The Banished Princess and Her Kingdom

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It begins the day Destiny turns ten. Things are great but once the clock turns midnight, her story is just like Cinderella's, it goes downhill. No one can save her from the evil lurking in the castle. As the clock struck midnight, the fun came to an end. "It was nice to meet you, but I have to get going. My mother must be looking for me." I got up and wiped as much dirt as I could off my dress. "Let me escort you back" he offered, getting up as well. I blushed a deep shade of red. "No thank you. I'll be fine" I shouted, already running. "When can I see you again?" he yelled. I stopped. "Whenever" He just stood there and nodded as I faced towards the front and continued to run once again. It was the best night of my life! But little did I know that it would be the last day I would see him in a long time. -------------------------------- It all begins the day Destiny turns ten. Things are great: a grand ball is hosted for her, sincere compliments are thrown her way from many kingdoms, and she meets a boy that she begins to develop feelings for. However, once the clock turns midnight, her story is just like Cinderella's, it goes downhill. Her prince, her fairy godmother, and not even her mother can help her from the evil that lurks inside the castle. ----------------- Not a Cinderella story, or fanfiction, this story is purely my own.

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Chapter 0- Legends

A legend that has never been heard or told of before, is being passed on now. Read well, read carefully.

On an island almost never heard of, people lived in peace without any conflicts. Those who have come, wanted to settle down into a safe and secure environment. Although the island was not very big, it was prosperous and the people were happy, which was all that mattered.

This safe island was ruled by a King along with his beloved Queen, in which both were well loved by the people. Just recently, the Queen has given birth to a child. They already had two children, both being three years apart in age, and now this new child being another three years apart. This loving family was filled with warmth, and it was contagious, spreading to everyone. Everything was good. Everything was well.

The King, however, later on disappeared, leaving the mother alone with her three children and a kingdom to run, alone. ‘How cruel’ one must think, yet the mother made no effort whatsoever to search for him. The kingdom was devastated, and the authority of the royal family was beginning to be questioned.

Years past, the eldest child was at a tender age of twelve, when the Queen was brutally murdered in her chambers. Additionally, two of her three children disappeared without a trace, just like their father, leaving the surviving child to fend for their self.

This child, became the new ruler of the island, and although still young and naive, the child lead the people well. Just like the mother, the child did not search for the missing royal members of the family. In time, peace returned to the island once again.

No one knows the end of this story because this is where discrepancies begin. There are many endings such as the surviving child got married, had a family, and life continued on for generations. Others say the missing family members were found — dead or alive.

Nevertheless, the people lived happily ever after... or so the legend goes.

Be aware that legends never last, and time never fails to stop. This story is far from over. It is not the end, but the dawn of an unknown era filled with questions wanting to be answered.

Now, it would be best to start from the beginning.

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