The Banished Princess and Her Kingdom

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Chapter 2.5- Eric's P.O.V.

Please read all the chapters before this point. This is just another point of view that occurred at the same time as Chapter 2.

Eric’s P.O.V.

I was walking around the castle grounds with Alexander, the first prince of an allied kingdom named Levona. Although he is older than me by three years, we were childhood friends that grew up together for most of our lives.

And right now, being the good friend I am, I wasn’t listening to him babble on and on about how he had a crush on a princess from another kingdom named Crystal.

It was the same thing over and over again. He would ask me for advice, but I was clueless in that department.

“You should just tell her the next time you see her,” I state bluntly.

“But is that okay? Should I try and be romantic? Should I talk to her mom first? Th-,”

“Calm down and just tell her, she just might feel the same way about you.”

I would like to ease his conscience and tell him that she does, but it’s not my place to tell.

I found out during my tenth birthday a few months ago, when she approached me for the same reason.

“I hope she does.”

“Eric! Alex! Mom’s calling for you,” shouts my two little sisters Melody and Amanda as they run outside laughing and giggling.

I nod and start heading inside with Alex.

The second we walk in my mother’s room, she squeals and jumps up and down while holding what looks to be a letter. I instantly cover my ears and so does Alex.

“What happened Rachel? Is there someone bothering you? If there is I swear to-” my dad barges in the room.

“No! No, I’m fine!”

“Then why were you screaming?”

That’s what I would like to know the answer to if I didn’t already go deaf.

“You remember Regina right?”

“Yes, you introduced me to her a hundred times already,” he grumbles.

“Oh shut it, you’re just jealous that I talk a lot about her.”

He chuckles. “You and I know I’m not jealous of anything because I know I have you all to myself.”

He winks, I gag, mom blushes.

“Get a room!” Alex covers his ears not wanting to hear anymore.

Everyone looks at each other then laughs.

“Why were you squealing mom,” I reminded them of the question that I was still slightly interested in.

“Right. Well, a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in forever is hosting a 10th birthday party for her youngest daughter and we’re invited!”

“When is it,” asks father.


“That’s such a short notice.”

“Oh stop complaining. We are going whether you want it or not! She didn’t go to Eric’s birthday because she fell ill. Since she couldn’t come to the party, I’m taking the party to her,” my mother states with excitement.

Father just sighs knowing that he can’t win his fight.

Mom: 100

Dad: 0

Dad never wins any of these fights, and I’m beginning to think he will never be victorious.

My parents continue to talk about other things as I turn to face Alex.

“Are you going?”

“Yeah, it might be my chance with Crystal.”

I nod. “Well I wish you the best of luck,” patting his shoulder, I left the room, leaving my parents to their conversation with Alex following right behind me.


The Next Day

The party was just as extravagant as any other I’ve seen.

I wasn’t really socializing with others considering I didn’t know or was close to anyone.

Alex was too busy with Crystal, and I didn’t want to be the one to ruin their moment so I didn’t even bother.

I sipped a glass of water as Queen Regina silenced the people.

“Thank you all for attending my daughter’s tenth birthday. Destiny, princess of Hyranale, will now be arriving shortly. In the meantime, enjoy yourselves to your heart’s content!”

Everyone claps in response and resumes their conversations.

Not long after, the palace announcer clears his throat letting everyone’s attention fall on him as the ballroom is silent once more.

“I present to you, Princess Destiny Rosalie Amarilith Hyranale!”

The doors open and the mentioned princess gracefully walks out and begins her descent through the winding staircase.

Everyone’s eyes were glued to her, something about her, maybe her aura, just drew everyone in. I was no exception, but I still noticed her slightly tensed shoulders as she looked at each person with respect. Then our eyes met.

Her eyes lingered on me for a moment longer than the rest. Not that I was complaining. Her eyes were a vibrant, electric blue, and she looked mature for her age.

Then she looks away and continues her gaze to the opposite side of the room. When she reaches the bottom, everyone is broken out of their trance and beings to clap as she gracefully curtsies.

“Thank you for coming, from lands near and far, to celebrate my tenth birthday. I wish you all have a wonderful evening and enjoy the party,” she says proudly which many respond with cheers. She then walks off and stands next to Queen Regina as families begin to surround them.


When it seems like the crowd surrounding the Queen and Princess died down, my mother drags my father and I towards them.

Nearing them, I noticed the forced smile on Princess Destiny’s face as she talks with the family before us. Suddenly, she notices us walking in her direction. Queen Regina seems to take notice as well, and politely dismisses the family they are currently with.

As we finally reached them, Queen Regina and my parents begin to smile and give hugs.

During their exchange, my attention was focused solely on Destiny.

I felt some sort of connection towards her. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. I feel some sort of pull towards her like I’ve known her all my life and I’m seeing her again after a long time.

As we stare once again, she looks down on the floor, blocking my view of her mesmerizing eyes.

Mom then begins to introduce me. “Destiny, this is my son, Eric.”

She looks up to meet my gaze this time.

“Nice to meet you,” she says politely, still a little tense. Then, all of a sudden, she relaxes looking at me with a confused face that looks like she’s trying to figure me out.

I nodded in respect and wore an amused look.

So easy to read. She’s like an open book.

I took the back of her hand and raised it to my lips. “And I, you” and I kissed it, not breaking eye contact.

Her face turns red, which I find cute. She looks down at her feet while I smirk at her response.

She then looks up slightly and I see defiance in her eyes as if she wanted to say something back to me which only makes me grin wider.

Our parents just resumed their talking saying nothing about what I just did.

I keep my eyes on Destiny, but my ears in the conversation my parents were having.

All of a sudden, a boy about my age, taps Destiny’s shoulder, and when she turns and recognizes the person, they hug.

I begin to frown as I feel a little bit of anger anger and something else as I look at the two.

Who is he? I began to question. Then it led to one more. What is he to her?

I don’t understand what I’m feeling right now, but it’s never happened before.

The boy Destiny was talking to glances at me for a second then offers her for a dance. Of course, not before giving me a look of victory only I can see which makes me glare at him.

If he knew who he was dealing with, he wouldn’t be acting so daring.

I hear her giggle as she accepts his offer and they both head to the dance floor.


Even as Destiny was dancing with Aiden, my eyes never left her.

Then I saw Aiden leave and grab two drinks whilst Destiny was whisked away to take turns dancing with other boys.

All of a sudden, I see Aiden discreetly slip something into one of the drinks. No one would’ve noticed if they weren’t watching carefully.

He then turns around and heads back to probably give that drink to Destiny.

No way in hell am I going to let Destiny drink whatever he put in the glass.

Next thing I know I was walking towards him and asking him to come with me. I took Aiden to an empty hallway not far from the ballroom.

I didn’t and yet I did have control of what I was doing. I only had one thought running through my mind and that was: No one, over my dead body, will hurt Destiny.

“What did you spike her drink with, Aiden” I snarled when I said his name and sent him a look that could kill, hopefully, he would come out with the truth.

Sadly, he didn’t take the hint.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about,” I say with clenched teeth.

I slowly took deep breaths to calm the anger that was taking over me.

“What’s in it for you? You don’t even know her.”

“I don’t need to know her to know that whatever you’re doing or about to do, is wrong.”

He stays silent and keeps a stoic face which only makes me even angrier.

I stalked up towards him slowly. He was an inch shorter than me, and probably less stronger than me too. I brought one of my hands to his neck and slammed him against the wall.

He grunted and tried to peel my hand off his neck but to no avail. Thanks to that, I only held on tighter and squeezed his neck even harder in the process.

“You stay away from her, you got that? I don’t want to see you standing near her ever again. If I do, you know the consequences.”

“Who do you think you are?” he manages to choke out.

I laugh. “My eyes should tell you all you need to know about who I am.”

He finally seems to get the point.

“You’re a future king...”

I smile maliciously in response.

“Yes. The future king of Darak.”

“So now that you know me, give me your word that you will stay away from Destiny.”

“I... g-give... m-my word,” he says trying to get oxygen back into his lungs.

His face begins to turn purple so I give him another good slam against the wall and let go.

He coughs and held on to his neck.

“You better not break your word, and I mean it.”

I give him one last harsh glare before turning to walk away.

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