The Banished Princess and Her Kingdom

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Chapter 1- Double Digit

Destiny’s P.O.V.

Age: 9

I awoke to a bright light shining down on my face, seeping through my eyelids. Not wanting to wake up, instead, I turn around towards the other side of the bed sighing gratefully as it is dark once again.

Then, as if on cue, I hear running footsteps getting louder and louder, then a door slamming open and being closed. The silence once again resumes. As I fix myself to a more comfortable position, the air is knocked out of me.

“Wake up, wake up!” I groan in pain as I feel another person on top of me.

“Get off you’re heavy.” I reach down trying to successfully push her off but failing.

“But today is the day! You are finally becoming a double digit!”

After she says that I open my eyes and give her an ‘I-don’t-care-about-that-so-let-me-go- back-to-sleep’ face.

“Oh come on” she sighs and she starts pouting. “You can’t be a party pooper at your own party”

“Watch me” I change my position on the bed so my back faces my sister and my stomach lies on the bed.

I feel the dip on my bed gone signaling that Crystal was off, and I sigh in content believing that I would finally be left alone. I bury my head in my pillow closing my eyes. Then it happened. It was so quick. One second I was on my bed about to succumb to the sleepiness, the next I was on the floor in pain.

The action certainly woke me up. I got off the floor and glared at my sister. I love her, but sometimes she’s a real pain. She ignores the look I give her and strides gracefully over to me and sticks out her hand to help me get up. I grab her arm to pull myself up... halfway up I pulled her down with me. Great. I grin. Crystal’s butt, this is the floor. Floor, this is Crystal’s butt.

“What the he-” I clamp her mouth shut. “No cursing” I give her a serious look. For some reason, I don’t like hearing people say it, but it doesn’t mean I don’t say it either. Call me a hypocrite, but I can’t help it.

She rolls her eyes at me and we both get up. Looking out the window, I notice it was almost noon, probably around ten or so.

“Now let’s get you all dolled up!” I try to slightly smile at my sister, but I pretty sure it looked more like a grimace. “Oh come on, you used to love dressing up when you were little!”

“Keyword, used to”

“Remember you were snooping around through mom’s clothes, taking her heels and walking around the castle with them!”

I was sure my face started turning red with embarrassment. “You walked around the castle and many of the guards and maids watched you smiling and giggling.”

My face still continued to heat up. “They never told me that I looked weird,” I argued.

“They wouldn’t have. You were cute and I guarantee you, if they tried to take them away from you, you would cry.”

“Whatever” was my best retort.

“And you gotta look your best for him“, adding more reason towards our previous conversation. Even though I just cooled down, my face started to heat up once again.

“What do you mean, I don’t like him!” I hissed.

“Of course not, you looooooove him,” she said putting obvious emphasis on the word love.

“No I-”

“Tsk, tsk. My dear sister, you do know lying is bad right?” she said with a bemused expression.

“And it’s pretty obvious anyway. Mom and Serena know about it.” Serena is the middle sister and inherited my mom’s calm but fun composure.

“WHAT?! I’m that obvious?! Does he know?!” I started to panic as I felt even more embarrassment that I was open book for all to read.

“I don’t know, does he?” Crystal slyly smiles at me as if she knows something I don’t. I narrowed my eyes at her. Then a thought entered my head. I mentally smiled not giving anything away.

“Okay. Fine, be that way. But don’t come crying to me if I talk to Alexander about how much you looooooove him.”

She gapes at me widely while her faced turned a deep shade of red. I grinned like a Cheshire cat knowing that I had won this battle.

“L-L-Let’s just get ready for your birthday” she stuttered still flustered. Finally as she composes herself, she looks at me. “It’s a special day today. You should sweep everyone’s feet with your adorableness” coming closer, she grabs and pinches my cheeks. I slap her hands away and nod.

Crystal starts squealing and I wince because it’s too loud.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

We took hours upon hours of getting ready and I was beginning to become impatient. It was still an hour until six which is the start of the party. Crystal had already left my room to get ready herself.

I sighed looking at the girl in the mirror whose blue eyes stare back at me. My hair was curled, though it still was slightly unkempt. I wanted to run my hands through my hair to calm my dark locks from making a bird’s nest on my head, although I couldn’t for I was sure my sister would reprimand me for it later.

I wore a light blue dress to match my eyes and some diamond jewelry that I borrowed from my sister. My shoes were wedges because I knew I couldn’t walk in heels without tripping over myself, and tonight, I didn’t want to be remembered as the ungraceful princess who fell in heels while walking down the staircase on her birthday.

Now I was just waiting in my room until it was time for me to be introduced in front of many Kings and Queens who have accepted the invitations and came to attend.

A tradition here is when royal family members turn ten years old, a huge party is hosted for them. There isn’t really a specific reason for it, it’s just tradition. Probably because at the age of ten, we are mature enough to go to our own party. I mean why would you host a party for a two-year-old who isn’t even going to participate in it.

Not saying that they don’t have parties for them, they do but it’s more of a family and close friends party only. When you turn ten, other kingdoms will be invited and for the first time, you will get to meet those people and mingle in with the crowd.

My other sister, Serena, hated it. She had a cool and calm demeanor whilst Crystal had a fun and bubbly one. My mom told me Serena got her personality from her, and Crystal’s from my dad. Call me bipolar but sometimes I change moods very quickly. I could be very calm one second, but the next I could just burst out laughing for no reason.

Probably a mixture of both my parents. Although I’ve never met my father since he disappeared one day and never came back, we have a picture painted of him in our hallway. He had dirty blonde hair and bluish-green eyes. Neither of my sisters looked anything like him. The only thing I had similar to my father was my eyes. Crystal had black hair and brown eyes, Serena had black hair and crimson eyes.

There is a story behind the crimson eyes. Supposedly, the first born child of royal family members has them. Crystal didn’t have them because she was born before my mother and father’s marriage, so she wasn’t born with full royal blood. There was a ceremony that my mother had to go through in order to be accepted as the Queen. This was what my mother told me. All she said was that the ceremony had to do with blood.

Crystal wasn’t bothered in the slightest for this fact, if she was, she did good job of hiding it. As long as she is happy, I’m happy too.

My father was actually the second son, but his older brother died a year after birth so he too didn’t recieve the crimson eyes.

A knock disrupts my train of thought. “Come in”

The door opens and I turn around to see who it is. My friend Luna runs in and jumps on the bed.

“Hi to you too, Luna”

She groans and sits up. “Happy Birthday Tina”

Tina is somewhat of a nickname for me. When I was little, I couldn’t pronounce my name correctly and Luna suggested Tina. All because of my sisters’ names: Crystalina, and Serena. They all rhyme.

“Crystal told me to tell you that your mom wants you to go to the main hall for your grand entrance.”

“Okay,” I got up and started heading towards the door, but paused for a minute and turned to Luna.

“Aren’t you coming,” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, yes, I’m coming. I just love your bed.”


I open the door and head towards the main hall.

Luna and her sister Violet are my cousins. They live with us in the castle after their parents’ death, a few years ago, caused by a carriage accident.

When I reached my destination, huge double doors greeted me and standing next to the are the guards.

“I’m going ahead, so I’ll meet you there,” says Luna as the guards open the doors and she rushes through hurriedly.

The doors come to a close once again, and the noise on the opposite side slowly dies down as I hear my name being announced not long after. I take a deep breath and hold my head high to prepare for what is about to come.

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