The Banished Princess and Her Kingdom

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The Four Kingdoms

I just wanted to let you know that this book is also on Wattpad and I will be updating faster on there than on here. In addition, there is also a chapter like this and it explains the location of the kingdoms in the one huge island. I would put it here however, I cannot put a picture. So I highly recommend you checking out Wattpad for more information. If you can’t that’s fine too, I will put a description here.

There are four kingdoms:

Levona (le-von-na) - Northwest (smallest out of the four, 3rd wealthiest)

Hyranale (High-ran-el)- Southwest (biggest out of the four, 2nd wealthiest)

Wystia (Wist-tea-uh)- Northeast (3rd biggest, unknown amount of wealth)

Darak (Dar-wreck)- Southeast (2nd biggest, most wealthy out of the four)

All the countries have the same amount of power (but doesn’t mean they are equal in strength), and their leaders all meet together to unite the four kingdoms into one, which is called Kalethyl (ca-le- thee-yul).

Hope it’s understandable! Comment if you have any questions about the story thus far!

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