The Banished Princess and Her Kingdom

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Chapter 4- Hurt and Betrayal

Destiny’s P.O.V.

As I make my way towards the entrance of the ballroom once again, I see that most of the people have either gone home or retired to their temporary rooms here in the castle.

Making sure my hair and dress look fine, I begin to send-off of all of the guests when I finally saw Aiden exiting on the opposite side. Ignoring what Eric said earlier, I begin making my way towards him.

“Hey! Sorry I disappeared earlier.” I say when I reach him.

He shook his head. “It’s fine.” Then he continued to walk away. I frowned at the change in his demeanor.

Before I realized, I grabbed his hand. “What’s wrong?”

He reluctantly turned his head towards me and his face looked as if he was in pain, but it quickly changed to a stoic expression.

“Nothing.” He once again tried to walk, but I kept my hold on him.

“You’re lying. Tell me, please, what’s wrong.” Now that I was holding his hand, it didn’t feel the same as when Eric held mine.

What are you thinking Destiny! This is not the time to get distracted!

He pulled his hand out of mine and sighed while running his hand through his hair as a sign of annoyance.

What is with guys and running their hands through their hair?

“I told you it is nothing! What more do you want!” His voice gradually starts to crescendo.

“The truth! I know you, there is something going on!”

He chuckles, and it wasn’t humorous at all. It sounded dark and it sent shivers down my spine.

“Fine, you want to know. Just keep in mind, whatever I say, you asked for. I think that you are an annoying and troublesome girl. You are clingy and a crybaby. All those times when I stayed over at the castle, I dreaded since I would see you every day. You act nothing like a princess and more like a commoner which is insulting to nobility. In short, you are selfish and I’ve never thought of you as a friend.”

“I was only using you so I could get even more power. Everyone knows that you will be the next queen and since I was already close to you, I took my chance of becoming king!”

“I never really liked or was interested in you, just your crown” he finishes.

Tears started to pool in my eyes, but I dare not let them fall. “Is it true? Was it one-sided all these years? You were lying to me this whole time?”

Briefly, I saw a little guilt in his eyes before it disappeared. “Yes, I can’t believe you fell for it. I knew you weren’t a genius, but I never took you for a fool.”

After this, my heart fell and I was broken. I never thought he could be using me so I did the one thing that I did think of, I slapped him.

“How could you? To play with a girl’s feeling like that? Have you no shame? Have the men of this generation succumbed to such foul play to get what they want?”

Before I could hear his response, I scurried away, wiping the traitor tears that escape.

I can’t believe I actually liked a boy like him! What did I see in him?!

But all that would play in my head was the times we spent together. I desperately tried to remember anything or notice anything that would give a hint of what he told me.

I came up with nothing, and it just made me break down even more.

This isn’t like you Destiny! You need to pick your head up and move on. Better to lose him now, then later when I have fallen too deep into his plans.

I need to see mom. I need to tell her what happened.

Call me a baby (or too overly dependent), but I want to be comforted after just losing a friend I thought I had since the beginning.

I just don’t know what to feel or say anymore. I liked him and he turned out to be a jerk. Maybe I am just a poor judge of character. Whatever the case may be, mom has a way with words that can pick you up and make it sound wise at the same time.

If only I was that eloquent with words.

I was nearing her chambers, hoping she was there since I didn’t see her on my walk here.

I raise my hand to knock on the door when all of the sudden the door creaks open slightly.

Oh no, I am definitely not going to be like those girls in the horror movies that walk in and get killed. Although that is quite an imagination, I don’t think I need to fear considering it is my mom’s bedroom and the castle is heavily guarded.

I look around to set my heart at ease, however, I don’t see any of the usual guards in the hallway.

Well, it usually is.

Cautiously, yet full of curiosity, I push the door open even more, and was met with darkness.

“Hello? Mom?”

I feel my way towards the light switch. When I found it, I flicked the switch, turning the lights on.

What I saw made me gasp with shock. I can never unsee what I did, and this was my point of no return.

I am definitely, even more worse off than those girls in the horror movies.

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