The Banished Princess and Her Kingdom

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Chapter 4.5- Two Sides to a Story

Aiden’s P.O.V.

Regret. Guilt. Self-hatred. Anger.

That’s all I felt and more. But nothing I do can ever change what I did.

After talking to her, I swiftly made my way towards my room and sat on the bed with my head in my hands.

Destiny, I’m so sorry. I hope you can forgive, if not then just forget me.

Destiny has a big, beautiful heart that drew me in when we first met. Everything I said to her was the opposite of what I felt, but I had to do this. It was for her. Even if she remembered me as a monster, I would rather die than let anything happen to her.

I was forced into this predicament and Destiny is in the middle of it although she doesn’t know.

It’s all her fault.

I had to chose between the people I loved because of her. The deal was either to break Destiny’s heart or consider my parents dead. You’re wondering who would do such a thing? Well all I’m going to say is that this comes from a higher power, and considering I am a Lord, that’s saying a lot.

What bothers me though is out of all the things they could have asked me to do, they said to hurt Destiny. I feel as if some dangerous play is going on here and I’m just a weak pawn who was being used to fulfill a part of a plan.

The worst thing is, if something does happen, there is nothing I can do to help. Between me and the person-who-cannot-be-named, there was a contract I had to sign with multiple things on it.

Rule Number 1: Do whatever I say without question.

Rule Number 2: Do not in any way interfere with my plan (including anything to do with the royal families and nobility)

Rule Number 3: You are to keep whatever you know to yourself. Do not tell anyone. Anyone who finds out or knows that isn’t supposed to, dies.

Rule Number 4: I can add more things to this list if I please and when I please.

Rule Number 5: Follow everything on this list and your parents live. There will be no harm to your family for as long as I live.

Although there shouldn’t be a contract since I was a minor, however I still had to sign and give my word.

I would be betraying my kingdom for this, not telling them what was going on, however at the same time I wouldn’t be betraying them since this person has great power over the people as well. And who is actually going to believe me?

Destiny would. A little voice in my mind says.

But you pushed her away. You weren’t in a predicament, you got yourself in one.

I sigh knowing that if I could go back in time to change this, I would. But I’ve fallen too deep to get back up to the surface again.

Everything is going to change.

And I have a bad feeling that something big is going to happen tonight. It’s been a few hours and everyone has already retired to their rooms, so maybe it’s just me.

After all this thinking, I lie in my bed trying to get some sleep. Key word is trying.

My mind keeps running and running and running with all these thoughts and questions left unanswered.

After a couple of more hours just laying there, I finally fall asleep with my last thoughts being tomorrow’s plans and Destiny.

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