and pushing her chin down trying to break his hold then standing up to try and hit him in the face with the back of her head didn't quite work as he pulled out of her way pushing her hard back on the chair while he figured out what to do next, Changing to a head lock he lifted her up from the chair. 'Show me your room and where those diamonds bitch!' Lisa thinking quickly grabbed the back of the chair and pulled it over behind making him nearly nearly lose his grip as he stumbled over the chair but grabbed her arm instead twisting it up behind her back pushing her to the stairs.

Seeing the bed he leered evilly 'Now I'll help myself to what I didn't get last time,' and he pushed her hard onto the bed grabbing onto her leg and twisting it hard forcing her onto her face.

Lisa screamed as hard as she could struggling to get away but he was much bigger and stronger than she and he grabbed her other leg cursing as she landed a kick to his stomach. Sitting on her legs he began to yank at her jeans, Lisa was really getting scared and looked round for something to help herself with. The lamp on the side table was all there was and she caught it in her fist and swung it hard behind her it did manage to hit him as she felt the thump but not hard enough to stop him and he cursed again loudly. Pulling harder on her jeans he managed to get them further down her legs when a loud scream erupted in the room stopping him in his tracks he looked up to face a rolling pin that walloped him on the side of his head surprised at the pain he lifted his hands to save his face from further damage. Lisa still had the lamp in her hand and brought it down on his head between them they managed to hold him down in his dazed state and Lisa whipped his belt off and tied it around his hands then looking around for the lamp cord tied it around his legs and the leg of the bed. heaving a sigh of relief her mother beckoned to the stairs.

She phoned the police and Lisa righted the chair sitting down in it she turned to her mother 'How did you know to come upstairs and help me mum?'

'That's easy love I saw the chair and heard you scream as I came in'.

'So glad you did mom, wonder how long the police will be? as she finished her sentence there was a knock at the door and Lisa opened it to let detective Marsh and a police man in.

'He's upstairs' said Lisa pointing to the stairs and the police went galloping up the stairs but they failed to find him.' He must have come round and managed to get free, the window was open said the police man.' They explained to the detective what had happened. He shook his head sadly, 'Pity he probably wasn't as badly knocked out as you thought putting it on so you wouldn't tie him up too well.'

The Kettle was on when they reached the kitchen and detective marsh sat down to listen to Lisa's account of what had happened. As soon as Lisa Mentioned the diamonds the detective perked up and chipped in with the question 'Do you still have them?

'Yes, they are fastened to my bag I always keep it with me usually but I didn't need it this morning and left it in the back hallway,' she got up quickly and dashed to collect it giving a sigh of relief as she popped it on the table.

'Glad he didn't come in the back way or he would have seen them for sure,' the two little bears were still hanging there for everyone to see and Lisa removed the bears handing them to the detective who handled them warily.

'I think we need to take them out of the bears and I will take them to the station for safe keeping we have a safe there,' giving Lisa and her mother a look that spoke volumes.

'Safest place.' said Lisa's mother with a big sigh.

'We need to take the diamonds out and sew up the bears again do you have a knife and some needle and thread' asked detective marsh giving Lisa's mother an inquiring look.

'Of course' here let me get my sewing box, a minute later she returned with a tin box and began looking through it for a seam ripper and needle and cotton while Lisa found the cotton buds to fill up the bears with. Carefully they slit the bottoms of the bears open and emptied their contents on to a piece of cloth Mrs carter had laid on the table.

' Goodness aren't they beautiful? exclaimed Lisa and her mum.

'Yes they are' said the detective, and he'll be back for them for sure' he said worriedly giving Lisa's mom a meaningful look. He returned her look with a nod as Lisa began carefully folding the diamonds into the cloth her mother had provided, then handed them to the detective.

'We can pad them back out with a couple of cotton balls and sew them back up no one will know the difference said her mum placing them to one side while the detective collected his pen and book with the diamonds and leaving the house said 'I will have someone to keep an eye on the house they will soon let me know if there is anyone within range, goodbye and please take care you have my number if you need me.'

Lisa and her mother watched through the window as the detective left each giving a sigh of relief as they returned to the table.

'Sorry mum for bringing all this trouble' her elbows resting on the table she dropped her head into her hands and gave another big sigh.

'Oh Lisa love I can't imagine whats keeping you so strong I'm glad you are though its quite terrifying knowing what has happened to you love since you went to Turkey.'

'Huh! so am I mum it must be how you have brought me up to be so independent. She gave a little snort of derision 'But I think I feel a bit queer now lets have another cup of tea I'm in need of some fortification and I bet you are too.'

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